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  1. Up for sale is a Tomi Pro Putter Fitting System. This is the same unit that sells new from Tomi for $895 at a fraction of the price. This comes with everything that you need to install in your pro shop or for your own personal use. This unit was only used inside. Just moving to another option and no need to have multiple units that do the same thing. It has the software for it although not pictured. Asking $400 shipped CONUSA w/ Insurance & Signature Confirmation. Will ship via FedEx Ground. SOLD System Requirements: A Microsoft® Windows-compatible PC wi
  2. To me golf isn't about fashion, its about playing the game. If you are more worried of how you look, go to the mall and stand in front of a mirror for 4 hours. Play in whatever you are comfortable in and if your municipal course has virtually no dress code, then rock the flip flops, gym shorts and a wife beater. I think the whole whole dressed to the "T" looks tacky...
  3. Best advice is to take 2 weeks off from golf and quit till you remember what it is about golf that you loved when you started. When you figure out what you love about golf, quit keeping score and go out to have fun. No one forces us to play the game and no point in dishing out money to be frustrated, that's what wives are for.
  4. [quote name='fish dude' timestamp='1306546138' post='3268071'] Can I still get fitted in Springfield? thanx for the picts, very cool. [/quote] Scratch is no longer in Springfield, but I can run you through a fitting here in a few weeks. PM if that works for you and we can get out to Eagle Crest or a course in Bend somewhere.
  5. With regret I need to sell these as they have been very useful tools to me. First up is a Mitchell 1" Belt sander w/ Ferrule turning arm that is not pictured. This machine can use any 1x42" belt for prepping shaft tips or to turn down ferrules and the turning arm is a great addition for those honing their skills on the turning of ferrules. I paid $280 for this one brand new and am the original owner. $175 + shipping Second up is a Mitchell Buffer motor. This unit is a 1/3 HP @ 3450 RPM's and cost me $180 new as well. The buffer wheels pictured are NOT INCLUDED as they are rather
  6. I have had these in the bag now for quite some time and they are wonderful. I turned a co-worker onto a set and he is awaiting a set of irons to install them in as well. They are very smooth and are a lot better than steel shafts for those that suffer joint pain. At the moment I am still flip flopping between the Program 130's and a set of Prototype Matrix Radix 95 gram iron shafts. Both are great shafts, but it is easier to tell how much more solid the Programs are. I don't think I will be playing any other iron shafts any time soon as thee are firmly in the bag.
  7. You did a great job on them and that green paint turned out great. I think the green/white combo worked out !!
  8. [quote name='BabyFAcedAssassin' timestamp='1293051681' post='2854429'] will you ship to Canada? [/quote] Will definitely ship to Canada, just a little bit more though about $10 basically.
  9. [quote name='dagul28' timestamp='1292996965' post='2853455'] ever get the cpm.. of the 3 wood? [/quote] Unfortunately no, as I don't have means to frequency equipment. [quote name='wvuwhat' timestamp='1292998783' post='2853482'] If you can pull 40 on that 3 wood, I'll take it. Email me at [email protected] [/quote] I think I will pass, but thank you for the offer. [quote name='futuremoodoc' timestamp='1292999137' post='2853486'] That is a sweet shaft on the 3 wood. GLWS [/quote] Thanks only trades interested in at this time are some .223 Match King 62gr BTHP's &
  10. First up is an Adams Peanut 20* w/ an Ozik Altus Black Tie in strong flex. This is definitely a hybrid that takes the left side out of play and is a beauty finished out to 41" long. Club is in excellent condition. $110 shipped CONUSA Second up is a Sonartec SS 3.5 14* w/ an Aldila Cinnamon Tour Proto 75-X in great condition. This shaft is a very rare and an amazing combination. This club plays to 42.75" long. = [smiley=laugh.gif] $65 shipped CONUSA
  11. Better than getting it in two separate pieces from UPS
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