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  1. The above &/or Too much epoxy could be culprit. Or your guy is continually mashing heel side of club head
  2. Looking for the 2021 gap wedge. As clean as I can find . head only or shafted.
  3. Looking for a Toulon atlanta stroke lab . 34 - 35" with stock oversize grip. Must include headcover. In great condition please
  4. I've reshafted my 0211 with 355 taper tip. They're 370 hosel. Golfworks has a ferrule that comes with a little plastic "cup" that goes on the tip of the shaft. The " cup" acts as the shim. The ferrule used with the cup center the shaft perfectly. Ferrule OD will need a little turning after install.
  5. I've Got a few clubs up. Older models. No trades. Con US only TM super fast tp 8* some imperfections. Small dent bottom of club. Cannot be seen at address. Plays 45.25" New Aldila rogue elite green 55g stiff, tipped 1/2." - $110 OBRO Cobra Biocell with Even flow black. Plays 45", Matching head cover. No wrench. Very clean - $135 Callaway steelhead xr 4 hybrid. New & Rare matrix altus white stiff flex. Head cover included. New GPride grip. Bought New by myself. Only used 3 rounds, no range time. - $110 TM rescue #3 with fit on max shaft. Cl
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