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  1. It's funny how many people say that Nike drivers are the worst sounding drivers ever. My father in law gave me a Nike Str8-Fit driver around 9 years ago when I first started golfing - now I know why. Every time I took that thing to the range to practice, everyone would turn and look at me. It sounded soooo horrible. I finally banished it to the garage about 3 months later - it's actually still laying there. I really need to clean out my garage.
  2. Same as you OP. I use my 58 degree wedge for all shots within 70 yards. I am rarely at 54 degree range, so I only use it maybe once every 3 rounds. I thought about pulling mine, but there really isn't another club I need to add to my bag so I just keep it.
  3. I haven't touched a club in 3 weeks now. There are still courses open in San Diego, but it's just not worth the risk. I bought a chipping mat a few days ago to practice chipping in my backyard, and have a putting mat in the garage. That's it for me until this is all over. Edit: Bought a new Mavrik Max driver right before the stay at home order, and haven't had a chance to hit it yet. Ugh.
  4. I'd like the 10.5 head with MCA Tensei CK Blue 2G 60 R shaft. Thanks for the opportunity!
  5. Great giveaway! I'll go with: Queen B 5 Length; Standard 34" Loft; Standard 3° Lie; Standard 70° Grip; Standard
  6. Signed up. Been using the GPS on my phone for years, and would love to try a rangefinder!
  7. ​City, State: San Diego, CA. Handicap: 9.5 Current Ball? Pro V1 Do you Agree to keep product information confidential until a given date? Yes Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX member review thread for Srixon and add you review, photos, stories and updates? Absolutely Thanks for the opportunity!
  8. Signed up for the newsletter. Sorry, not a social media guy. I've always wanted a launch monitor. Been eyeing them for a while now.
  9. Signed up. I always keep my golf shoes in the trunk of my car, and this bag would be a great way to protect / keep them clean! Currently have Adidias golf shoes in the trunk. Thanks for the opportunity!
  10. 15. I would just swap out my 4 wood for a 3 wood and a 5 wood.
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