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  1. I added an Epic Max 5W this year and it's one of my favorite clubs. I have the heavier weight in the front, and with the longer shaft my distance is better than the hybrid. Great off the tee as well.
  2. Mine works the same as off the ground, and I try to tee it just about that low. But Mine is a 21 degree. I have an 18 degree 5W for longer shots.
  3. I just added the Epic Max 5 wood and have the heavier weight in the front. It goes a mile. Love it.
  4. I rarely hit a full shot with a wedge. I have a 1/2 and 3/4 swing that are pretty dependable, so I don't use just one club for these shots. I pick the club that has the closest match to the yardage with one of those two swings.
  5. Good choice. I am looking in the same area of the bag and I have recently read multiple fitting stories that compare 3W distance to 5W distance. Hitting a group of shots (5-10) and comparing the averages, everyone hit the 5 further than the 3 except low single digit handicaps. While everyone had a couple of 3W shots that went further, they also had a poor shot mixed in, which generally didn't appear with the easier to hit 5W.
  6. I'm 70 this fall. I've been pushing a cart for many years (unless the hills are too scary) and last season I went with a 2.5 lb carry bag and a half set. I ended up a couple of strokes better than with the whole set. Rogue Driver (which I expect to replace this year). Rogue 5 hybrid Rogue X irons: 7,9, GW and a 52 degree Mack Daddy wedge Spyder putter I need to add a club between the driver and hybrid (3H, 5W, 7W?). I think your comfort level is most important. For a while I carried the 4 H instead of the 5, but I found it too difficult to throttle back for 165 yard shots. My 5H averages 180, so anything longer than that is obviously a problem - but so is weight. I usually play the senior tees and want to add one more club for par 5's and the occasional tee shot.
  7. In my full set I have 5 wedges, but the Rogue X PW is more like a 9 iron. 41, 46, 52, 56, 60. But all last year I carried a half set with only the 46 and 52. I have no trouble opening up the 52 around the green and rarely missed the 60. And I shot a couple of strokes better than with the full set 90% of the time. For me it depends on how far I usually find myself from the green and comfort level with the open face.
  8. My full set includes PW, AW from Rogue X set, plus 52 & 56 Mack Daddy. I gave up on the 58 degree, it was either great or considerably less than great. This year I switched to a light carry bag and half a set. I'm using the AW (46) and the 52. I may think about a 54 instead of the 52, but I'm having no problem hitting it wide open. Better scores with the half set.
  9. ECCO are the only shoes I've found that really fit me. My feet are too wide for mediums and too narrow for wides - so I often have the choice to slosh a bit or have my toes pinched. I'm thrilled to find shoes that really work for me at any price.
  10. I got new hybrids last year and now my 4 hybrid is only 5 yards shorter than my old 5 wood. Any thoughts on 18* hybrid or 5w for my new club.
  11. I purchased my first range finder this past fall (Z6 Tour Jolt) but have not used it yet because of an injury. The company is offering me a one year extended warranty for $32. I don't usually consider such offers but have no experience with range finders. Are they fragile enough to require this added expense? Many thanks.
  12. I have a stick (formerly called a chicken stick for reasons passing understanding) for Tiger Woods Wii Golf. It looks like a golf club cut off a few inches below the grip, with a tray glued on to hold the wii remote. So you hold it like a real club and swing it like a real club. It's not a perfect substitute, but it's fun and beats just waiting for the snow to melt.
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