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  1. I suspected that the 10 is probably gonna be the loft I want in the TSi3 as I definitely wouldn’t want it any lower than the 16 m2. When I hit the TS3 9.5, it surprisingly launched higher than my 10* g400LST. I know I should hit both the 9 and the 10, but sometimes us golfers just want to buy things.
  2. How did the launch compare to your 16 m2? I played the 9.5 in that and flight was just about perfect.
  3. Just pick the ones you like the look of the best and enjoy them. My first set of blades was the Miura tourney blade. I got them as an 18 handicap and broke 80 for the first time with them.
  4. Interesting. I ordered mine at standard length (45.25) and if arrived at 45.75 with grip on. My swingweight with tensei pro blue was very light. D0..with the 8 gram weight. Not sure how Srixon is measuring the length on these but all my other clubs are the length I’ve ordered them according to my Mitchell ruler. I emailed Srixon just to let them know the club is a half inch longer than I ordered. They said i could send it back in and have them cut it...no thanks I’ll cut it myself. Did get out on the course to finally hit it. Missed 3 balls left out of play with it on holes I haven’t missed
  5. Ordered mine from srixon website on 9/14. Tensei Pro Blue 60TX...got tracking number this morning, set for delivery on Wednesday
  6. They were always 140 on srixon website before they temporarily changed it to no upcharge
  7. Looks really good. Let us know how it performs!
  8. Buy the Srixon. If you don’t like it return it and get the TS2
  9. I have a bunch of store credit at my local Edwin Watts, and have been thinking hard about ordering one with a pro orange 70X, but I also have the same questions. I've never hit a driver with a PO, so there's that, and can't demo the head. I've been playing the same shaft since 2014, the made for Cobra Red Tie in X, I have a feeling I would do better with the Tensi Pro Blue 60 in TX, I think they both weigh 68 grams and have a more similar profile. But I want to try the Pro Orange.... Yeah I have a feeling the Pro Orange is going to feel quite a bit more demanding than Red Tie you have. I
  10. Wanting to pull the trigger, but wish they had a couple more shaft options...not that the selection is bad by any means. But don’t care for the hzrdus line, pro orange in 70 gram TX might be a bit much for me (already have the 60tx and it’s about perfect, but can be demanding when I’m not fully committed). May like the evenflow blue or the Tensei Pro blue, but worried about spin creeping up with those two shafts.
  11. Weird. Just a week ago when I was pricing a 785 on srixons website all the non stock shafts were listed as a $140 upgrade. Now no upcharge for anything.
  12. Will Peoples has always been great when I’ve bought something from him. I’ve always had Chip Usher build all my Miura stuff and he’s amazing as well.
  13. Interested in these. Anyone compare these to the mb001s or have any comparison pics?
  14. Followed on Twitter. Would love to get an idea of what my ball is doing when hitting in to my net since I don’t have much time to go to the range.
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