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  1. Thx. Interesting vid. And they do hit a lot of balls but at the same time, I realize that people react differently to drivers depending on their swing and swing issues. So while that vid is a research reference, and is interesting, it is just one piece of evidence, as you realize. TXG is also a great reference. Getting fit is the best reference. I also like going beyond the stock shafts at a demo. I love TPT Red shafts and my fitter will put different shafts in a head depending on several factors. The G425 will be great for peeps who did or did not use the G400 Max previously. I di
  2. Glad the EXS220 working out for you. There is another site that has more info on Tour Edge with several members using the driver. I play the EXS 220 in fairways and hybrids - I use aftermarket shafts as none of their shaft fit me. The hybrid heads are a little big but offer confidence and forgiveness as well as great ball speed as do the fairways. I rotate them with SIM Ti fwys and a 22 HY where I also changed the shafts.
  3. As to flex, I thought Callaway classified the Mavrik in the riptide as Light, Regular and Stiff. I demoed the Mavrik 5 wood in Riptide 60 R flex and it got up in the air easily. As to 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0, I think of 5.0 as a soft regular flex, 5.5 a regular and 6.0 as stiff. As to 5.0 or 5.5, depends on tempo and speed.
  4. They have a cavity back, v-sole, and spin. But tell us, OP, why do you think they work so well for you?
  5. Mizuno doesn't upcharge for raw - and they are wonderful
  6. Thx. And that makes sense. I can see them using the F Grind in the bunker. And everyone has a different short game. Maybe they don't open up around the green or or they do get a heel grind. It's all personal.
  7. I wondered about that same claim because it did not make sense other than the lower lofted Vokeys. But I had a Titleist grass/bunker wedge fitting 3 years ago and no one said anything about the F grind in 54-60. So I think it's more than plausible that the tour van may begin with an F and grinds it into whatever fits that Pro.
  8. You could go 50, 55, 60 - take a 56, bend it to 55. I've been doing that for years. I like the GW a little Closer to the PW.
  9. I like it - great ball speed and sound, forgiveness and that larger head gives you confidence. Just get the right shaft. I don't get along with their stock shafts so I go aftermarket.
  10. I have two brands, depending on the swing - TM and Tour Edge. TM is a smaller profile, TE is a mini-fairway look.
  11. LOL. maybe for your game. I like my G400 Max but I keep an open mind as to design changes and reasons. My instructor fits Pings and he said the new one goes a little straighter, a little farther for some people. I tried the 425. Nice driver with ear piercing sound. For me. I'd keep the 400 Max. With the highest MOI you generally have a slight trade off in ball speed, the driver head tends to be larger and one can lose club head speed. The drop may be minimal or the High MOI can make up for such drop with forgiveness. Depends on you, your speed and swing.
  12. Ping Fan Boys. Good for you but 85% of Fwy for you doesn't mean It gets that high percentage for all players, even pros. We all react differently to different designs. Not everyone prefers a BMW over a Mercedes. One just fits them better. Yes, MOI is not the be all, end all. Everything is a balance, even in drivers. Do a search if you want. That's why we have a choice of different designs. I played a G400 Max for over 3 yrs, still in the bag. But the two iterations afterwards have done nothing and in fact, sound is worse with the 425 - ear piercing. I'm moving on 'till
  13. Good question. But I think the question depends on who we are as a player and our speed. I don't look at pros that much as their game is, let's say, different. I have used a TEE EX10 Beta in 16.5 and 19 for 3 yrs - had enough separation with one inch between shaft length. Then I go 4H, 5-PW. Bought the TE EXS220 in 16.5 and 19 - easier launching. I also have the TEE 3h and 4h but I won't use both unless a par 3 calls for it or conditions say use the 3h, not the 4h that day. Did the same with a second set of fwy woods, SIM TI 3 and 5wd with aftermarket shafts
  14. SwingMan

    4 wood

    Rogue is fairly low spin, not that easy to launch for many but your mileage will vary. I prefer the Mavrik having bought the 5 wd, which launched high with. the Riptide. Returned it because I wanted to try the SIM Ti, which I tried due to fact I haven't bought anything TM in about 8 yrs and heard good things about it. Matched with the right shaft, a SIM Ti 15 set at 16 is also a hot stick. The TE EXS 220 16.4 is also an impressive launcher with the right shaft. Mavrik 4 wd should launch well, has good feel and it is AI designed.
  15. Not a shallow head. Looks good at address. Smaller than SIM 2 Max. Worth a shot to me. Sim 2 Ti may work, too. Smaller head this year. https://mizunogolf.com/us/golf-clubs/st-series/st-z-fwoods/
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