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  1. Also... I couldn't sleep Friday night, and was up at midnight... managed to snag foursomes, without really having a group arranged. My wife's out of town next weekend, so I wanted to make sure I had rounds lined up for myself. So, if anyone's looking for plans for next weekend, I've got the following groups booked: - 7:30am on Saturday at CommonGround (3 spots open) - 7:45am on Sunday at Riverdale Dunes (full group for now...) I've got feelers out to a couple folks to see if they can join. But if someone wants in, let me know. **Edit... filled
  2. @RobotDoctor... great pics... sounds like an awesome time. One of these day's I'll pony up the $$$ to go down and stay and play there. I had a really strange round this weekend at the CG men's club event on Saturday. Normally, I'm a good driver of the ball (short but normally straight and in the fairway), but I'm a horrible putter. Saturday, I struggled with driver (I topped 3, yes that's three, tee shots). However I putted fantastic. Sunk a 12 footer on 2 for birdie, 25 footer on 6 for birdie. Made 3 or 4 different 6-10 footers to save par, and quite a few easy tap in two
  3. I feel your pain. I started really well... +2 through 7, which is playing well for me. I went full stupid for about 45 minutes on holes 8-11. 7 on 8, 8 on 9, 8 on 11... left ball in bunker twice on 8 and 9, and water on 11. Then ended up playing alright 12 on...
  4. Count me in as part of the "GVR has jumped the shark" group. I used to play there a ton. A few years ago they had the Players Club deal, that got discounted tee times and some other goodies. I used to be able to walk 18 on a weekend for $43. Now they want $100 on weekends with a cart, or $80 to walk... with a normal 5 hour round on weekends... No thanks. I'll keep driving further up the loop to Riverdale. Regarding Aurora courses, I tend to play Aurora Hills quite a bit. It's almost never a problem to find a single, and hop on. It's kind of a boring layout, but I think t
  5. Spot filled.... CDM and I are gonna go hack the place to pieces.
  6. Short notice, but is anyone interested in playing CommonGround at 7:20am on Saturday? I was hunting for morning tee times, and ran across this last night. I booked the two-some, and figured I’d try to find someone interested.
  7. I'm quite familiar with that flight in and out of Wichita. My last job, the company had a manufacturing facility in McPherson, which is just north of Hutchinson. Every time I had to go there, I cried a little knowing I was 30 minutes away from a world class golf course, without clubs and no connection to get on. I've driven that stretch of 70 before when moving from Cincinnati as well, but it was the middle of winter and I don't really remember anything about it.
  8. While talking about expensive price tags for events at courses that are hard to get on... https://thefriedegg.com/fried-egg-events-fresno-scraper-prairie-dunes/ $600 for 36 holes, and other event goodies. Hutchinson is about 7 hours from here... anything worth playing between here and there that would make driving worth while?
  9. I've done his clinic's a couple of times in the past couple of years when he's been in Denver. Having done it more than once, I probably wont sign up again this year. But I highly recommend it, if you haven't gone before. He tells good stories and it's a lot of fun.
  10. Man... I should've been on the board today. Re: the charity foursome at Sanctuary... seems like you've got 4 interested already, but count me in as an alternate in case someone has to bail. I'd be good for up to $400, if you can get it for $1200-1600. Also... I need to check with the boss and see what 6/1 looks like, but I might be interested in doing the HOF event Dancin posted. I've always wanted to play CGC. Without knowing any members, an event like this is likely my best bet.
  11. First or second? I had my first one on 3/23 and just felt like I had gotten a charley-horse. Certainly wouldn't have stopped me from playing. Like someone mentioned above, moving and getting a workout in helped mine feel better. I know a lot of people have had worse reactions to the second one. I get my second on 4/20, so we'll see how it goes.
  12. I played in the event this weekend too... as I was reading your description, I was wondering if we were in the same group... I played the worst round of golf I've had in years. I was the D player at a 12 HCP, so I got strokes on 10 holes. Playing to my handicap would be 83-84 or so. I shot a freaking 96. I was T-139 out of 143 in the net score for the week. I've played with several people here before, and I'm sure none of them would confuse me with a "good" player, but I'm certainly not 96 from the white tees bad. Although, I shot it, so I guess I am that bad. LOL. I could
  13. I signed up for the CG mens club again, as well. I was in the men’s club in 2019, but skipped last year. The events are a lot of fun. There’s a ton of members so there flights are split up to where you’re always in a group that you CAN be competitive in. However with a ton of guys in each flight, you have to play well. Your not going to back door win your flight. With as busy as CG is all year round, it’s nice to know that by signing up for events you’ll get some weekend tee times without staying up till midnight to login...
  14. Hopefully we don’t get much snow with this weather that’s supposed to come thru tonight. I’ve got a twosome at Commonground Sunday morning at 10, assuming the course is open, if anyone is interested in joining.
  15. It’s just seasonal. The reasoning they said was the Creek side has more risk of frost that stays in the shade back there.
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