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  1. Queensbury NY 8.3 hdcp G425 max W/tour ad iz Would love see how driver stacks up against the " big dogs" . absolutely loved my beta tour from way back. This driver has my attention. Season is open here, and I'm ready to play. Would definitely contribute to any reviews
  2. Everything is behind cuz nobody working in shipping yards due to covid.
  3. I like it just fine. The LS is a very nice club, & feels great at contact. But I was recently fitted into a different club. And I prefer a matte finish. So I'm going that route.
  4. New season, time for new gear. CON US only, lower 48. Prices shipped USPS & are OBRO. I am not looking for trades as I am trying to thin down the herd. Velocore blue 6X built by will peoples. Original owner, bought end of last season. Hardly used, pristine condition. MCC +4 grey/blk grip. Ping G410 adaptor, plays 45.25 installed. Shaft measures 4" from tip to E in Velocore. Which I have read means it has NOT been tipped any - $225 - SOLD Ping G410 LST 9* head only. Original owner, comes with extra weights, 2 matching headcover, wrench. I let a friend's
  5. Crazy with shipping on these. Hybrid is being delivered today. Balls are on the way. Still waiting driver that ordered 2/5
  6. My faith in callaway is draining fast. Potential ship dates have changed a 3rd time. Callaway is all over the map
  7. It's definitely strange with callaway shipping these days. I bought 3 doz balls, apex hybrid, & epic LS. All 3 keep having the ship dates moved. The balls & hybrid keep getting pushed back, yet the driver moved up. Max went from mid April to now mid March. Everything else was supposed to ship last week. Now saying next week. With all the snow up here I really don't care. But it does make you wonder why the dates keep changing.
  8. I hit both. Epic LS was longer overall distance for me. But the G425 felt way better at contact. And is considerably easier to turn over than the EPIC. Both clubs look great behind the ball at address.
  9. Hit the Max with smoke im60 stiff & it was right on par with the Sim2 with Kuro Kage stiff 60. Also hit the Max LS with MMT60 & I could not hit that set up for the life of me. Switched to the Max LS with 70g X and it was carrying further than all the other drivers 10yrds. I also hit G425 with 60g Alta stiff. It was right there with everything else. The Ping felt best followed by Sim2. Max LS was longest. And all 3 clubs are just beautiful. Max LS behind the ball is just gorgeous. I don't know how anybody could choose.
  10. I hit the 9* Sim2 with stock Kuro 60g stiff yesterday & was extremely impressed with the feel of driver. Hit soft little fades to dead straight with it. 95- 100 mph swings, as I was wearing winter boots. It was just such a nice soft feel. The exact same review with G425 stock stiff Alta 9*. These 2 drivers were almost the same. Performance the same, with the ping having just a slightly softer feel. The ONLY difference I experienced between the 2 was sound. I also hit the 9* Epic Max with 60g stiff MMT. I COULD NOT HIT THAT DRIVER! IT WAS WAY TOO LIGHT! I switched to the EPIC max LS with
  11. When I used the evenflow black X stiff , I would little fades too. Might just be the shaft.
  12. Seems everything New callaway has coming out is delayed. I ordered the 21 Apex 4 h with evenflow black, & that is 4 weeks out. 3 doz of the New super soft & also 3-4 weeks out.
  13. I ordered the smoke black stiff with mcc+4. I wanted to try the black rdx but was worried I wouldn't be man enough for it.
  14. I had original Epic when came out. Which is why ordered New version. Hit some of the longest drives of my life with it. Still game the og epic 5 wood. Love that club
  15. Could be worse. Mine is not expected until mid April. Which is No big deal being here in the northeast. I Bought this on a whim cuz I had Callaway credit. It's going have to be a hell of a driver to kick my M6 or G410 out of bag. Probably end up on the bst
  16. I just spoke with callaway about availability of the counterbalanced low spin Im 2 days ago. They offer the mid launch version as of now. The CB " could become available at a later date, but not a guarantee"
  17. I have a G410 LST. With Ventus blue 6X. Would like to see a CB version. I my drivers @ D5 - D8 @ 45.25" however I'd like try it at longer lengths. Maybe 46" & keep it at D3 - D5.
  18. I think the blue 6S is still softer than ADDI. But that's me.
  19. I disagree with some of this. For me the blue 6S was a hook machine. It felt like a noodle to me. A tipped blue 6X is far more stout than the 6S. I just did a compare of the blue 6X vs HZRDUS yellow 5.5 & 60 both 60g version. & all 3 shafts gave me similar numbers. Blue 6X was the easiest to draw in my G410LST. All swingweights @ D5 , same playing length, adjustable head weight set neutral.
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