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  1. I am a big fan of Srixon Utility irons still using my U45 18deg with Aldila RIP Alpha 105X hybrid. you may want to look at a 20 or 21 deg utility if you want to match it with your 5 wood distance. I game my 5 wood but my 18deg driving iron goes much longer and fit into two different positions in my bag but my 5 wood is much older than yours probably which goes much shorter.
  2. I may be alone here but I have been struggling with fitting a proper wedge shaft in my irons for a few years, the best before my current set would have been the C-Taper 130X 8 iron shaft in my 56 and 60 deg wedges when I was playing the C-Taper 125S+ in my irons. my issue with wedges was center strikes, I have always felt to much toe down inconsistency with other shafts. I tend to stay away from TT DG's myself though I know it is popular shaft, I stay away from them due to the soft butt section and the feel of loosing the clubhead during transition so I have to admit I'm not sure
  3. the thought of taking an under weighted head and putting in some plugs (heal and Toe) to bring up MOI on a small cavity or bladed iron seems fun
  4. curious if you had to add a lot of head weight. I remember seeing Daly with a lot of lead tape on his clubs
  5. To start I realize I may mess a perfectly good iron set up by doing this but its Covid and im bored and thought it would be a fun project. has anyone had any experience with adding Tungsten or copper plugs or screws to an iron head to increase head weight to obtain a proper swing weight? im thinking something similar to the adams MB2 irons. or if I would be better off drilling and tapping and using a screw type weight. and yes I understand that I would have to account for the weight I would be removing plus the weight I want to add. I'm sure there is an equation on
  6. First round on the books and I shot well, not really any miss hits with wedges and irons just flew the green a couple times which I think was due to weight being lighter and probably even more so middling my shots. all other previous shafts were slightly toe hit but most if not all were middeled with the steelfibers which is fantastic. i95X 5-PW + 50deg i125S 56 and 60deg
  7. Went with i95X 5-PW + 50deg and i125S in 56 and 60deg Played my first round with them and shot an 82 which is decent for me considering I haven't played much the last few years. A couple approach shots went a little long on me which I assume was due to them being lighter and actually brought my contact more to the middle of the club face. I could not be happier with these shafts.
  8. Hi Ryan, care to lend me the reaming bit lol I appreciate you sending the video, my shafts are tapered but still could not get them on the shaft far enough even with the hot water trick. Was attempting to put the blue ones onto my Steelfiber i95X, Srixon Z745 build but could not get them on far enough to be able to push them on the rest of the way with the head and ended up damaging the edge of the ferrule pretty bad as well I could not get them on far enough to bottom out the shaft in the hosel which ended up causing my shaft to be 1/4" over length which threw the swing weight of
  9. ya I have been doing club work for years and all my sets I have put together over the years. these were tighter than normal, in fact the other set I purchased slid on fine. I measured the ID of the ferrule and they are undersized per their spec. looks like they are taking care of me on this one, great customer service went through all the typical mistakes some would make then eventually measured them with a caliper and non of them were the 0.365" or larger which was surprising as im sure they use the same tool but who knows. I wonder if because they were the last ones of there kind if they
  10. thanks guys, appreciate the info
  11. how was your experience with the nunchuk?
  12. There are a lot of good shafts out there, some like the feel of loading where others like myself prefer the rebar feel so I went with a RIP Alpha 105X hybrid shaft that I sanded the tip down to fit a Taper hosel in my Srixon U45 I recently went to Steelfiber i95's in my irons but kept the 105X in my driving iron because its a beast
  13. Cobra FlyZ+ (2015... carry the 2.... 6 years wow)
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