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  1. Could easily put that bag together at my house right now.
  2. I had Royal irons in HS and Royal wood woods, and some no name mallet putter. I liked the clubs fine. I would after the fact like to add a Ping eye 2 SW, I didn't have a SW but our home course only had 1 flat sand trap so no big deal till we went on the road, then it was brutal. After HS I replaced the putter with an Arnold Palmer blade putter, love that putter.
  3. This is the ironset I have. I think they where made in the early '90's more or less. There are some very good posts on this forum about the 845s, well worth reading. Of all the clubs I've tried I like these as well or better than anything else.
  4. Here's a slightly different slant on things. You could buy a used set of the older Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scots for $100 or less, they would have less offset then the Pings if that is what you are looking for. It would be a cheap experiment, the 845's are what I'm using now, I prefer them slightly over the Eye 2's because they are less offset. The 845's are a quality club and did see use on Tour.
  5. Titleist 975d and a Titileist PT in the bag just shouts player.
  6. Yes, but I like to refer to it as a drive-able par 4.
  7. I've been playing my Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scots lately with the Tour Step stiff shafts and wondered how others thought they compared/felt to s300's. To me they seem lighter in weight, stiffness wise and bend point , I'm not sure. Thanks
  8. Big fan of these irons and really like the Tour Step shafts. I read the post from the guy who doesn't like them for chipping or holding the green on approach shots, I've had no real problems in that area. If anyone is on the fence about trying these irons the price shouldn't hold you back. Easy to find a full set for $100 or less.
  9. Good deal on the irons, Eye 2's have a huge number of fans. Don't forget to get in plenty of practice with the putter, your scores will thank you.
  10. I could have swore I heard the same thing, but no mention of it that I could find.
  11. I was thinking the same thing before I saw your post. The great thing is you can buy this perfection for about $100 a set.
  12. Big fan of Duval , both a s a player and commentator.
  13. He should at least get some cool ones, McCulloch Chainsaws.
  14. I'm a ski racer also and thats spot on about the boots. Do to contracts I ended up switching boots and became lost, took a while but I got back on the original brand, it was like getting back home after a long road trip. My putter, wedges and fairway woods have stayed constant, the diver and irons are another matter, hope to resolve that.
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