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  1. It’s also weird seeing him wearing adidas. I guess Nike can’t sag anything either since it’s not PGA sanctioned golf. I see his pants are adidas so assume the shirt too
  2. I use biosteel and eat peanuts or pretzels
  3. Do you wipe off your putter after you use it every time on the greens? Seems like the rusting is outrageous and I’ve only used Bettinardi putters and never seen one that bad.
  4. Mine arrived too. Already got a few rounds and they feel so good. I think they are better than the previous versions that i had. 50 bent to 49 60 bent to 59
  5. He better have gotten paid more than what a usual caddie got from a top player.
  6. Yes. If you look at the inside of your head, you’ll see the white spacer
  7. Did you accidentally lose the rubber spacer between the head and the adapter? There is a small white rubber spacer if you weren’t aware. Hopefully it didn’t fall out.
  8. Who’s planning on going to the BMW championship on Saturday or Sunday?
  9. Correct. I’m sure that will take away from his practice time also.
  10. I heard KBS steel shafts are going to be delayed also for the remainder of the year.
  11. Wasn’t selected.
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