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  1. Am currently playing the LTD at the lowest loft I can and tried the Big Tour a couple weeks ago. I have no issues hitting fairways off the deck and didn't know anything about the new Cobra fairway offerings because I wasn't feeling like my LTD needed to be replaced. The guy at PGA SS kept calling it the 'Big Tour' and it didn't make sense to me, other than weight fixed forward it looked like any other fairway, not big, face height isn't intimidating or noticeably deep at address. I played a Razr Fit Xtreme, Epic Subzero, and now the LTD, I prefer a shallow face and this didn't bother me at a
  2. Just a little late, traded to my new friend Zwink but they were ordered standard and built to my specs
  3. I bought these new about 3 weeks ago, only have a couple rounds and some range time off the mats. Asking $800 obo shipped, trades considered for similar condition players cb's.
  4. Titleists are gone, just the Honmas left, selling now at $450, these are seriously almost brand new. Surprised they’re still there
  5. If those were raw I’d have already bought them but I feel the same way about black heads
  6. Yeah she’s a super nice lady, hope she’s doing well. Hopefully she’s out on the course somewhere
  7. I have 2 sets, love them. Easily the best MB's I've ever played
  8. Since those faces have already shown marks, anyone think it would be easy to remove that finish? Soaking in Coke or white vinegar or something?
  9. Not to be redundant but.....Kathy Marie,where are you???
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