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  1. Does anyone know if the Premium Stand Bag in the 2022 catalog is the same as the bag you can currently buy?
  2. I just spoke to Customer Service and they confirmed there’s no firmware updates, just app updates for the Mevo.
  3. If true, I’m surprised Titleist can call it a Pro version (as shown below). Does anyone have any more information?
  4. Hi All, Can someone confirm whether the Tensei Blue 70HY (stiff) that comes with the 818 H2 hybrid, is the Pro version or not? Looking at Titleist's website it says it is, but the versions of shafts I've seen, it doesn't say Pro or Boron etc. Thanks!
  5. Tour issued (via European Tour) 34” Odyssey 2-ball with White Hot insert. Resin filled and tour Id band. Everything in great condition and barely looks used. Original Odyssey grip and a choice of either a Scott Readman “Banksy” HC, or Odyssey “swirls”. Please note that the item will ship from the UK. Price to send to the US - $330 incl shipping. Open to trades!
  6. Just realised that the stock grip with the ER2 is an EVNROLL non-taper 1.2 at 60g, which would mean 5g difference with the P2. If that’s D7, does anyone know what it would take to get to D0? Thanks
  7. Hi All, I game a 370g 34” ER2 and want to change from the 110g gravity grip to a 55g P2 Aware Tour. I believe that Evnrolls typically come in at D7, so would I need to add a c.60g counterweight to the grip to get it back to Mr Rife’s ideal? Also, if I wanted D0, does anyone know what weight to add? Much appreciated!
  8. I have a custom Lajosi DD201. The one in my profile pic (Damascus) was a sweet putter, but had a slightly longer neck and didn’t quite suit my eye. Kari’s a great guy to deal with BTW, as is Chris (Finchi5) above who has worked on a couple of my putters, including a great feeling #7 with a Spryevo aluminium insert.
  9. Would you recommend getting it ready-milled?
  10. Here you go... from a milling perspective there looks to be next to none on the face
  11. Thanks guys! She’s heading my way. Hopefully she’s as good look in the flesh as the pictures.
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