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  1. Always pure pro grips logo down.
  2. Stop hitting on the mat and hit off grass. The mat can make you hit it fat. It happened to me because of how much forgiveness it can give depending on the mat. I have fiberbuilt one that’s 10x10 with putting holes and I did the same. Practiced all over the winter and then went to grass to test the swing. Fat city. Now I only use my mat to video tape me and doing some minor hitting.
  3. Up and down to protect my left shoulder because when I did around the body I tended to overswing and would put strain on my left shoulder. Now it doesn’t do that.
  4. I have new ones from this year. Heavy duty Velcro
  5. LOL. Guess they don’t care about updating their website. I know it had been down for a while during COVID
  6. Go see Nick at the Rockville store. He’ll take care of you dude.
  7. I got fitted a club champion that my friend manages. This is one site that I found online but interestingly the LA golf website has no mention of them. I can’t tell if the iron shafts are new or not. https://www.truefitclubs.com/la-golf-tour-axs-blue-105-iron.html
  8. The wedge shafts were what I had before with my steelfiber I95s but I will say I have already decided to go with the AXS blue 105S in my 49 degree and take my Modus 115 and put it in my 54 degree and then take my 54 degree Modus 125 and put it in my 59 degree. The ZX7 setup with the AXS ended up being 1/4 inches longer than my current setup so I wanted to make the lengths of my wedges comparable to the AXS.
  9. Modus 115 in 49 degree and modus 125 in 54 and 59 degree.
  10. Gave up on my testing of my 505 with a epic flash SZ. Couldn’t get the spin down even after removing all the weights.
  11. Just got fitted for the ZX7. Thought about a combo set but the ZX5 launched too high and also too much spin for me. Weird considering I play a combo set in MP18 MMC and HMB.
  12. Just got fitted for the 105S in blue. Feels great matched with ZX7 irons. I currently play Steelfiber I95s in MP18 MMC and I will say the comparisons are close. I also tried the I95s in the ZX7. Distance for both shafts in the ZX7 were identical. The only difference I saw was dispersion. The i95S play about a 5-7 yard fade while the 105S is a straight ball. Very tight dispersion. All this tested on Trackman 4. Excited to get my new set of ZX7 with the 105S. I did even try the i110R and they felt good but I had to work harder due to the weight and I didn’t want that. My 6 iron swing s
  13. My buddy runs a club champion and I trust him so I’ll go that route again and take some wedges to the grass and try. I’ll be curious how he gets trained from Edel though.
  14. May need to replace my current Edel. I wonder how they will train folks about the weights. I haven’t read anything about it and how it works.
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