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  1. One could be standing too far away from the ball and goat humping
  2. Didn’t think there was another place that did the same as club champion with regards to costs of items as most people are always complaining about club champion. This is interesting to hear about cool clubs so how come people go to these types of places if people are able to get the same components for cheaper. I don’t get it.
  3. Not a M2 but I’m still rolling my M3 440 with a graphite design VR.
  4. I had the G425 Max and just never liked it. About 10 yards shorter than other drivers but dispersion was slightly better.
  5. I use the same LA golf graphite shaft but my 54 and 59 degree are modus 115.
  6. No. I use the PW that came with my Srixon ZX7 set and bent it to 45 degrees.
  7. gsrjc

    CJ Cup 2021

    His swing still looks so flat and I always thought that was an issue people noted.
  8. Great timing dude. I used to play RDX smoke in my M3 430 and just switched to the Graphite Design AD VR shaft and it’s awesome. I get slightly lower launch and my misses are less. I would recommend that shaft.
  9. That doesn’t look good at all.
  10. So if I don’t clean my ball completely when I putt, it could affect the roll also?
  11. Working on his girlfriend. Lol. He should take time off and enjoy that.
  12. I read they are the same just depends on if you get the gold package on the bushnell for 5 years which then equals the price of the GC3 up front.
  13. That launch angle is crazy low for a 7 iron.
  14. Do we not think the Euros will do the same thing in Rome. Come on.
  15. Toast. Sausage. Oatmeal. Electrolyte drink. During the round, peanuts or pretzels and at least 2 liters of electrolyte drink. I sweat big time in the summer and sometimes need 3L.
  16. I’m sure you’d be fine. I was saying that in the past I had issues hitting fat and this new version has prevented me from doing that. Of course if I’m not paying attention I can hit it fat but very little now.
  17. Thanks dude. Yeah enjoying them a ton. I’ve gotten so much confidence with them now and with different shots round the greens it’s changed how I approach par 5s where I don’t lay up to 100 yards in anymore. I’ll pull my 4 wood and not worry about a short wedge shot in.
  18. I use Pure pro grips and they are tacky and good for sweaty hands. I do have a best grip putter grip.
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