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  1. What did JT say ? They said it was a homophobic slur .
  2. 58 years old and play Steelfiber i95s ....... anything else better then these shafts that I should try ???
  3. I work for Ping and you are correct ....... COVID shut down the factory in AZ for 6 weeks then it reopened and then was shut down a few more times when workers came down with COVID and the factory had to be cleaned each time ..... our product is made in the USA not in other countries like everyone else so that’s why the big delays ........ also had delays from other suppliers like shaft companies ....... 2020 was a down year and we will start over in 2021 and come back strong !!!!
  4. Which websites will have the launch tomorrow morning ? GG ? PGA Superstore ?? Or just Nike ???
  5. I’m sure he is but it was the head pro Ron DeJacimo who has them ...... to pretty to wear
  6. Has anyone bought these ....... sold out quickly !!!!
  7. Looking for good walking courses to play in NOVA, Fredericksburg and Richmond VA Any ideas of favorites ???
  8. Ok guys Which courses in the Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg and or Richmond area are great walking courses that you like ??
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