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  1. It's either T22 or C-Grind Don't think the words on the hosel about the forging are infringing anything.
  2. But remember, this is a low spin driver, only offered in 9 degrees. I would get fit for shaft. Some may want a lighter weight, more mid kick instead of high kick, and some may opt for a higher launching, softer tip for more spin. Or if you hit down on driver and have too much spin, this is probably your ticket.
  3. I make the weight click twice.... but things happen. Probably more Titleist than Ping - the 425 in comparison, is not in the G220 league in sound. The Ping head also doesn't feel as if it goes through the air while swinging as easily as Callaway or the Mizuno, for example.
  4. Can't imagine it being over a grind. I did not see Edel suing everyone for taking grooves to the toe (as an example). They don't have anything in common. But if true, no more purchases of Srixon or Cleveland balls/equipment in the future. I will look elsewhere first.
  5. Glory is relative. And Mizuno USA is also a captive of HQ Japan.
  6. But that's what happens with mass produced clubs - you can't please all the people all the time.
  7. I have, rather had, a more shallow swing until recently and played on soil that is clay - very firm/hard conditions. The sole on the HMBs did not bother me. They are not that wide and being slightly wide with less bounce will help the glide of the irons so you don't lose as much - but I also thought the sole could be more forgiving. So I would like more bounce, less width. But instead, I am working to decrease my fatting tendencies. In softer conditions, when I was a recovering fat hitter, the JPX919 did not do well with turf interaction for me. Not enough bounce.
  8. Irons with thin soles and no bounce is no way to go through life. I don't know why they go less bounce but make it up with thicker soles with grinding to make effective bounce. It's a good question for Voshall at the next Mizuno Live.
  9. The HMB's were, from their inception, built around the concept of a long iron with forgiveness. In this iteration, we are told, that because the Fli-Hi driving iron was being introduced with the MP22 line, they decided to build a true iron line with the 225.
  10. I do have a question for members who are disturbed by a wider sole than anticipated. Mizuno, in the past, doesn't have a lot of bounce on their irons - they have not published bounce specs lately. When I look at a sole, before I criticize, I look at the bounce, any beveling of the leading edge and trailing edge relief. If you have little bounce, you generally need to find it elsewhere. A wider sole, in effect, gives you "effective bounce" and the leading edge and trailing edge relief lessens the "real" width of the sole. So the effective width may be less than you see and offer you more playability. I look at how the irons plays and what the designer is attempting to do.
  11. That is the 0521 - looks better than I thought it would. Brings back Newport 2 memories in terms of shape but that was 12 yrs ago. John likes the Chameleon finish - it looks refined, the top is not shining at you, and the sole has some sheen to make it look great. When you hold the putter, it just says "This is your putter." It feels good in the hand - every aspect of it was fit to you. The fitter knows your stroke, your tendencies, and built it for you.
  12. John called and I picked up two Artisans from my September 3 fitting. Both roll the same - same milling, toe hang, counterbalance, headweight, grip, loft, offset, shaft. The finish and model are the difference. We went to the putting green to check my stroke and he made some recommendations that worked. Feedback is good when it's from the guy who fit and made your putter. Satin finish on the blade style with mid-milling; Chameleon finish on the "#7" style, both at 340g and 35 inches, adjustable weights, similar "satin" shaft. Milling is responsive - not too soft or too harsh. The mid-mill is just right. Had a pro take the blade out of my hand and he could not stop talking about how much he liked the milling and the feel off the face.
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