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  1. My tendency is to lift the putter on the backswing and in turn have a more descending attack angle. Anyone else who suffers from this found a specific putter design or length/lie tweak (or stroke tip for that matter) that helps keep it low on the takeaway?
  2. 1. City and State? Los Angeles, CA 2. Handicap? 6 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX-5 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 4. Current Iron setup? Srixon z545/745 combo set w modus 120 stiff 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? Looks like my 7 series but with a skosh more forgiveness 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes. Can test both outdoors and indoors on track man and on the course
  3. The txg guys did an interesting video on this (p770 vs p790) and with the lofts equalized the heads had identical spin rates...both fairly low unfortunately
  4. Love the forgiveness but hate the low spin. Seems like all the newer more forgiving irons (apex cf, p790/770, jpx forged, i500 etc etc) are all distance rockets. Are there any larger and more forgiving heads that don’t have the hot face technology?
  5. I’ve pretty much always been D2. Typically stiff shafts in the 115/120g range. Recently played a round with my buddies x forged w/PXI 5.5 D2 SW. Loved the feel just know I needed the 6.0s as the 5.5s spun a bit too much and the miss would be too far left when I went after one. So...I built a set of ap2s with pxi 6.0 D2 swing weight and we’re not getting along at all. Trouble feeling where the club is in backswing and transition. Numbers are great on well struck shots just not finding the middle as much. So my question is...in a situation like this should I be building them heavier like D5/D6 to regain some feel? Or is it just a bad shaft for me and find something else that works well at my normal D2
  6. I stuffed the head with some poly foam and it really muted the sound nicely. Now I get a nice thwack without the hollow sounding ping. It definitely adds some weight so it’s good if you have any inclination to shortening the shaft length a little (or put a lighter weight in the back)
  7. This thing keeps finding its way back in my bag. I’m a 5/6 HC I carry the ball about 260-270. Is there anything more forgiving that still keeps spin relatively low? smash factor seems consistently higher then anything else I’ve tried. Sure...you dont get the occasional low spin bomb like you do from a TM sim but short of that, what’s come out in the past few yrs that rivals it? Maybe the Tsi or the new g425 max? Only downside for me is it’s a little large looking down at address so doesn’t feel like it’s fast...
  8. If you pick a spot in front of the ball to aim, then you align the face to that spot, would make sense that some people (mainly left eye dominant) have trouble aiming irons with more offset. if your more right eye dominant and don’t mind offset in a putter, then you won’t struggle with clubs that are more offset. If your aim is off then your swing will be off.
  9. Been in modus 130s for a while and have had success with them. Great combo of smooth feel with softer tip section. It says they’re for late release but they work really well for my mid release. Anyways looking for something 5-10g lighter. 130s are a heavy feeling 123g. Any thoughts?
  10. My favorite putter of all time is the white hot #2 (strickers putter). Are there any other putters that use the same short goose neck? Looking for something that’s slightly more forgiving but this is the perfect amount of offset. Tried slant necks and flow necks but it’s just not the same
  11. Need ur help guys. I’ve been playing 2013 x forged irons shafted with PXI 5.5s and they really have the perfect weight, balance and most important create such great timing in my swing. Tend to hit it in the middle more then with almost any shaft/iron combo I’ve tried. I don’t want to take this set apart, but it’s time to move on to a newer slightly more forgiving CB and I’m wondering what shaft is the best comparison (in flex, profile and weight) to the pxi 5.5. There’s a bunch of pxi 6.0/6.5 on eBay, but no 5.5s. I tried the pxi 6.0s and even though you’d they should be a better fit for my swing speed (83-87mph 6i), something about the combo of a lighter weight stiffer shaft works terrible for me and I can’t feel the club throughout the swing. thoughts on things I should try? thx m
  12. I can revisit. Gamed them when they initially came out but sold them soon thereafter. Remember then being super long at times. Should be an i500 update coming out soon
  13. I like the i210s but looking for something a bit chunkier. i500 have a longer blade length that doesn’t suit me.
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