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  1. It’s funny I keep hearing this but my g410s look great after 100 rounds since I bought them and my old mans g400s have had probably four times that many rounds and he’s had no issues either. Maybe we just got lucky.
  2. Callaway for me. Their clubs just never ever work. Even in a custom fitting when handed clubs blind with grip logo turned down I still can’t hit them but it amuses my coach to try!
  3. I bought the mid when released and replaced it with the dual the year after. That thing was in my bag from 2004-2020 when I replaced it with a rescue dual tp. Fantastic hybrids.
  4. Wow, I used to have one of these when they first came out. The moi is great but I always struggled with that insert. That and it’s like a plate on a stick.
  5. Glad I got a copper X whilst they were on sale now. Don’t like the new one at all.
  6. I went with the copper as I didn’t like the chalk finish. Looked like a dirty grey/silver to me. The chalk has the better black headcover though, not a fan of the white headcover with the copper but easily changed. Can’t comment on durability as golf isn’t allowed in the Uk at the moment (bar Scotland). Feels great on the carpet though!
  7. The only issue I’ve had with correctly fitted clubs has been distance control, ie the clubs are going further than I am used to. Never had issues with the strike. When I’ve been badly fitted for clubs, then I’ve never been able to get along with them. Case in point when Ping fit me for The G sft driver despite my stock shot being a draw. The thing just went left. Persevered with that thing for 2 years like an idiot and the minute I went back to a non draw bias driver I had no issues.
  8. The golfwrx post on Instagram last night (I’m in the UK) said he was playing callaway wedges but his spider was still in the bag.
  9. I must have missed it, we’ve gotten to page three and nobody said v steel? Small head and mine launches high. Only reason it isn’t in the bag is my M4 goes further.
  10. Used to play links golf at university so switched to mizuno blades as I was playing 4/5 times a week and loved them. Made a big difference to my game. The issue was when I went home for the holidays my home course was a soft spongy mess compared to the rock hard links turf. I did exactly what Aviador said, laid sod everywhere - I was off five and a good iron player then. So if you’re a poser or play a very soft course be warned they won’t be for you!
  11. I switched to the Tour Response from the TP5. I’ve found it a nice halfway between the TP5 and TP5x. The former had too much spin for me and the latter had too little.
  12. My lowest per round was 26 putts with my Taylormade spider tour red. But that’s gone as I was streaky with it. My lowest season was an average of 28.6 putts per round this year with my current putter over 25 competitions and friendlies between the two lockdowns. It beat the 29.5 I had in 2019 with my old 2014 Scotty fastback over 48 rounds between March and November. They’ve been my best two seasons by a good 2-3 shots.
  13. Played pro v1x for years but switched to the Taylormade tour response this year. Goes a little further off the tee, a little straighter and seems to spin just right for me.
  14. Question from me is will this have the same adapter as the M3/M5? I love my evenflow blue shaft!
  15. My Taylormade rescue dual, 16 years and counting. Just bought the tp version in brand new condition as well - can’t wait for lockdown to end!
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