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  1. I gripped a set of irons with the Karma tour velvet style. The Karma grips feel close enough to Golf Pride for a fraction of the cost. Not sure on durability though as I only had maybe 3-5 rounds on that set of irons this year. With that said, I don't really think they'll last as long as Golf Pride. I've had Golf Pride Tour Velvets on a few drivers and they've been good for several years. If I changed grips frequently, I would probably get the Karmas 9/10. But, I'm lazy so I usually blow off/on grips once they're beyond the point i'm suppose to.
  2. 1. How often do you walk when you play? Once or twice a year lol, so rarely. 2. Do you own or use a pushcart currently? Yes. 3. Would you walk more with the Motocaddy M7 Remote? Most definitely. With the Motocaddy M7 remote, I will definitely be walking at least 75% more. I will preach the Motocaddy M7 remote gospel at all the muni tracks I play if I win.
  3. 1. Done. 2. Done. 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Sacramento, CA or San Jose, CA whenever it opens. 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Professionally, no. Self-fit club-ho, somewhat yes. 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Everything. But if i had to choose one, irons.
  4. I've been using some Karma velvet style grips. Seems to be holding up ok. Probably not as good as Golf Pride's or the bigger brands, but definitely better than the old Black Widow grips that seem to wear out just by looking at them lol.
  5. I stopped playing the last version (2019) due to the seam issue. I dont think it affected actual performance, but it was a turn-off. I have been playing the 2021 version since the father's day promo and the prime day deal. I have 5 total dozen XVs as of now, actually, i have about 4.5 dozen because 5 balls seem to have gone missing in the ponds and OB farmlands/forest lol. For these last 9-10 rounds or so, I'd say this current version is more durable than the last version. Noticed 1 sleeve with noticable seams but the rest have looked fine. 2021 version seems more durable to me, it scuffs like all other balls I've played with would. I'd like to think i'm a good tester of durability as my shots seem to regularly like to hit trees , cart paths, fences, etc. Haven't noticed a seam issue on the balls i've hit. The 2019 version, the seam "issue" i've noticed would eventually show up after a certain amount of hits or a certain amount of non-fairway "bounces". Current version seems just a tad bit softer than the 2019 version as well. I'd say not a bad ball when it goes on sale for under $30 per dozen. I'm cheap though so I would never pay over $30 per dozen for urethane "tour" level balls. If they did another 3 for price of 2 deal, or better yet 2 for 1, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this current version of Z Star XV.
  6. Which of the three models are better for high toe misses? Although, I shouldn't say high toe misses because that seems to be my consistent strike area
  7. Darrrrnnn!!! I forgot to go grab some long sleeves, guess time for a second trip lol. On that note, and I know it has only been 1.5 business days, but anyone get shipping info yet? Probably super swamped with orders. I'm not worried though but just curious.
  8. I sure hope the new 4 piece comes out this year. 3 piece, for me at least, was super-mediocre in the feel and performance category for me. OG Ksig had an awesome feel and roll off the putter. Some current market balls have come close, but to me, I can't seem to find a current ball that can replicate THAT feel. I haven't renewed my Costco membership in about 2-3 years now but if a 4 piece comes out, take my $60/$120 membership fee and take me back to the land of chicken bakes, pork belly slabs (awesome-r if it was skin on pork belly) and ksig pistachios.
  9. I have a playing partner who still plays the MG ball. He prefers the feel of the MG ball, and it still seems to feel the same to him. I'll play the MG ball a round or two here and there too, a few rounds per year. Side stamping is a bit different from the old iterations. Still a durable good all around $20 ball, the OG original $20/dozen DTC ball. Personally, i have gone away to other balls as my preference is more towards a higher compression, more clicky ball off the putter now. Still trying to dwindle down my ball ho stash from all the pre-covid golf ball sales. This year may be the year i'll stock up again. Although, with that said, I still buy at least a dozen C4 balls a year along with the gloves I order from them. MG Dynagrip Elite gloves are the only gloves i've used for the last 3-5 years. Order 5 pairs of gloves, throw in a dozen ball to try out, and if the balls don't work out, $20 for the dozen wont break the bank. I think MG's shipping cost are fairly low as well so I'd say worth a shot to try 'em out.
  10. For the XV, to me, 2015 and 2017 seemed very durable, but a tad bit firm but playable. It was tough to scuff up those two versions. 2019 felt perfect but seemed a bit less durable and had the seam issue. I may stock up a few dozen if the 2021 brings 2019 feel with better durability, and maybe less pronounce seam paint wear.
  11. Curious as others are to see if it really is new imporoved V2, and if there are any noticeable differences. I hope it's not just a fancy new box though. Does the cover feel the same? I did not like the original K3 as the cover seemed to be way too thick so it kinda messed with the feel and sound a bit for me. But yes, if someone can cut one open, that'll be pretty nice.
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