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  1. I played the 716 AP1s for about a year before switching to the 545s last fall. The irons are pretty similar forgiveness-wise, but the 545s feel so much better. They just have that "solid" feeling to them. The AP1s always felt "hollow" to me if that makes any sense. Especially on off center hits.
  2. great comments.. let me share with you why I did this.. for the hats, we do have RED hats coming in with MTB RED on the side.. New Era did not ship them with this order, and have sent us notice they are to be shipped in May.. the Maroon hats, as well as other colors we may have, can have MTB BLACK or MTB RED on them.. like if we have a Grey hat, this could be either, or maybe even both.. so the maroon is not to be confused as being the RED, or MTB RED hat... that is coming.. maybe having it available now did make it a bit confusing since RED is not there.. For the golf balls and colors... In golf, over the years, RED numbers have always meant lower compression, or softer in feel... The reason I did not put a black number on the MTB BLACK is because this ball has a nice, lower compression softer feel... so the perception of a black number (meaning 100 compression to some) is not the reality of the ball.. so figured, since balls are bought in dozen boxes and sleeves, and shipped to your homes, the numbers are not really seen until the ball is played.. so if you happen to find one out there, and saw the black number, people tend to think it is 100 compression not knowing anything about the ball.. that is why I put the RED number on the MTB BLACK.. hope this helps and makes sense...i chose the performance of the ball to match the number, not the name of the ball to match the number...but appreciate the feedback, as always... I remember when black numbers meant 100 compression balls and red numbers were 90's, but I think that was a whole different era. I'm pretty sure you are rewriting the book of how balls are designed and marketed, so you are entitled to make a statement and use black numbers for your MTB Black and red numbers for your MTB Red. Establishment (Titleist) be damned. ;) I can't really believe it but I'm old enough to remember "black is 100, red is 90". What a bummer. :(
  3. I found a practically new set of 545 irons that I went to from the AP1s. Really happy with them.
  4. For sale is a used but not abused set (3 - PW) of Titleist AP1 irons. Shafts are DG Pro S300. Standard loft and lie. 5 iron measures 38". Good condition, normal wear, no major dings. $425, no trades. Thanks for looking.
  5. Just picked up a mint set of these on the BST with KBS shafts (I'm not much of a DG guy, too low launching) and so far (I know it's still the honeymoon) I'm really impressed. It seems like all I have to do is pull the club back, start it down and it automatically finds the sweet spot. I had previously used AP1s for the past two years and they are excellent clubs but I've done a lot of work and significantly improved my ball striking. The 545s are just as forgiving as the AP1s but feel much better, especially when flushed.
  6. Who knows where that ball has been ? I know it's a family show, but you should always ask yourself where have your balls been?
  7. KBS Tour 90 stiff shafts. These were pulled from a set of standard length Titleist irons from the factory. 3 iron shaft measures 38.25" from the butt to the tip. Grips are in good condition. I started using a 3/4 hybrid which is why the grips on the 3/4 iron shafts are original. 85$ shipped to CONUS only.
  8. How about a pic? We'll let you know if we see any errors.
  9. You might want to consider postponing the fitting until after you've had a lesson or two. The fitter will fit you to your current swing. If you're pro then has you change your swing to correct any serious flaws you may need to go get re-fit.
  10. If you want to add another ball that's fine, but PLEASE don't change the MTB. OK, you can change the name if you'd like, but not the ball. :)
  11. They are both high speed photometric based systems.
  12. Buy a SkyTrak. They're on sale through the end of the year for $1700. Same technology as GC2. I'm not in any way affiliated with SkyTrak.
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