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  1. I'm selling a used set of Nippon NS PRO MODUS 3 TOUR 105 steel shafts .370 in stiff flex. What is general standardized raw cut length they should be to be categorized as "Standard" Length. The set is 4-PW (7 shafts) Any input is appreciated.
  2. I am re-shafting a set of PXG Gen 2 irons and came across a small area at the bottom of the hosel close to the heel of the iron. There is a "ledge" before that open space that the tip of the shaft butts up against. It seems to be some kind of weighting port maybe used to add swing weight to the club. The space is around 1/4". I have re-shafted a PXG Gen 3 iron and it did not have that extra space. Would there be any advantage to grinding down the diameter of the tip of the shaft to fit in this space? If nothing else, it would lower the shaft more into the hosel making it more like a Callaway bore-thru shaft configuration.
  3. Is there any basic formula for distance gained by lengthening the golf shaft on an iron. My PXG Gen 2 7 iron is slightly under standard (37 inches). I want to increase it slightly to 37 1/2 inches. I know the swing weight will go up but any chance of gaining distance?
  4. When building clubs and making the final cut to obtain the proper length, do you compensate for the 1/8 - 1/4 inch additional length the grip adds to the total length of the club or do you cut the shaft to the desired length without taking into consideration the additional length the grip adds?
  5. I am going to be re-shafting a set of PXG GEN3 irons with KBS TGI graphite shafts. I am going to have to do tip trimming as per the instructions. If the swing weight of heads come out too light and I need to add weights, will the length of the weight sticking out of the shaft tip mess up the proper trim length? Do I have to compensate by trimming the end of the shaft the thickness of the weight?
  6. Are there any visual ways to spot counterfeit PXG irons sold on eBay? I recently purchased a set of Gen 3 0311XP irons on eBay. I am traveling now so I haven’t seen them yet except for pictures. My buddy did some research and said one way to tell is looking at the “GEN 3 Forged” engraved on the hosel. The words are italicized on the real PXG heads. Does anyone have knowledge about this or any others ways to spot a fake/counterfeit set of PXG irons?
  7. I purchased a set of used PXG Gen3 0311XP irons with Nippon Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 steel shafts. I am going to re-shaft the irons with KBS TGI 70 graphite shafts. I'm not sure if PXG uses different weighted heads for steel vs graphite shafts. I generally like a lighter swing weight, maybe around C8-D0. Are lighter heads used when assembling the set with a steel shaft? Any input would be appreciated.
  8. I actually just got them. Here is the area that I mean. Sorry for the upside down photo
  9. I just received a pair of Puma ignite Proadapt golf shoes from The Golf Warehouse. They are the 2019 model on sale for $129.00, originally $249. First off I noticed a little corrosion on the shoelace eyelet. No big deal, but strange. They run very big so I ordered a size 10. I usually take an 11 in Adidas or similar. I tried one of the shoes on and must say, they were very comfortable. I notices a lot of wrinkling around the area where the shoe normally bends when you walk, slightly forward from mid foot. Although this is a normal wear area, it was bad when I took the shoe off after literally taking less than 20 steps in the house. I really like the look and comfort of this shoe but it does not appear they will hold up for too long. If anyone else has this model, have you noticed excessive wear as I am describing?
  10. I am installing a KBS PGI shaft in a PXG 3-iron head. Golfworks guide says a graphite length should be 39.5". I assume that is measured by grounding the club on a hard surface at the lie angle of the club and using a tape measure, measure from the floor up to the butt end of the shaft without a grip. 39.5 inches seems too long. I measured my 4 iron and it came to around 38.5 inches with the grip. Any advise? Thank you.
  11. Just purchased a PXG Gen 1 3-iron head. Does it use a tapered or parallel shaft? Thank you
  12. My go to set of irons are/were Titleist C16's. Between distance and feel, I thought the C16's were going to stay in my bag for a long time. Taking advantage of the PXG sale, I purchased a set of 0311P Gen 2 irons 4-PW and 50deg. forged Gap wedge. Incredible sale and very little downside if I didn't like them with their 30 day return policy. I went with the stock Mitsubishi graphite shafts in a regular flex. I measured 2 degree upright which was incorporated into the build. My first round playing with them was very positive. I had 3 or 4 shots into the green leaving me with short birdie putts. Obviously, my performance on that day could have been chalked up to just being on that round. Since then I have played 4-5 rounds with thePXG's and have found them to be very accurate. More so than my Titleist C16's. The lofts are stronger on my C16's so I am about 1/2-1 club shorter with my PXG's. Other than a macho guys thing, I totally accepted the slight distance decrease in the PXG's. Swing weight of the PXG's are around a C9. This plays into my game because I tend to have better rhythm swinging lighter irons. My driver speed is around 95MPH and my 7 iron carry distance is 150 with the PXG's. At the price PXG is selling the 0311P Gen 2 irons at, I would highly recommend them. Not to say that they aren't good if paying full price. I was talking to the head pro at the club where I belong about the clubs. He has had in-depth discussions with PXG club fitters and staff and was very positive about the design that goes into PXG clubs. Let's face it, I am not a pro but I am a slightly above average golfer playing to a 10 handicap. I have switched irons more times than I can count. The feel and accuracy of the PXG's are really to my liking. If I continue to get the positive results I have gotten thus far with the PXG's, they will be in my bag for some time to come. As a side note, I am a club demo junkie and can honestly say, the PXG 0311P Gen 2 irons are the best I have hit. At $89/ club, you cannot find a less expensive set of premium irons. I have no affiliation with PXG and am not getting any sort of compensation. I just have had some very positive results from their irons and would like to see other fellow golfers do well!
  13. I just received a PXG 0311 forged 50 degree wedge. I had a credit from PXG so I added this to my 0311 Gen 2 P iron set. I needed a Gap wedge to cover the distance between my PW and 54 degree wedge. Have not hit it yet so I will be off to the range to get an idea of distance. Does anyone else use this wedge? If so, what are your thoughts? Thanks!
  14. I assume the 2020 TP5X balls are the same model/design as the 2019. Is that correct? Thanks
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