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  1. Absolutely agree. And I was one who watched every morning. It’s just cringe worthy crap nowadays.
  2. Maybe he gets his am status back and wins the mid am ....
  3. That is comment of the week as far as commentary goes . Well played
  4. Bravo madame bravo !! I can’t even say what I want to here. But you’re spot on.
  5. To answer your initial question. No I haven’t tried a well fitted single length set. Y I’d love to. It’s just an expensive experiment that’s not easy to do correctly. Most single lengths are only made with GI iron sets , so makes it odd to me off the bat. A set like Brysons initial edel set would be my preference.
  6. Tall guys have been issuing similar to your approach for years. My pw-lw is same length. My 7-pw is 3/4 inch over ping standard and step down only 1/4 inch my 3-6 iron are 1/2 inch over ping standard and step the standard 3/8 ( I think that’s right ) between each club. I figured that out by trial and error as far as comfort and contact. I can’t play a 1/2 over wedge ( too short ) and don’t want to play a plus 3/4-1 inch 3 iron. Lol.
  7. Right. Which is why I loved Duvals suggestion about him just hitting balls by himself 3-4 hours a day. No video. No watchers.
  8. I partly agree. But I get his babbling. I suffer from that constant stream of consciousness myself. Most OCD people do. It’s not a conscious thing when you see it outward like that. Ever really pay attention to him ? When he’s not mad or hit a bad shot etc. he’s usually quiet and straight faced. Exception being around his close pals etc. but the noise is still in his head. I’d bet anything. It spills out when upset. that’s why I yell that what he needs is a swift kick by someone who he respects. Somebody kick him and knock him out of that process you describe. And his ocd and
  9. Leading him astray. The question is who started the chase for the draw and 10 yards ? If it was Jordan it’s on him completely. If it was cam that makes it 50/50 for a guy who grew up trusting someone like that. It’s drives me nuts to see how difficult he’s made this game. If you consider his complete resume , this has to be one of ,if not the greatest fall from grace in the history of the game.
  10. Exactly. It’s nothing more mechanically than he’s an upright straight path thinker and he’s trying to lay it down flat to hit a draw. For a few more yards. A short guy who swings flat can no more understand how an upright swinger thinks than Spieth will ever succeed at the opposite here. The rest is simply self doubt and frustration coming from that bad initial choice.
  11. Yea. People are weird about marriage. I married 19 years ago. I’m 40. I dated my wife 41/2 years before that. I have no greater friend. And somehow I’m the one who gets accused of flawed choceing skills. ( yes I made that word up ). I had friends ride me through my whole 20s and half of my 30s. Now they are alone and bitter. You do you and I’ll do me. I have no idea how marriage came into Hitting a golf ball.
  12. That is a very good take. Essentially he’s abandoned what his dad described as his best attribute. That he was a “ instinctive athelete “ in favor of playing golf swing. He’s as of yet unwilling to hit a few terrible shots I n order got reset the brain into autopilot mode where you can just pick a target and hit the damn ball at it. He’s thinking like a 20 handicap at the moment.
  13. Duval said it best yesterday when Jordan was on the range with McCormick filming every shot. “ just go hit balls for 3-4 hours a day by yourself “ . Completely a mental block. He’s going to have to get mad enough to tell Cam what time it is, or just turn his phone off and disappear. This game didn’t get harder. He’s just made it harder.
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