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  1. Personally I think 770's look amazing. I was going keep playing my pxg or cally 21 cb x forged. Then the new 790's came out looking like the 770....so I couldn't resist. I'm swinging the 790 & they've been extremely nice to me so far.
  2. I would possibly be interest in the velo shaft if someone wants the head.
  3. I purchased a 4 iron direct from taylormade the day before I saw this ad. My timing was horrible
  4. Would trade for 2021 P790 or maybe a callaway epic speed triple diamond 9* or 21 callaway UW 17*.
  5. Bought here on the BST with minimal play. Since purchased I used these for 3 rounds. 1 small range bucket. Only using 6, 8 , 9 irons at range for warm up. 105 TX MMT shafts, look to be 1/4" or so longer than Standard. Lofts & lie appear standard. New lamkin sonar grips Super clean set with next to no bag chatter. CON US only please. May be willing to separate heads &, shafts if buyer for both. Let's start at : $790 shipped OBRO Send offers. Worst case I decline. No harm no foul
  6. The above &/or Too much epoxy could be culprit. Or your guy is continually mashing heel side of club head
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