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  1. El primero with a custom metal band.
  2. Contact bettinardi and perhaps they have something in their hive vault
  3. I got those Eddie Bauer pro lined pants after your recommendation and they are great. Will look into this vest now too.
  4. Seems like good deal since CPO on foresight for the same thing is $8400 and that includes the GC2 system and the software. I’m interested but be curious how come you didn’t sell back to foresight since you got the GCQuad. Also curious how the salesman would give a discount on the software. I’ve asked and that wasn’t possible.
  5. Crazy. Hope he recovers accordingly and all these surgeries don’t affect him when he’s 60 or 70.
  6. Watching now and it sucks. Proceeded to change the channel.
  7. Okay. Good to know. Might try out it out and see what numbers I get. Thanks.
  8. I play SF i95 stiff. What advantages would MMT have over them?
  9. I was able to swing my 3 wood choked down about 2 inches with no problems. I don’t want to be like Rick Shiels who I heard broke his driver in his indoor sim at his house.
  10. gsrjc

    VA Nemesys

    Great. It was a very good hitting year with the that combo of shaft and epic flash sub zero. Never hit anything better for me and didn’t have much experience with counter weighting until I got it last year.
  11. I’ll play whatever works for me and helps me with distance and dispersion.
  12. City. Is this the place? https://www.ekibenbaltimore.com
  13. Played with Tom a few times in the past 2 years and he was always a great guy and friendly. He was always one of the first ones that would say hello at HIVE events. Sad day and condolences to his family.
  14. gsrjc

    Morning Drive?

    So what is she referring to? The podcast doesn’t go into specifics?
  15. I have about 6-7 feet from ball to the net and then about 6-8 feet behind the ball.
  16. I would have figured cutting the shafts 5” shorter would make them play very stiff so surprised with the results and how he was able to get a D2 head weight. Still interesting results though.
  17. I used to play them before switching to steel fiber i95s. I thought the nippon were great and felt better than kbs or dynamic golf. Dispersion was good for me and distance was good. Hit my 7 iron 160.
  18. The price of the standard equipment is the same as a big box unless you find more exotic shafts that work for your swing. That’s where CC is different because they can see what equipment works for your swing. My recommendation would be to try all that you want and be up front with the fitter if price is an issue. Then they won’t have you try the really expensive shafts.
  19. Is that Bryson’s house? Seems like a scene from Animal House and a butch of college dudes hanging out.
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