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  1. I think T200 irons are a mistery in the lineup. T100 and T300 covers most golfers needs, why confuse with another option in the T200???
  2. I think T300 irons are overlooked because the T100 irons seems more appealing to the better player even if the T300 would perform better. As a bogeygolfer l think there probably more forgiving irons than T300 but l like the less offset and it is difficult to find GI or SGI irons without massive offset. The Max Impact technology in the longer irons are in my eyes really ugly and a turnoff aesthetically. Overall T300 irons are a good allrounder and could suit a wide range of golfers.
  3. A year ago i briefly played 714 AP2 irons but they were to demanding for me so l sold them. Changed to a set of Callaway Steelhead XR irons that is the most forgiving iron l have tried. I did not like the springy faces because my short play became really inconsistent when the ball suddenly shoot of like a rocket. So in the beginning of this season l had a custom fitting and ended up with a set of T300 irons. Tried Mavrik Pro irons and also T200 but l think T300 is better than those two sets. T300 have a more solid feeling in the short irons but from 7iron the springy feel is noticeable. 8-gw l
  4. Titleist T300 irons are GI with reasonble offset!
  5. I have spoted these irons and like what l see from pictures but have not pulled the trigger. Are the cavity open or filled, hate when the cavity is filled with wet grass????
  6. I have not tried the 4:th generation but the 2:nd. I was playing it from bunkers and thick rough around the green without any opening of the clubface. The ball just popped up with no effort. I never used that wedge for full shots.
  7. The last point is spot on. I think a half set in a lightweight carrybag is all that golfers need even low cappers!
  8. In my modern bag i have T300 irons with a pw 43* and a gw 48*. These ”wedges” are same style as the other irons and l dont see them as wedges, they are 10iron and 11iron. Then i go to a SW at 56* as my only wedge. In my retro MB iron set pw is 50* and l still see that pw as an iron because of the sole grind. I only use a 56* sw in this bag too.
  9. After 5-10 swings I have decided if I like the feel of the club. Same with putters. I rather play clubs l love the feel of with some bad results instead of horrible feeling that perform.
  10. I am 42 and tried different hybrids but they always leave my bag after a few rounds. So at the moment there is zero hybrids in my bag.
  11. Titleist T300 have long blade lenght and reasonble offset!
  12. I think playing the gapwedge from your current ironline is a good option!
  13. Last two years a half set with Callaway Steelhead XR irons has stayed in my bag. I recently was fitted for new irons and ended up with 6-gw Titleist T300 with DG AMT Black S300 shafts. I like less offset but I think T300 are ok. Will be interesting to see how they work nextcoming weeks.
  14. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo must be the set of irons that is point and shoot. Some offset but not offensive.
  15. I have been intrigued to try these irons and other Acer clubs but do not have the courage of shopping without the possibilty to try clubs before purchase...
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