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  1. and the shipping charges certainly increased, i havent gotten anything in a little, thats certainly new
  2. Pass for me as well, I collect the putting discs but this one didnt do it for me along with the pivot tools
  3. Me too, just logged into see and noticed that my membership was extended to 1/1/2021 as well...I'm disappointed too, the den caddy would have been cool
  4. Disappointing release. Never been a fan of the Mardi Gras covers, but was hoping for a solid accessory....I do collect the putting discs but that color and lack of a design made it a easy pass for me
  5. I got one a couple of years ago and I think I paid $795, so I would say yes. Too expensive to flip no, money in it and most of the time you will lose
  6. > @courcy75 said: > Got one too. Are you guys gaming these at all? I plan on gaming atleast one as I just recently started following this. I game the headcovers, I have lost coins in the past which is why i now just collect them
  7. Got the coin (I collect them) and the Beanie.
  8. Not a fan of any of it, it was an easy pass for me....will spend my money today on the new airpods that just dropped
  9. > @MulligansIsland said: > > @"Scott Cali" said: > > Pretty sparse release...I picked up the coin since I collect them, also threw in a Jackpot Johnny custom shop headcover since I was paying shipping > > I didn't see those headcovers still on the site when I logged in. Good snag! They moved them to accessories :)
  10. Pretty sparse release...I picked up the coin since I collect them, also threw in a Jackpot Johnny custom shop headcover since I was paying shipping
  11. > @KaTooM said: > > Can you actually use the putting discs on a green to roll and "hole" putts? I mean, are the edges beveled so the ball will ramp up and roll into the disc? > > I've always wondered this as they appear to have a raised edge that the ball would just bump off of rather than roll up, and into the "cup". > > TIA! > KTM > The raised edge does stop the ball (unless you hit too hard), Bethpage doesnt have holes in the greens so I use it instead of a tee or my putter headcover, the disc basically does the same thing except its the shape of the cu
  12. > @976-Evil said: > > I did this and they held the bag at the location I requested but tried to deliver the covers to my house. There had to be 2 separate deliveries and 2 tracking numbers, you have to request both to hold
  13. > @423JKU said: > Nothing like forgetting to leave your signature release forms at work when you've got a nice delivery scheduled for the day -_- After I get a tracking number I always change it to "hold at location", couple of local Fed Ex offices by my house, easier to pick it up after work and safer too.
  14. I only got the towel, I liked the bag but as a walker / carry the bag would have been for flip purposes only, not sure what the market is, wasnt worth taking the chance.
  15. Agreed, the headcovers have been disappointing for awhile now, mostly I have been getting the accessories and the occasional stand bag if I get lucky
  16. New Yorker here...had to pick it up, no issue with the apples. Probably same reason I didnt pick up the "arches" cover when it dropped last year
  17. > @jwhite86 said: > I like the headcover... don't love it... looks like another pass agree...I passed
  18. Got the bag and the ball marker. Went back for the matching putter cover and it was gone. Site was really slow....I was worried I would time out
  19. Agreed. this is one of the better crawfish covers but not for me. Almost got the Pivot tool but passed
  20. I collect the coins, you will only get hurt on them if you lose them. I dont personally use them, they are just display items for me. I got the Johnny shirt as I get all things Jackpot
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