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  1. Played at Primm Valley in early January about 15 years ago. It was 32 degrees according to the rental car and it was a bit nippy. A wind shirt and a layer or two should be sufficient.
  2. Is the credit per person or per couple if you and another person buy the package (699x2)?
  3. Bring a friend or wife/girlfriend to drive the cart. My wife rode Pasa with me and she was the perfect forcaddie.
  4. Played Pinehurst In Feb 2013 and they painted the fairways. It looked pretty good and I was happy to part with my money. Played Dormie the same month for 50$ and would have happily paid an extra 25 for green fairways.
  5. Played Harbour town twice last week. Great conditions but painfully slow greens. Now the Golden bear greens were lightning fast. Made up for the slightly sparse conditions and the narrowness of the course. The fairways at the GB made HT look like links golf.
  6. Are they still doing replay rates at the ocean? Play oak or turtle in the morning and replay at the ocean in the afternoon
  7. Played as a 2some in February on a 70 degree day and the twosome who was playing with us no-showed. I would give it a go if you are there 4 or 5 days.
  8. That will be a hard pass. For someone not use to getting the deal it might be tempting.
  9. Too good to last. Let's hope there is an upgrade option at a reasonable price.
  10. Ken, I'm playing Atlanta National this Friday, any pointers? I'm going to give the membership a few more months and evaluate this winter.
  11. I would love to play but since they don't allow carts it's a hard pass.
  12. STAY & PLAY The history of championship golf at our iconic club and three world-class golf courses, exceptional dining and a tradition of gracious hospitality combine to create the Firestone Experience. For the first time, Firestone Country Club is opening its doors for you to enjoy the Firestone Experience with our exclusive Stay & Play opportunities. Experience golf, dining, and well-appointed overnight accommodations surrounded by golf history. Tee it up on the iconic South Course, where golf’s greatest players have been testing their skills for over 65 years. Play our North and W
  13. Big fan of Sharon Woods and Blue Ash. Cinci has some very good muni and county courses.
  14. Yes, I did see it...good deal if you are in the area.
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