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  1. I’ve used the line and also gone through periods where I haven’t. I find I commit better to a putt if I use the line but equally I’ve putted just as well without using the line and trusting my stroke. Whatever method you use you have to be able to read a green and that’s more important.
  2. Looks like a sticker but knowing Taylormades manufacturing ability and previous issues it could also be bad welding.
  3. philly2kuk

    Sink Golf

    Currently looking for a new milled putter and came across a company called Sink Golf. I’ve searched on the forums and there appears to be very little on these guys. Anyone here got one or used the company? Seems like a little putter manufacturer would be popular on here.
  4. New account, first post, saying things we knew at least ten to twenty pages ago. Taylormade, have you not told your people we already know this? You can tell them to stop generating false interest now. The whole world knows the clubs is made of carbon and is black with a red face.
  5. I changed the grip on my spider X to something similar to my scotty’s and it made no difference at all. Still had no distance control with this thing. Minute I put my Scotty back in the bag I go back to putting well.
  6. I’ll have to see the top of it, but not a fan of the sole or face. Plus I see bits of metal overhanging the weight track. If that’s like the m5 they’ll crack. Thanks for sharing though.
  7. They’re another Taylormade employee spamming the forum I reckon. Been a few of them last few days that are completely new members and only post once in this thread but don’t tell us anything new.
  8. I start on the green and work my way back to the tee. I have to be able to control it on and round the green, even if it means sacrificing yards off the tee. I learnt this from the original tp5x where it went miles off the tee for me, I was hitting shorter clubs into the green but I could never chip or putt with it. Once I’m down to a couple I then just try them on the course with the most important factor, as others have mentioned, being to test them in the wind. All this meant I narrowed it down to the tp5, tour soft or pro v1. I can play them all interchangeably allowing for a little less stop with the tour soft.
  9. Isn’t he a free agent currently after splitting with honma? He left Taylormade to join honma as TM were getting rid of him the rumour had it.
  10. So you only joined the site 13 hours ago but have posted twice in two minutes just summarising the thread? Sounds like Taylormade are creating “new member” accounts to try and generate interest, as this post doesn’t really say anything that we don’t already know.
  11. I had the same issue with my m3 and my pro sorted it as Taylormade wouldn’t. Plus you look at the ongoing paint issue with their putters that’s been going on for years (back to the spider blade and ghost range) and their R&D isn’t that good at sorting out issues.
  12. Use them on my wedges but not my irons. I know, I’m weird.
  13. Callaway for me. I’m sure they make great clubs but every time I try them, even when they’re in my specs and I don’t know it’s a callaway (such as my recent iron fittings where I got my coach to give me clubs without telling me which was which) I just cannot hit their clubs. The other company I’m less likely to use is Taylormade. Bought loads from them over the years and love their gear but after my experiences with their paint on 3 of their putters as well as getting a crack in my m3 they didn’t want to resolve (thankfully my club pro sorted) I don’t really have an affinity for them now. Never had any issues with Ping, titleist or mizuno so probably use them in future.
  14. Not according to manufacturers they aren’t. Seems to be whatever the amount is in $ they just swap it to £ and ignore any exchange rates.
  15. Will the new driver have twist face? I hit a natural draw which can turn into a hook on a bad day. The difference between my m5 and drivers without twist face on bad hits has been noticeable at times where it hasn’t hooked as badly as I expected.
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