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  1. How did you find them vs your i210's?
  2. I've owned my share of Iomics over the decades and that looks suspiciously shiny.
  3. G425 Max. Automatic off fairway lies and great off a low peg. Plenty of heat.
  4. The old Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind was reasonably close but nothing really hits it bang on.
  5. Surely over 100. Just trying to remember some of the TM's alone - M5 M3 M2 x 3 (multiples are usually tour issue models as well) M1 Tour issue Aeroburner TP SLDR 430 SLDR 460 Jetspeed RBZ Stage 2 RBZ Stage 2 Tour RBZ RBZ Tour R1 R9 Superdeep R9 x 2 Superfast Burner TP x 2 Superfast Burner 2009 TM TP Burner x 3 or more 2008 TM TP Burner x 3 2007 Burner TP x 4 V1/V2 and both models retail R11 R11 Dot R11s Superquad 282 R7 R7 460 TP R5
  6. You are going to get a bit more heat out of the G425. Turf interaction is just so so good too.
  7. What exactly does bad left over epoxy look like? I've never had a failure in over a thousand or so clubs and have no idea what it might look like. I have seen club failure due to bad epoxy however. This guys pitching wedge head went about 30 meters but shockingly the ball somehow ended up about 2 feet away. One of the strangest things i ever saw. Guy had that wedge reshafted just days prior. From memory the epoxy was out of date and was thrown out. This particular pro shop didn't do much club work.
  8. I don't think anyone has asked could it simply be a bad batch of epoxy even if in date? It wouldn't be the first time this has ever happened.
  9. Venuts Blue 7s has a flatter lower spinning flight than the iz 7s.
  10. Get the hands low, open the face a little and go wide back and thru with little wrist action. Ball will pop up softly.
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