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  1. Thanks you guys! I appreciate it! And I feel like my foot tan needed to be showcased. I'll check loft when I get home
  2. What makes it a whiteoard vs a blueboard, sorry was sold to me as a whiteboard
  3. [Mod Edit] saasgolfer Reported for not shipping item(s). Hey Gents! So I am looking for a quick sale/trade here, nothing out of the ordinary just some good stuff! Im open to sale or trade and if you think I am off on any of my prices just let me know! First up we have an Xhot 3 deep with a real deal x stiff Blueboard that I beleive is 90 grams. Lets start this at $90 Next up is an Oban Kiyoshi gold, 65 gram o4 (stiff) flex. Titelist 915 adapter and plays standard length in a driver. Lets start this at $120 (Pending) Lastly we have a slightly used 52 degree vokey sm5. F grind. Lets start this at $80 Pm me with any questions! Thanks for looking!
  4. I want to see if I can get my swing speed up! I wanna try light! I love my current one but lighter could be better! 50 TX
  5. Alright guys and girls its time for my first clean out. Im looking to move on from this stuff but im not against acquiring some new stuff. I am always open to trades and all sales are OBRO. Let me know if you think any of my prices are out of line as this is my first listing! First, we have an older fourteen wedge. This was my 52* gamer for about 6 months and still has plenty of life left. It has an awesome rust on it and has a heavy s300 shaft. Lets start this at $45 + shipping Secondly we have a RBZ tour hybrid. This has a stiff shaft in it and is 18.5* of loft. You can see by the pictures that it has a bit of wear on it but it is really all visual. This club is awesome and im sad it could not make my bag. Lets say $100 + shipping sold! Third we have a Adams a12 20 degree hybrid. It has a stiff shaft and has some wear on it. Lets call this $45 + shipping sold! Fourth we have an Oban devotion 3 wood shaft. This has the 910 adapter on it and is 05 (X) flex. I only have hit 3 balls with this and it seems to be in perfect shape. Lets call this $85 + shipping Next is a Diamana Kaili X flex with a callaway razr fit Xtreme adapter. This I believe plays just over 46 inches in a driver and the grip... well.. needs to be replaced. This has a bit of wear on it but is still in great shape. Lets call this $65 + shipping. Next is a chrome elements hybrid shaft with a RBZ stg 2 adapter. the grip is very good and it is an X flex. Lets say $45 + shipping Finally is my bomber of a 3 wood! A X hot 3 deep 14.5 with a 93 gram whiteboard x flex. This thing is a low spin beast! Its has a few scuffs on the bottom but the pictures exaggerate the dirt on the bottom... I hate to let this thing go. Lets go $150 + shipping. Let me know if you have any questions!
  6. I have a pair of DHY from adams and just love them. I couldnt ever keep a hybrid low enough for it to be practical and these do the job and then some
  7. I carried a 62 for a while but it just wasnt practical. Justr was too high and couldnt hit it other than super lofted greenside shots I carried a 62 for a while but it just wasnt practical. Justr was too high and couldnt hit it other than super lofted greenside shots
  8. Thats awesome! For some reason it was just too clunky for me and I couldnt pure it. I am so in love with mY DHY's
  9. I played a super old 3 wood for about a year. I played a super old orlimar that I bought at play it again sports
  10. I believe they are tapered tip
  11. I really enjoyed the 330s when I used them. Very consistent golf ball with good spin on all shots. Very soft feel as well!
  12. I think it is more a swing issue. You really need to get that launch up and I dont think you can see a big enough change from a shaft. But good luck man! YOu got great numbers! Also that consitently inconsistent is bugging me...
  13. I go 46 (stock PW) 50 (glide) 56 (sm5) 60 (mack daddy 2 Tour Grind
  14. I have the 3 wood fd and the d3 driver and I'm so in love. The driver is my favorite club and the 3 wood is just behind it. Titelist really stepped up their game.
  15. I have a different wedge at each loft... I think the glide wedges are a great sleeper and I really love MD2 tour grind... Good luck
  16. For me if I trust a 3 wood I stick with it. A driver is a bit easier to hit whereas a 3 wood is a love hate thing. I'd say driver even if you love it because it will help where a 3 wood probably won't make a huge difference
  17. My favorite is 915 D3. Most drivers support a higher strike
  18. I mean in theory... I have seen some very interesting studies that found different results. In the end you just need to test them and find what is right for you. Just because my swing speed fits the X flex guidelines I may get my best results out of a reg flex shaft...
  19. I love this shaft, I have it in my driver and my 3 wood. It is so smooth in the driver and so consistent. It is such a feel thing though...
  20. [quote name='Palauan Hammer' timestamp='1427253112' post='11210513'] Thanks for the reply! Yeah I was looking at all options really and I'm willing to spend something that stays in my bag for the next few years. The 915 D3 looks great and from what I've read spins less than the 913 that I'm using now. What setup do you have on the D3, and is the sound really as bad as some say it is. I never thought about an Aeroburner I'll have to do some reading up on that. [/quote] Honestly on the range when cold the sound is annoying. The cold balls dont like the face and like to hurt your ears a bit. If you can get outdoors and be a bit warm you will be fine. When I hit real balls it makes a high ish pitched thump rather than the ting I can hear on the range. But on the range it is loud! I have the D3 8.5 with the Aldila Rouge silver 60. I am 17 and pretty small (5'8" on a good day and 135 pounds) I can get this out there around 275 on average (really good for the wet conditions in seattle) and I can sneak it around 300 with some roll. It is so incredibly consistent and smooth. Never loved a driver so much! Hope this helps! Reply direct if you wantto know more so i can help!
  21. I know that the Aeroburner TP and 915 D3 are terrific. The D3 with the whiteboard or aldila is a great setup. R15 is low spinning as well. I know that testing a ton of stuff is not ideal for you but I have no idea about your price range.D3 is my choice and I havent looked back
  22. I feel like if you realy want consistency this is the way To go. I used a steel shafted wood 2 wood for a round and was amazed at how consistent it was.
  23. I think it's the optiforce 440. Great club and no one really ever used it. Never played with anyone with it in the bag.
  24. If I really had to add an extra club I would probably add a 64. Something super specialty because I already have all my gaps covered.
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