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  1. The heads look like they are in great condition. I bought a set a couple of months ago. The best irons I have owned. I find them to be much better than the PXG Gen 3 Players model I returned. You priced them right. They should sell quickly.
  2. UPDATE, I just went on the PXG website and saw they are not offering the Gen 2 irons at all. Maybe they are sold out. Not Surprised!
  3. I didn't think there was as much difference as some have said. Both felt great, maybe to a fault. I purchased a set of Gen 3 (which I returned) and sometimes experienced a "false positive" feel during ball strike. I'll hit a shot that felt like I nailed it, only to find it coming up short. In my opinion, the sweet spot of PXG irons is definitely bigger, but more in feel over performance. That being said, had I not purchased a set of used Titleist C16 irons, I would have hoped all over the the PXG Gen 2 deal they are offering. I LOVE the looks of that model. Customer service of PXG is great!
  4. I received an email from PXG advertising a sale. The Gen 3 irons went down to around $340/club, a nice savings but the Gen 2's are selling for $140/club. A set of 8 Gen 2 irons is $1,120. A great price if you want the PXG experience. Personally, I like the Gen 2 looks better and when Demo'ing the Gen 2 and 3, I didn't notice much of a performance difference. 30 day return policy with a 10% restocking fee. Worth a try IMO.
  5. I would save yourself time and money and use a shaft extender for graphite shafts, especially if you like the present shaft.
  6. I know this subject has been documented and addressed many times but I want to add a tidbit. I was checking the swing weight on a club I'm assembling to check if any weight was needed to the shaft tip before gluing. My technique is as follows; I measured the swing weight by having the head and ferrule in place but not glued. I take the grip I want to use and attach it to the butt end of the club with a small rubber band. I then place the butt end of the shaft in the weight scale in a way that the bare butt end of the club is about 1/4" from the end of the scale to compensate for the thickness
  7. Brampton it is! I ordered some today. Thank you all for your input! NOW, if someone can give me a good technique of sanding the hosel end of the ferrule that's slightly larger in diameter than the hosel of the club. It is a tapered iron and shaft. I don't want to invest in the belt sander that is used with a felt sanding belt. I did see a video of the manual technique where you use a thin piece of 150 grit sand paper or similar. Using a shoe polishing technique, gently sand around the ferrule till it's very close to the hosel diameter. It is then finished with acetone. Obviously, the graphite
  8. I need to purchase a new supply of epoxy glue for club making. My go to product was a quick set two part epoxy from Locite. I still have a good amount left but it is a few years old. I read a post saying not to use old epoxy. Any particular brands I should get? I am looking for a product with good strength. Fast drying time is not as important. Thank you!
  9. Thank you all for your good insight. I did end up going with the same type of shaft I use in my other irons. I should receive and install it next week. Unfortunately with the CoronaVirus putting a halt to most activities, I'll have to wait some time before I can play. Be safe and Stay well!
  10. I recently purchased a Titleist C16 "W" wedge (just the head) from a WRX forum member. I was wondering if a specific wedge shaft should be used. I know a wedge shaft is a heavier weight and stiffer. When Titleist, Callaway, Taylor etc, manufacture iron sets, does the pitching wedge and Gap wedge contain this type of graphite shaft? I know the Kuro Kage factory graphite shaft that Titleist was using in the C16 irons have ascending weighting becoming heavier in the higher lofted irons. I have a Recoil 95 shaft that I used in a Callaway 56 degree wedge that I was thinking of using in the C16 W
  11. An oldie but goodie is the Ping ISI Tec Titanium 3-Wood. I never had much confidence with a 3-wood in hand but the deeper face design of the ISI has Tec has was a real confidence builder. If you cannot find one, private message me. I still may have one.
  12. Valid points WristySwing and especially ProphetLogic! I did try calling Mitsubishi but was after hours. Will try again. To be completely fair to True Spec, as stated in my original post, the club assembly was excellent. Swing weights throughout the set was spot on.
  13. Wow, all I wanted from True Spec are the characteristics of one of their proprietary shafts they used in a set of clubs they made. An easy answer to a question. I didn't ask for specific spec's on the clubs. Even without a serial number, or customers name, this is a basic question. Just asking general information.
  14. The exerpt below was from my initial post about this subject. I called True Spec golf just to get the characteristics of the shafts that were used. I find it silly that someone in the company could not share that information. I asked a very basic question and don't think it was off base, difficult to answer, or required renumeration. I'm not sure why I'm getting all of the negative comments. "I recently purchased a set of Titleist C-16 irons from Global Golf on Ebay. When they arrived I was astonished about the great, like new condition they were in. The clubs were assembled by True Spec
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