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  1. Hi all, quick update from my end what my idea and plan for the upcoming weeks and months is - thanks to the one user who was helping me really a lout outside of this thread here. I try to sum up my issues first - I know there will always be somebody who is saying this and that is BS - I guess I have to live with this as this sport is so individual: 1. root cause for everything which is or could be wrong is my backswing with having my hands way to deep and arms to far behind myself instead of arms and hands in front of my body and grip end pointing towards the ball, so a steeper shaft plane in the backswing. This is what I currently do train in front of a mirror or in the backyard with an „airball“ to even hit shots with this - always until in out of the position where arms a parallel to the ground. The current status and comments of how this is feeling and going needs to be a separate post and this is so much I would need to say about 2. IF this gets better, I understand that from this position my current kind of downswing is still bad but probably works better that form my current top position, this is - and especially when I am on the course - I can only focus on the backswing at the moment but not at the downswing and impact. 3. where it gets critical and really confusing for me is the hole 3dimensional part of how to set left and right wrist in the backswing and what is the idea through the impact. there are so many different „styles“ and lessons out there, that it is really kind of one good pro says the opposite like the other - e.g. the idea of bowing left wrist through impact and clubhead should not overtake the hands vs. the Monte idea of flipping right hand like NTC which has the perfect impact picture, but the idea is complete different. 4. number 3 in combination with my strange downswing move - I guess - could lead to very bad results if I mix my downswing which is in me with the wrong idea, e.g. NTC. This might be perferct for person a but very risky for person b - dont know 5. the wording of cupping, hinging, setting, bowing in English (and even in German) can be very misleading. what I try in my backswing is basically left hand like a hammer - backswing and right hand like accelerating a motorbike (but there is also hammer-backswing motion which comes with it) So - in any case and especially it must not be too mich, I try to change backswing first. I did not wanted to, but I show what I try to do in the backyard. - as said trying left arm parallel (you see the overswing also here) in a much much better position that my natural swing. It really feels strange, I must admit. Best Ralemb IMG_5256.mov
  2. sorry, my mistake - this actually was a full swing, I copied in the wrong video. I think it also was not a SW PW or so. Here comes the actual 3/4 SW swing from the same lesson. After this I tried full swings with longer clubs. I can see all three videos in my previous post...
  3. I would like to show three old videos, knowing this will not help my current issues but to show it bit of history and why I am so frustrated as some party, especially the driver was so much better in the past. Following my driver 2 years ago when I had the best shots and I was totally happy with: IMG_2168.TRIM.MOV Secondly my very best video at my old and now again new pro where I was hitting a shorter iron swing with the idea of setting wrists late. You see probably it is looking very good. I was never able to repeat it, thank kids-break started for 4 years - but this was how it looked in the past. But only at the pro and not alone afterwards. 49cd1025-a044-4cb4-9608-a070291cccdd.mp4 and thirdly a scope video I think one year ago which shows a bit more how it goes at the pro... better position hands at top in terms of not crossing club and good hits with a better impact position etc. but probably still a lot of swing faults in general. The try here was to keep right hand unter the left during downswing to shallow club / not coming over the top. RPReplay_Final1631174301.mov I know it only counts what I am currently doing but I want to show something to habe me maybe understand a bit better.
  4. Thank you, Monte! I will give it a try but I only have a „regular“ broom, like a short one and not like in your video. I will do this instead of NTC, does that fit? Believe it or not but I am really the one out of many many where videos, drills and all that stuff ist not having any effect when I need to hit a regular ball after
  5. I don’t have a broom like in the preview video but only like in the latest video here o Precision - hopefully it works as well
  6. Thats why I was asking NOT in my thread but here - to not get the same answers how bad my swing is but IF the series helps WITH my current swing. You are complaining now but you gave an answer although we are already in the other thread. Please send me your swing in a DM - would be very interested, this starts to sounds really strange to me...
  7. thanks but I tried really a lot of pros - everybody was fine with "perfect" setup and nice backswing...that was not only one pro and the current one was already teacher of the year here in Germany and is pretty known - at least in Germany. I really cannot imagine that this is so bad and no pro is addressing it. its really tough to see it that way. but the questions was if the series helps with my current swing and the idea of my pro as it needs to fit together.
  8. hi all, i am having issues with getting to flat and deep in the backswing although it feels already like having my hands at the same level like my head, but it isnt. From that position I am coming over the top , steep shaft , no lag because of already throwing away early and sometimes also shanks. Watched the foggy London video and tried a bit on the range. backswing thought is exactly what I am already doing, but still too way behind but when I tried just firing right hand there have been the pure shanks immediately. So i was getting back to my normal stuff. My pro tries to teach me laying down shaft in transition, he is not complaining about my backswing. attached a video from today, just a pitching wedge where it not that bad with coming over the top like with a driver e.g. I am having issues with right hand to pushy to the ball already, no lag at all.. so I believe that I am one out of many where this idea does not make sense...could anybody agree? i don't want to mix things up with my pro but the feedback here is so good ... I am confused... RPReplay_Final1631119052.mov
  9. I went to the range but hitting just a few shots because I was there with family. i will spend a Session with more videos and try,film, see etc but here I just wanted to show the „course swing“ - in this case just with a pitching wedge. i admit it looks worse than I thought. I thought my hands are way more in front of my body so you will probably say to fix this first. what I don’t understand is the fact that different pros don’t say this is bad but they say the back swing is pretty good. shallowing the club is not possible with a wedge for me - I can only try this good with a driver but probably in a video no change you would see. i an really frustrated and this is why I don’t like to see myself on video. It looks bad , I am seeing pros, I cannot do what I am teached. you cannot believe how frustrating this is IMG_5221.MOV
  10. i don’t understand completely the intention in the NTC what Monte means with right wrist firing / throw the angles away. As my right wrist is hinged in the backswing in the position like accelerating a motorbike I see two options of throwing away: 1. decelerating or motorbike, so exact opposite or 2. the idea like swinging a hammer in the right wrist... you see, I am very confused
  11. sorry, I dont understand comepletely. Monte ist saying bowing the right wrist as a idea which then results in NOT bowing but getting hands perfectly ahead the ball. in my case, as I bow the right wrist in reality as a swing fault, it gets even worse when I try to bow it. Cannot explain any better. My backswing is already better and I tried with half swings as well where the hands are definitely way better in position as in a full or even oversewing. I try to make some videos as said with my current swing without thinking, with the idea of my pro and maybe also with idea of NTC on the range with real golfballs etc. oft course.
  12. Thanks to everyone for so much willingness to help...just tried NTC with an airball in the backyard (luckily) and shanked it so bad - so I think this drill is exact the opposite what I needs to do and what my pro is trying to avoid: the the right hand bows to early which results in flipping and shanks as the clubhead is thrown towards the ball but it should stay „shallow“, behind me etc.. I know I am a hard student with all those problems but with trying new and new stuff it is most of the time getting worse and I am more confused than ever tbh. I COULD understand the NTC if the idea was to habe the left wrist bowed and the right wrist exactly bowed in the opposite direction with than trying to push this right wrist into the impact - but the flipping idea towards impact (what helps a lot of people if you see the comments) for me is probably a very dangerous idea.
  13. Thanks a lot, Valtiel! to comment to your questions (and adding one or two) 1. I actually think that my backswing is better than what I am being referred to, as this was a really bad session and I worked already (because of this thread here) on being not that deep behind me at the top position. Obviously I need to put in a new video here. 2. the pro I was a a week ago was the one of 2013 but I was not seeing him for a year and I stopped golfing between 2014 and 2018 because of kids. In 2018 to 2020 I was seeing him but also tried other coaches and a lot of self experimenting. 3. I don’t know why my downswing move is as it is but I can imagine that it is very hard to change. I have no clue what to try differently to not do what I am doing. 4. I like the NTC drill - never seen this before but I think in my case it is not the right thing based on my current move where the right hand is already so dominant. Monte says to push the right hand through the ball - isn’t it already what I am doing and obv not so good? to sum up - I think my backswing top position is way better as in the video here and I saw this in the video system at the pro and then the pro is addressing the same thing: right hand comes over the left etc and that’s why we tried out some shallowing the club idea / keeping right hand / elbow more behind the left stuff. So this is probably where my pro identifying the same issues and he is also saying that these are issues I always had. my hope always was to find one drill which suits me but I was not successful for now. so it would be interesting of NTC is worth to try out or if this does not make sense at all. Regardless of it is something for me I cannot believe is the idea behind the drill is successful for so many people
  14. Okay thanks - but maybe you can understand my confusion. Here in this thread a lot of people say that one of the bad things is to have my hands way deep and behind me through the start of the downswing. In the no turn cast drill the idea is to throw the hands behind me … so that’s a bit confusion to be honest.
  15. hey there, can anyone explain what's this is about? Just saw the original YouTube video in the foggy rain where he explains the not turn cast - so I could not try that out but I am curious about this is the opposite of bowing left wrist in impact which sometimes gives me better shots. bowing the right wrist is the opposite of bowing left one... and do i unsterstand correctly that there a newer videos with more information on this which needs to be paid? Best
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