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  1. Go to Preowned - like new and see if they have a shaft you like
  2. I'd consider 54-60 if you have hard and fast greens. I'm still enjoying the T20s after 6 months. I have a 48, 54 in M Grind (bent to 53) and a 58 in C Grind powered by the Nippon Pro Modus 3 Wedge 115 (122g). I find them versatile and easy out of tight lies and hard ground. I played a SM7 (Vokey Hand Grind Raw and then my instructor cut off more trailing edge for added relief) in 56 and 60 in D Grind previously. i may get an ES21 in 60 normal sole to what what it's about...
  3. Yes, it's tough out there. A lot depends on setup. I play tight lies, patchy and hard ground, but high bounce is used frequently by better players. In fact, Edel's Wedges are mostly high bounce with lots of relief. I have a 60-6 and a 58-12 in MP-T20. I've played SM7 in 60/12. Titleist Vokey Reps from SoCal were playing the same wedge. I play in N Texas, known for tight lies and hard ground, and also those patchy lies. I prefer the 58-12 as it allows me to get away with a few things. Heck Phil M also uses a higher bounce wedge as do other pros. I've used
  4. Bounce is your friend. Even Tiger and Jason Day said most of us should use 10-12 bounce in their higher lofted wedges.
  5. No. The highest I've found useful in the summer on baked greens is a 62, and even then, I rarely put it in the bag. I prefer a great high premium urethane ball and finding a 58-60 with the correct grind, which would be 10-12 bounce, heel and toe and trailing edge relief for me, allowing me to get very creative. I work on technique, and for me, that make me a better all around player. I use Phil technique, James Sieckmann technique, some Stan Utley - it all depends on the shot. I use Phil on really short chips where I need lots of spin. I find it fun.
  6. Mizuno said they were not making the 3i because no one on Tour is using it as stated above. The 3i in the Tour apparentely lacks marketability/sales. I'd take a cue from the Tour and try an HMB in that spot. But that's just me if I had speed. I'm trying to decide whether I have enough speed for a HMB 4i. Will do so after I get the 5-PW.
  7. Traditionally, Mizuno iron length is a bit shorter than other OEM's. Over the last cycles, they've matched other OEMS with a 38 inch 5 iron without grip. The grip cap ads 1/4 inch and you do not count the grip cap. Ironically, some OEMs have now increased length in the longer irons beyond Mizuno's specs.
  8. As my swing gets better, I am going backwards - dropped the 6H 3 yrs ago, dropped the 5H this year, seeing if I can swing a 4i and go to a 3H. Bag starts out Driver, 16.5, 5 wood or 19Hy or both then 5-PW ...
  9. Supposedly GP has a new rubber compound - clubmaker had the new MCC and the material did feel better - slightly softer/tackier.
  10. I've played MCC+4 for a couple of years. They get slick too fast even if you clean them frequently. I am going MCC this time but in my experience, Lamkins last longer - that looks like a solid grip.
  11. Well, heck, went to get fitted for a JPX 921 iron and ended up with a club not on my radar, the MP-20 HMB in Accra ICWT 95. I did try the 921F but for me, the dispersion and spin were better with HMB.
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