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  1. This is interesting topic. No one has mentioned that Covid extra years given has inflated roster sizes, and reduced scholarships. There are only so many spots to play in the 6-7 tournaments a year, so think many will chose to go pro sooner than later. Plus, I'd say that I've spoken to maybe 20 players and almost all said college didn't really prepare them for pro's. What no one has mentioned, is ceiling. Compare Lucy Li, to Nelli Korda, both elite as juniors. Lucy, had outstanding junior career, much better than Nelli [ though hers good too]. With Lucy, fundamentals not the best, won by being mentally strong. Nelli, always making improvements, still is, and changes in her putting 2 years ago helped a ton. Lucy, won't ever hit Nelli's level. And, she had better ranking, scoring average, and major wins. So, it comes down to talent, and knowing what needs to be done to get there. Those players with good ceilings, can benefit more from playing LPGA or Symetra, than they ever could college. Overall, college women's golf, isn't preparing players for professional golf well, in fact is poor. Men, a different game due to later maturity. So, ???? Who benefits from college the most?? The average to above average player with a good ceiling. Everyone's game improves to some level in college . But, it doesn't prepare them , women, for what lies ahead.
  2. Said in TV, that Babnik chose to finish her high school classes instead of Q Series...Find that odd
  3. I attended both US Junior at our course, and US Girls Junior. In addition to usual swarm of college coaches, they were both heavily attended by all the agents. After play, instead of seeing players eat lunch w/their friends, they were with parents and agents, so uniquely different. Last I'd heard a month ago, to date, 3 major men's college players have signed strong endorsements, expected to max out at 10 or so, and probably 5 for women. others, , yes, will receive some, but not big $$$. For juniors, expect top 5-7 boys, and top 2-3 girls to sign w/major agents. Endorsements, won't come from traditional golf sponsors like TaylorMade/Adiddas, but from up and coming progressives, many international. Yes, they look at performance and will tier contracts to predict, but this has opened new markets. They want attractive kids who project strong images, those who will be strong spokespeople for their endeavors. And they want images recognized internationally. So, players like Alexa, and Megha Ganne will attract attention . I do not know Megha, but she presented very well during US Women's Open, would do well in India/Asia. The teen market, for athletes, untapped.
  4. Really happy to see 2 players I'm very close with, Virginia Elena Carta & Alexa Pano play well. Virginia , a brilliant student, took time off from golf to secure advanced degree in Europe. Was close to being Rhodes Scholar. Just an exceptional person, and talented player. Saw Alexa about 2 months ago when she stopped by CCNC to practice. She was candid in explaining that she threw 2021 away to make numerous changes in all parts of her golf game, choosing now instead of as adult. She predicted she would do well in Stage 2. Watching her practice, ridiculous. Serious talent.
  5. Good thing Rose was on Team USA..She carried them.
  6. Rose looked gassed out there. Heck is now favorite to win
  7. First off, I do not come here to bash anyone and think those that are critical of juniors, are probably parents with an issue towards them. I'd strongly imagine you have issue with her to go looking to post scores . Your business. I will note any parent with issues like cheating as I've seen it many times. But, you couldn't be more wrong. Right now, in all Female golf. The leader in endorsement $$, is Paige Spirinac, nearly double that of Wie, or Lexi. The fastest riser, is Amanda Balionis, not many wins amongst her or Paige. Sponsors, do not care about scores in junior tournaments, they want people whose name, image, likeness, will sell their products. In junior golf today, maybe a small handful will attract attention of signifigance, 3, maybe 4. We are not talking about selling golf balls, things like makeup, dresses etc, all this will happen, as teen market untouched. So, NIL, means, yes accomplished, but also, well spoken, well known, attractive, fit, intelligent etc. Short , heavy, not attractive, they won't touch. Like it or not, it's what it is.
  8. Yes, exactly what I thought when I read article. The NIL rules now not only gives players flexibility of amateur vs Pro on Symetra tour only, but substantial income. Reality is, she could win a few times on Symetra, and still not make ends meet. But, a player as popular as Alexa can now make 20x that in endorsements. If I'm not mistaken, I believe she was on original panel a couple years ago w/USGA, as junior rep, so am sure is prepared. Competitively, it reminds me of what Lucy Li did, only Alexa doesn't need to turn pro unless she wants to. Could play college, but still compete in Symetra at the same time if she makes it, even at 16. That's a great option for players to have, especially in summer. Betting you see college players doing same.
  9. I know nothing about anything from St Augustine, but you're talking about a 13-14 yr old girl getting instruction during play. Look at it any way, but is [ next to score shaving] a common rules violation. It won't end well. Best example I can give you is below. Last week, here at CCNC, was the US Junior Am. I watched entire tournament. One of the best players here [ went deep in match play] is now 17. As a 12-14 yr old, his father was notorious for giving golf lessons to his son on course, every hole, zero regard for rules, asked to leave course multiple times. I watched this boy play, and after 1 round, I asked where his father was. He explained his father became too much, and he told him that if he ever came to another tournament, he'd quit golf. They haven't spoken for over a year now. He said his father was cheating and the embarassment ruined golf. That kid, has ability to play on tour today. Bottom line was, no players or parents ever stood up to his father, even though he regularly broke rules, cheated the tournaments and the game. The young girls father did same, and in that age bracket, parents do need to report him. How else do you fix people thinking they're above rules and traditions of golf?
  10. If this was about the incidents that happened in Virginia a couple months ago, then I've heard about it. As an official, we're aware of parents coaching on course, seen parents drop balls outside hazards, cheating etc. In this case, one parent videoed another 5-10 times, openly violating rules, and reported to officials. Video, in my opinion, better than he said she said, but violations nonetheless, and no confrontations. You often see this w/younger players who are on the rise, parents trying anything to help them get there. Similar to USGA in both US Girls and Boys [ one top 5 player was forced to forfeit hole yesterday due to slow play, almost lost match] there needs to be some concrete rules in dealing with parents who cheat the game and integrity. One stroke for first violation, another for 2nd and ban parent from tournament, and ban further if more. That, will get rid of nonsense. Again, i didn't see video's, but woman who did said they were quite obvious and hopefully he doesn't do again.
  11. Rachel is one of my all time favorites, watched her since she was 12 become a really good player. Right now, she's 1 more strong finish from being College POY, or heavily in conversation. She's another example of strong player, who took some steps back, made some long term changes, struggled and took some lumps for some time, and came back a much much stronger player. All the great ones do that.
  12. I officiated the US Girls Championship where incident happened. So can state what I know as report was filed by player, seen by every official. Coach was caddying for player. Player fired caddy on course. Parent was not nearby. Player asked officials that coach not be allowed back on premises, and her story confirmed by other players, as she was visibly upset at his behavior. Parent knew nothing about what happened. Since then, I've heard similar from 2 current college players who left coach while in their teens, not blatant, but uneasy feelings they'd had. So, anyone can post anything they want, is a free country. While I haven't seen his post, bet story is different? The few conversations I've held her Dad, he'd mentioned wanting her to get advanced degree, so not sure when you spoke with them.
  13. Golf, is a very small sport. It saddens me to read a comment like the above because it usually comes from a very envious or jealous parent. I've officiated junior and amateur golf many years, know Alexa and her Dad well, and have many friends who speak highly of them and can say your comments baseless. While her Dad keeps to himself, hard to get to know well, he's a very intelligent man who knows the game well. I recently watched Alexa on Golf Channel interview, where she admitted struggling a few months due to swing changes, many do. It reminded me of another favorite, Rachel Heck who dropped down a few months, but now is hottest player in college golf. Lastly, I'm an adult, who reads comments a ton, but wonders what drives adults to come after minors???
  14. Sir, I hope for everyone's sake that you are correct, but disagree respectively due to simple economics and conversations I've had w/multiple players. So, I do not believe the semi-rosie picture they paint to the public. The LPGA, bases all their success [ or failure ] solely on sponsor and advertising $$$. They lose money on TV , which is horrible agreement. How, can sponsors pay to hold LPGA tournament, after many layoffs due to pandemic??? Explain that to shareholders. Without signifigant attendance, LPGA tournaments finish deep in the red. SO, the only way they can keep tournaments [ as many have told me, players are aware], is to severely decrease purses, then hope. For the next 2 years, you'll see LPGA purses drop deeply to level of Symetra, maybe below. Players will seek [ like a Noh] more opportunities on KLPGA and JLPGA, which heavily promote their tours on national players, generating much more revenue. As an example, PGA Tour, does not gain success on hard core golf enthusists like yourself, but large support on MANY non golf people who attend. A party, entertainment atmosphere that LPGA fails to offer. THAT, is the fault of LPGA for the way the tour is presented to USA public. Honestly, who would a non golfer come to watch other than Lexi?? None, because LPGA has not promoted the USA players like PGA does. And now, they have big issues. So, sure, players above will be good, really good. But, not nearly enough need 30-40 strong Americans who with correct marketing and promotion draw sponsors dollars domestically. USA people, do not care about what goes on in China, nor do non golf people. 5 years from now, can Noh, Pano , Zhang, Avery [ needs college to mature] draw crowds?? Not the way LPGA is run now. And, they need many more to join them.
  15. I fully get what you are saying here, BUT: LPGA players like Fassi, Gillman, Lang etc., coupled with Symetra players, and high profile top amateurs, can only help to build up the WAPT Tour. That's badly needed in this country, especially now. So, I commend Fassi for playing and Alexa Pano is playing at high LPGA level also. She along with Lauen Hartlage [ both Curtis Cup ], Ashley Gilliam [ strong college] and Paris Hilinski another top amateur, give that tour much needed exposure . Right now, in USA, the Women's, College and Junior levels have only a small handful of strong players, the rest are International's. AJGA , does very, very, little for better players. So, like it or not, the WAPT Tour, just may end up being important to Women's game in USA, by 2021. The LPGA, and Symetra [ will it be here in 12 months?] are on serious , serious shaky grounds financially. Management has banked on overseas sponsorships, minimalized USA Players, and results in USA sponsors leaving quickly, and many/most of their players fear financial ruin even when play resumes, as they also have no TV dollars. Whan made serious errors, and question now is he smart enough to realize it and change ideals. So, the big message here, and hope LPGA, Symetra, WAPT, AJGA [ all about $$$] on down gets it, is they had better build up and promote USA Women's game 1000x more than they have, or there will be nothing here, soon. It's that badly on shaky ground.
  16. That final grouping must have been so much fun to watch final 2 days. Kristen Gillman will contend and win on tour, strong in all phases . Maris Fassi bombs it off the tee and is a character.. And Alexa Pano, if you didn't know she was 15, you'd think she was another strong LPGA tour player because she is really really good, 21 birdies insane. Hope the WAPT tour takes off.
  17. I did get to see Paris Hilinsky last summer for a bit in the Women's Southern. good player with ability, but seemed raw at times. She will do well. Funny you mentioned instagram/social media. Over the last 5 years, I've gotten to know Alexa Pano and her Dad fairly well, as they always stop by CCNC to practice when in the area. I really like both of them., and watching her work on her game you understand why she's good. When she was here last, while practicing, some guy was in the woods to the right of the range. Alexa said, "watch, he's taking a video and it'll be on instagram tonite", which it was. She told me that happens daily, and they were laughing about it. Wasn't too sure about what she said after, something about how pro sponsors boost followers, and some people pay for followers, but she did add that some were misleading. But, it's interesting how this generation is so different with constant exposure.
  18. > @tiger1873 said: > > @yellowlover519 said: > > > Alexa Pano, Karl Vilips, Cole Hammer, Giana Clemente, Cheyenne Woods, Michael Thorbjornsen and Lexi Thompson. > > And we are limiting this to winners of the event itself. If you broadened it to participants (which is really what we're talking about), I'm sure the correlation between your PRO STANDARD and participation in USKG at 12U would be significant. Add in Callaway Junior Worlds, which was effectively the biggest 12U event prior to USKG, you'll see a pretty decent correlation between participation in that event and golfers that turned pro. > > > What do you work for US Kids???? I am talking about actual winners of there biggest event. I don't know about you but 20 years is a long time. This is long enough to see a generation grow up. How many more years do you need? Let's give it 50 years and see if anyone makes the champion tour????? > > I could argue 10 other tours with better more participation if we are talking about just participation. Junior Golfers just play events period. > > In 20 years the only winner to win an event and go on to gain some success is Lexi Thompson. That is not good odds. You listed some kids who are this years winners ??? I know you listed Alexa Pano but I would not say long term success i guaranteed. How about Dottie Ardina??? or Clare Legaspi???? The truth is Pano has a good game but she needs to gain additional strength and drive a little longer to compete on the LPGA. If we don't see that in the next year or two she probaly will not do well on the LPGA. She is still young but that is what I heard from a lot people. > > Here is a list of US Kids multiple winners. Look up some the older names on there and then tell me did they live up to the hype. > > 5 Alexa Pano 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 > 5 Dottie Ardina 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 > 5 Clare Amelia Legaspi 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 > 5 Marijosse Navarro 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 > 5 Phillip Dunham 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 > 4 Jim Liu 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 > 4 Joshua Martin 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 > 4 Allan Kournikova 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 > 3 Yuuma Nemoto 2016, 2017, 2018 > 3 Mimi Chen 2012, 2014, 2015 > 3 Stephen Abrams 2005, 2006, 2007 > 3 Ratchanon Chantananuwat 2014, 2015, 2016 > 3 Jimmy Beck 2000, 2001, 2004 > 3 Allisen Corpuz 2006, 2007, 2009 > 3 Jed Dy 2011, 2013, 2014 > 3 Yueer Cindy Feng 2004, 2007, 2008 > 3 Jonnie Motomochi 2001, 2002, 2003 > 3 Paloma Martinez 2000, 2001, 2003 > 3 Cory Whitsett 2002, 2003, 2004 > 3 Terrence Zhang 2005, 2007, 2009 > While USK is good, and fun, there is no guarantee that players will be successful when they mature. That depends on their work ethic, drive, etc. Of the list above, I 'd say Thorbjornson, Hammer and Pano pretty certain to do well at the highest level. All right now, would be top 50% in distance, hit more greens in pro events than average, and all 3 have advanced their games physically to tour level. But, the mental side, the side considerably different than both junior and college golf, is the big question, not only for them, but for all. THE PROBLEM, is not what goes on at USK age, but what does/does not happen from 16-21. The USA/AJGA does not do a good job advancing the elite, and frankly, neither do colleges, especially for women.
  19. The Andrea Lee, Alexa Pano match was epic and riveting. Both players firing birdies all day on a very difficult track. Saw some incredible skill sets out there. People now forget Pano is only 14 years old and plays like that. Maybe the best I've seen in long long time.
  20. Spent 9 holes yesterday watching Yuka Saso and Alexa Pano play, 1 group in front of the other. Both those girls, while missing cut, have ridiculous talent. Saso is maybe 10-15 yards longer than Pano who is 14 and about middle of the pack distance wise already. Watching her hit driver off deck going after par 5's impressive. Both have complete games, and will win out there, sooner than later.,
  21. Shay has also been going to most Monday PGA pre-qualifiers for two years now and it is hard to argue with his improvement curve over that time. He is now top ten in WAGR and just won the Jones Cup. Competing with professional men on a weekly basis at age 15 and 16, must count for something on the grind meter. He is in the field at Valspar next month which is big time for a kid barely 17. Check out Alexa Pano and her USGA record at such a young age. If you have not seen her play .......well........ prepare to be shocked. Sick talent! Pano just shot 69 today as amateur playing in Symetra tour. 2 behind leaders in very strong field. Largest purse ever in Symetra. Never seen her in person. Talk to others that had kids in events that she was in. They all raved about her game. They said you can't believe she is that nice. She is in trophy kids on Netflixs if you havent seen it. I've seen her play a handfull of times, complete game. And yes, as good a kid as there is, respects everyone. Just heard, she is tied for lead going into final round of Symetra Tour Championship. That's crazy.
  22. Shay has also been going to most Monday PGA pre-qualifiers for two years now and it is hard to argue with his improvement curve over that time. He is now top ten in WAGR and just won the Jones Cup. Competing with professional men on a weekly basis at age 15 and 16, must count for something on the grind meter. He is in the field at Valspar next month which is big time for a kid barely 17. Check out Alexa Pano and her USGA record at such a young age. If you have not seen her play .......well........ prepare to be shocked. Sick talent! Pano just shot 69 today as amateur playing in Symetra tour. 2 behind leaders in very strong field. Largest purse ever in Symetra.
  23. Except it's not the right call. Just more USGA ineptitude. It's a really bad decision, one that many of her player peers, and their families are ticked off about. Sad, that they let one family and player openly break the rules, then let her off. This will have profound snowball effect over the next few years. Amateurs know they can get away with murder now, and use the excuse [ lying as Li family did] that,,"they didn't know" This post brings up a few questions: Which decision, the one that says she violated the rule, or the one that chose not to penalize her for breaking it? Who is actually ticked off? Do you have some references? Did the Li family really lie? Again, do you have a source, or is it just your opinion? I don't have a problem with anyone having an opinion. But that opinion isn't very persuasive to me unless its based on some kind of facts. You DO NOT get an ad w/Apple without an agent,,period.What do you think they did,just decide to dial her number because her name is Lucy??? Amateurs of high status...are well aware of this rule, all of them. This whole issue was a blatant disregard for the rules by her family, and they got caught. It IS a sign that she's decided to turn pro, has hired an agent, and planning for when. Probably Q School in August. Because she got caught, she had no where to go until then. And, she has an agent, who had contacts in Apple. You think they knew who she is?? The whole deal smells on believable lies. So, now when a player signs an incorrect scorecard, their reply is, "I didn't know?" What OTHER rules is USGA going to warn people on?? Now, how many juniors will use the excuse that they did not know??
  24. Except it's not the right call. Just more USGA ineptitude. It's a really bad decision, one that many of her player peers, and their families are ticked off about. Sad, that they let one family and player openly break the rules, then let her off. This will have profound snowball effect over the next few years. Amateurs know they can get away with murder now, and use the excuse [ lying as Li family did] that,,"they didn't know"
  25. Did you know that the average driving distance on the LPGA is 218 yards? Mean Driving distance is 255 yards. Aren't "average" and "mean" the same thing? Took it from this. Think they meant median. http://www.golfwrx.c...iving-distance/ I officiate a number of amateur, college, and junior Women's event yearly. Last summer, I saw Li driving it 250 at Country Club of Tennessee, long enough for success.. 2 weeks ago, at the South Atlantic Amateur I saw Pano hit a 490 yard par 5 over water with a hybrid. Could be wrong, but the 4-5 holes I saw her, she looked very long, 260-270. In other words, both have the distance needed. All depends on how accurate you are from fairway, no matter what club you are holding in your hands.
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