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  1. I am using a Titleist U510 4 iron, with the rest of my set being the 714 AP2. I like having the more forgiving 4 iron and it gives me better yardage gapping at the top of the back.
  2. Those are beautiful. Looking forward to their release.
  3. Mr Rock & Roll - Amy Macdonald
  4. Bluegrass Fairway for headcovers, valuables pouches and scorecard holders.
  5. They don't do custom logos, only custom initialling, but I would take a look at Bluegrass Fairway. Great quality product.
  6. I would consider myself much more of a runner than a golfer these days. Run about 30-50 miles a week and tend to race a couple of marathons and six or seven halfs in a year. Only get around two or three games of golf in a month generally. We are on lock down here, but allowed out for one daily exercise a day which includes running. Finding motivation a little tricky at the moment, as it doesn't look like any races will go ahead until September at the earliest. To @Phireside's point about gear, I am a big Hoka fan. I have been rocking the Clifton 6 and Bondi 6 in training and tend to race in the Rincon or Carbon X.
  7. Shirts - Adidas Knitwear - Galvin Green or Lyle & Scott Outerwear - Galvin Green Shoes - Footjoy
  8. I pretty much only wear grey and navy trousers. In terms of shirt colour try white, pink, light blue, orange and green. They are also really easy colours to pair with all manner of shoe colours. I wear mine with all white shoes, as well as my brown Footjoy City.
  9. Just to put everyone's mind at ease, they are poly/viscose lined. No itching here. :happy:
  10. Dunvegan and The Jigger from the point of view of their attachment to golf. I really like Forgan's on Market Street for food, and The Criterion and The Keys would probably be my recommendations for a decent pub.
  11. So I work for a gents tailoring company, and therefore can get some hefty discounts on 100% merino wool suit trousers. Recently we have been doing an absolute clear out of older suit styles, and numerous style of trouser were reduced to £5 ($7.15). As you may imagine, I've bought a tonne of them. Some styles are great for work, but others are probably a little too busy for my work wardrobe, but would make great golf trousers. My question is, does anybody have experience of wearing wool trousers for golf? How well do they hold up? I live in Scotland, so I can't envision I am going to have any problems in terms of overheating. Anything else I should be concerned about? I see the likes of Phil Mickelson and Graeme McDowell have worn such things in the past.
  12. Not a D2, but I am still using the 910F. Matches up very well against current offerings.
  13. I am going to be controversial (of sorts) and say Titleist 975J. I always get nostalgic just thinking about it. Always has an edge over the 975D for me.
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