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  1. I had the M3, it cracked and was replaced by an M5. The M5 goes further and is far more forgiving for me (exact same shaft).
  2. Belly and long basically allowed you to act as a pendulum around the anchored point so I get that. However, if I’ve got the grip anchored against my forearm I’ve completely taken wrists out, eliminating any chance of a yip and you’ve made it easier to pendulum swing. Ok it’s not to the same extent as the belly and long putters but still makes it easier. I predict this method of anchoring against the fore arm will also be banned by the USGA and R&A. Longer/belly putters weren’t exactly dominating and they got rid of those.
  3. Yeah I’m not the only one to have this experience by all accounts. He comes across as a fake odious little man. I can’t even support him in the Ryder cup.
  4. Best was olazabal at the Dunhill links in 2007. Hit a wayward tee shot nearly hitting me and a friend during a practice round and he stopped and talked for five minutes. Was really apologetic, gave us a ball each and laughed and joked all the way down the hole with us. Worst was Ian poulter at the same tournament. A family friend who was 15 had been diagnosed with cancer so I was getting a golf shirt signed for him. Samuel L Jackson (as an aside, great man. Said he’d sign the shirt if I was still there after he warmed up and then stopped to talk for five minutes and asked the lads
  5. Questions like this are difficult to answer. I’d have thought DJ, Rose and JT would have won more than one each by now with the way they’ve played over the years, but all three are still on one. Bryson could win several more or he could win none, but I’ve heard the phrase from players before that winning your second major is harder as you’re expected to do it. When you see Ernie only won four, Ben Crenshaw only won two, Payne Stewart only won three and Greg Norman only won two, they’re all considered legends by different people but didn’t win many. Major week is a huge pressure pot fo
  6. I think he’s different for the game. I doubt you’ll see everyone taking his approach as he hasn’t exactly come out and won the fedex cup and two majors this year. There’s been some weeks where he has been woeful. My problem isn’t with his process or how he approaches golf I just don’t like his constant whining when he mishits a shot even slightly. It’s because I’m also a perfectionist so I see what I look like (without his millions of dollars, game and trophy gf).
  7. Like you I don’t care if Bryson putts with one arm standing on one leg whilst the other high fives the caddie. It works for him and good on him but the rules are stupid. You’re anchoring more of the club with armlock than with the long putter. Both allow easy pendulum motions. Wouldn’t surprise me if this results in armlock being banned as it wasn’t until after Scott won the masters that the murmurs of banning long putters started before an eventual ban.
  8. Not a Rory fan and his comments came across as being a sore loser, but he makes one valid point for me. How is it we don’t allow people to use long putters and belly putters and anchor them, but it’s ok to anchor large parts of the grip against your arm to stabilise the stroke? For me you either allow all the options or none of them, be consistent.
  9. Play with what works for you mate. If it’s $12.50 a dozen balls fantastic. We are all different in how we swing, launch the ball and how much spin we generate. Come to think of it, when I’m golfing with anyone I don’t ask what ball they’re playing regardless of how well or badly they play. The only time I show any interest is when my dad tries a new ball as he hits it similarly to myself.
  10. Had my G25s six years, they’re a fantastic club. Just give him the G15s and then you have the most recent two left!
  11. I must be an odd one out here, as I found the Sim was no better than my M5. The Sim max was a different story however as it felt much more forgiving. I’ve hit my old mans Sim max (completely wrong shaft for me) and it goes as far as my M5 but dead straight every time. The M5/Sim I sometimes push ever so slightly. Just waiting for the inevitable price drop on Taylormade clubs now with the new stuff coming out next year. Then I’ll change.
  12. I guess it depends how different the clubs are in specs to your previous clubs. If your last set of clubs were stock and had more/less offset or bounce then it could take some time. My experience of correctly fitted clubs is they take a couple of weeks to get the distances dialled in as I find sometimes I’m looking for the ball with it being a new club.
  13. Ping G410s. They won out versus a whole load of other clubs in a custom fit last year for accuracy, consistency and distance gain. Considering my golfing time has reduced this last year with having a child, they’re keeping me honest and I’m not going up in handicap (touchwood).
  14. My current gamer (edit: didn’t realise signatures were off so it’s a t22 Newport). I’d sold my previous Newport 2 a few years back and was looking for a new club as an alternative to my fastback. Tried this and loved it, been putting lights out (under thirty putts a round) average ever since. i also agree with the earlier comment about putters. At my course I only need my driver 6/7 times so it makes sense to spend as much as necessary on a putter you feel happy and comfortable with.
  15. 50,56,60 for me. I’ve always played 56/60 even when I used pitching wedges at 48 degrees. Since I started using pw at 45 I’ve slotted a gap in at 50. All three fulfil very different roles in my bag and I’ve not had any success when trying 52/58 or 50/54/58
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