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  1. For me I’ve been playing with a mask on the entire year. Doesn’t bother me one bit to have it on. I pull it down to drink and eat snacks. I also wipe down the golf cart when I take one. No one in my general group plays with a mask on except for my one buddy but he’s high risk so he does. I still make sure not to get within 6 feet of people.
  2. We’re doing own household for thanksgiving too. Not risky anything since my MIL lives with us and she’s the risky group with existing issues.
  3. gsrjc

    Matching Wedges

    I got fitted at club champion.
  4. I feel like I don’t need to rotate my hands any. So my chipping motion is like Jason Day. Straight back and through so very little hinging for me.
  5. gsrjc

    Matching Wedges

    Nope. I play mizuno irons and edel wedges.
  6. Check out gripmasters or bestgrips online.
  7. Gripmasters has good putter grips and so does best grips.
  8. I have a LA Golf shaft in my Bettinardi HIVE skulls and bones BB8
  9. Note I’ve seen Nick had to correct issues with builds from the Golf Doctor. Just adding what I’ve heard and seen.
  10. Will do buddy. I’ll do some videos as I’m really interested in seeing how much it is like swinging a fishing pole.
  11. I’ve been fit by Nick and CC and I would recommend him as well. As for Jim, he was let go for reasons that we don’t need to specifically get into except that when you’re at a small shop like CC you have to pretty work on all aspects like returning phone calls, doing the transactions for sales, clean up the store, put back equipment, ready the bays for the next person, sending out Trackman info to customers after the fitting, etc. At 2nd swing there are more staff so all a fitter needs to do is fit. Nothing else. For me I’m comfortable with Nick so I don’t go anywhere else. Going to see him in
  12. I game my custom hive putter that came from the vault. Skull and bones bb8
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