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  1. Great Big Bertha was already out. They would have eventually worked out the better launch optimization numbers and made those work and other companies were doing the same. The graphite shafts were already pretty good, just not quite as consistent from shaft to shaft. There were plenty of cavity back irons and some very good ones (PING already mentioned) The balls were way more “spinny”. But Maxfli and Bridgestone were already messing with lower spin/solid core balls. If you eliminated launch monitors and optimization maybe things would change, but the equipment was not that far off, the understanding of how to max out the ball flight was just getting going
  2. Yeah. Our presidents have been very poised in the last few decades
  3. Down wind slight downslope to hole always a tough pin to get close to. Unless a perfect yardage
  4. Somebody needs to win soon so Rickie Fowler can congratulate him and catch a flight
  5. That type of career will also quietly rack up a great pension
  6. I only had one chin at one point!! Richard, those hats certainly date things, don’t they!!
  7. #4 become the “whatever happened to?” Guy. open a shave ice stand on Kauai. Shave ice for a dollar if I have to get it for you. Get it yourself and it’s free simple
  8. The PGA has had a problem with this event for a long time in this regard. It used to be “The Club Professional Championship” and there were pretty strict rules on who was eligible But there have been guys gaming the system for decades, and the PGA rather than fighting that fight changed to rules and moved the tournament to dates that actually make it more difficult for many “club pros” to play With courses opening for the season the “veteran members” category is one right now. Guys that for the most part played their entire professional life have been pga members long enough to reach this status and get to play against guys who have been working and servicing golfers at their jobs. but the pga sets their rules for the event, and they’ve always shown that as long as revenues from the Event and memberships are high enough, whatever else happens doesn’t really matter
  9. I was blessed to help run a nonprofit for education/golf for quite awhile. It was free and we had kids from all walks of life. i learned very quickly that we as coaches had to really pay attention and learn as we went. I had a couple of our students that we were having a hard time “reaching”. One in particular was just such a great kid but very uncomfortable. I stumbled in to a drill that registered with him and he just dove in. His mom asked me the next week how I knew to do this, and I told her it was just lucky trying to find something to help! She then told me he has Aspergers which led me to a lot of time learning and trying to find a way to better reach some of this children. Mom didn’t want him “labeled” with us, she did t know that our program didn't label, we just tried to help. the same student ended up trying out for and playing football in high school. His moms reaction and appreciation with us is still one of my favorite moments In my professional life. you learn a lot teaching if you pay attention
  10. Are those your legs or are you riding a chicken?
  11. Not enough courage to just pay appearance fees we will call them Q rating bonuses
  12. It’s about 24 yards (I believe) to the start of the left bunker. going right at the pin when the slope right is leading balls toward the hole seems interesting. coming up that short and on that line simply means a mistake was made. Not the first, not the last time
  13. rangersgoalie

    the bow

    Great moment It’s kind of telling that a simple moment of respect makes such an impact. the Japanese are probably confused why many like me think it is such a great moment, it is just part of their culture. We could all use a little humility, appreciation, and respect these days
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