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  1. I would change the shaft on the 921F to something with more spin and/or the golf ball - ChromeSoft or Prov1x
  2. I like my two highest lofted to be the same as they are my specialty wedges - those with a particular grind - lofts are anywhere from a 53-59. My 48-50 tend to run out too much so my use around the green with them is limited. I can use a specialty wedge or a gap from my iron set.
  3. I find it fairly forgiving and as long as the JPX921F. Great set.
  4. Honma TR20P or TR20 V, B Mixed set.
  5. I just ordered some TR21X in 5-11 in Mitsu MMT 80 - I want a more forgiving set at times, and I won a set of the next generation of MP-22 which I should be fit for and have by end of summer.This gives me the freedom to get something a little more demanding in the Mizuno.
  6. Yes - move up a flex and/or get re-shafted
  7. Actually, the Mizuno MP-20 have a copper layer and are very sweet feeling.
  8. Please, I've owned 4 sets of Miuras and more than that in wedges. They are manufactured to exacting specs. Don't even try to lecture. lol. If you want to spend twice as much as other irons, great for you. They typically get excellent ball speed for the design But in most people's eyes, that's not value. Good luck with your Miuras. All I can tell you is that early Miura iron users (2000 to ?) complained mucho about the iron grinds. I recognize they were working on that aspect. I could do about anything with the Series 57 wedge grinds. And now they have milled wedge grooves instead of their stal
  9. I need more forgiveness now. More senior player. I am playing MP-20 HMB and Accra 95g shafts. I am looking forward to seeing the MP-22 HMBs. The copper layer of the HMB makes a difference in feel in my comparison of the HMB with the 921F. Just wish the heads were heavier. I also have an interest in Honma TR21X but need to see the offset, and the Apex Combo set. I do a lot of reading like everyone else but don't have time to try everything like some others. I'd love another set of Miuras but I don't see the value, which is subjective. If you've got the dough and time, I'd read a lot
  10. Short answer - if you are looking for value, no. If you are looking for better performance - no If you are looking for a unique feel - depends on what set you want. My experience with Miura goes back almost 20 yrs. The CB-201 had the feel of a very solid/dense iron - not soft like a Mizuno but more weighty/dense - it was like playing with a precise instrument. Some like it, others don't. Complaints dealt with turf interaction. I also played CB-301. I played their wedges, Personally, I'd go with modern irons filled with tech - Callaway Apex, Mizuno. Cobra, Honma - hollo
  11. I don't know what to tell you. They are all good drivers. For me, I pick about three to demo because there are too many - I've had success with Ping and Callaway and tend to stay there and find one other to demo.
  12. Attempting to wean from Max after 3.5 yrs... to Callaway Epic Speed or Max
  13. It's all in the eye of the beholder but I do not find the Epic Speed 7 wd to be large. Of course, if you want small, try a TEE hybrid - it's like a mini-fairway wood and with the right shaft, gets high, not 7 wd high but it's small.
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