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  1. Have you guys done any Ping Drivers (G30 or more recent) in the SLDR gloss grey?
  2. i got that deal from the one in grandville but you have to look they have a lot of the older rzn platinum in the same spot So the older one's are still at $15 for you and the new ones were discounted? I was looking in Petoskey and they only had the newer version and everything was $15
  3. I checked my local Dunham's today and it appears they are still listed at $15/dozen. If anyone stops in and has the $8/dozen deal can you upload a picture on here? My local store said if they saw the ad printed in some way at another store they could match, and I'm guessing others might be the same way.
  4. I would search for "Newport Classic" and that should bring up what you're looking for. I have one and agree that I like it more than current models.
  5. What about a Cleveland Classic? This^ One of the all time great drivers. I've got a Cleveland Classic XL Custom in 9 degrees if OP is interested. I think these were even deeper faced than the originals. Adams has a couple good options as well.
  6. Do you happen to remember when the tool sale is? I've been contemplating picking up a shaft puller and swing-weight scale
  7. https://www.dallasgolf.com/search.php?search_query=closeout&Search= VIP10 or Custom10 should get you 10% off and free shipping over $100 if I remember correctly
  8. Only the B2-01 and B1-01 came to retail stores, the B2-07's and any other variations were tour only when Nike quit producing clubs. Does the headcover say "The Oven" on it? If not that's just a regular headcover with an oven putter- which is how I believe most of them are being sold.
  9. VIP10 and Custom10 both knock 10% off (they don't stack but included both in case one expires)
  10. Does anyone have some input on the B2-07 vs B1-14 origin? I know the head style is different with the B2 being more of a Newport and B1 being a Newport 2 style. I can't seem to find any pictures of the two at address. I thought there was a thread on all of the tour models when they were first spotted but all of my forum searches have come up empty.
  11. Woah... There's a lot of similarities there! I've actually got some of the Adams dHy's (older model though) that see time in the bag as well. I've got an 18 with a UST Mamiya elements fire 100x and a 21 with a RIP phenom 100x. I switch out the four iron quite a bit for the 21 and sometimes the 5 wood for the 18. I think they're a great middle ground between the hybrid and driving iron. I'm honestly surprised either of these clubs are still here. The Adams are solid and haven't the UDI's been going for a lot more?
  12. I've ordered some of the knockoffs before. They don't last as long as the zero frictions- several snapped when new, which rarely happens with the ZF. But, they lasted longer than wooden tees and are cheaper than ZF, it seems like it's all a wash in the end.
  13. http://www.golfwrx.com/2107/the-big-review-project-x-graphite-shafts/
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