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  1. Was wondering if any pro staff pga Europe korn ferry lpga etc is bagging the new 3woods.
  2. I was thinking of doing a hard step project x 6.0 for 5-9 iron (should be FCm 6.9?). Weight should be around 121.5? And soft step project x 6.5 for PW-LW (should be fcm 6.6?) weight should be 123.5? that’s about the weight I would want in the irons and i could get heavier weight in the wedges... is there any issues you see in this build? Thanks
  3. Currently gaming project x io 6.5 (115 gram) in irons and 52/56/60 with project x io 6.0 (110 gram). Going to order new wedges. Looking at trying project x LZ 6.0 (120 gram) , regular project x 6.0 (120 gram) , dynamic golf 120 tour issue s400 (118 gram). Or something else? Looking for low launch and high spin for wedges. All suggestions/ info/ advice appreciated.
  4. Bryson effect. Also we have time to experiment by going 1/2 inch incremental steps. We would only go 1/2 more each time if his contact and flight is stable. If it doesn’t work out we can always go back to his current 45.75. (We will keep the mavrik for awhile) But why not go for it in case it works? His current driver is D3 and would like to keep it there.
  5. My 14 year old son is getting fitted for TSi driver. Probably getting a TSi3. Current gamer is MAVRIK sub zero 9 with weight forward. GD IZ 5-x 45.75” Swing speed is 110. He is 5’10” projected to 6’2”. Want to go up 1/2 inch In driver length every six months until we get to 47.75”. Hopefully coinciding with growth in height. For you shaft nerds should we be looking at counterbalanced shafts as the shaft is getting longer? As his current shaft is 58 grams I would like something in 60-65 for next shaft. Would love to test HAZRDUS smoke blue RDX but it might not be available on fit date 10/2
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