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  1. I just go outside and stay till dinner time then. And remember. I’m the chef . So she’ll come looking for me eventually!
  2. Oh man. Soooo true. I use the “ I’m not arguing with you , I’m just answering Your questions “ line a lot. Lol. That’s for when the answer doesn’t suit her. I’m really disagreeing. But it’s just a gentler way to introduce reality into the convo.
  3. This. 100 %. This is exactly how tiger sees the stroke too. And he’s who Fowler robbed and so on and so forth. The one handed drill is absolutely the best thing to put my stroke back on track. Been off lately and I spent yesterday and this morning doing just this.
  4. Oh don’t I know it. I married young. A long time ago. And I learned this the hard way. Because I had nobody to tell me before hand. Not that I was purposely critical. But she asked. And I was honest. Only happened once. As god as my witness I’ve never fell for that trap again.
  5. This is one of those times of being honest that’s just like when your wife asks you that trick question about how she looks in a certain outfit. Try your best to mumble and run out of the room , but don’t say anything clearly. unless of course you enjoy the drama as he must do because he continuously does this. i’d like to see him go to the Tiger Woods school of interview. Rather enjoy watching Tiger not give these idiots any quotes to talk about. Idiots meaning the media.
  6. They’re old 200 series heads with sm4 grooves. To conform. What I wouldn’t give for a set.
  7. Oh yes. It is. And ive had the bouts of doubt. Everytime you get a tight into grain short chip , and your brain says “ don’t chunk it. Or better yet. Don’t skull it”. That stinks. But it is always remedied with practice.
  8. Short answer is. The graphite move seems to have made the biggest difference. But it did take 3 months to be pain free. But I also am one who hits a lot of balls due to my ability to hit balls at home ( farm ) . So I’d say cold turkey no swings you can be pain free in a month or two tops with a swap to graphite. I also still stretch with the theraband daily , and now use their resistance bands for more stretching and exercises. I added in a 1 lb jump rope regimen last week which I can already tell is strengthening the area more. It’s a combo of things I guess is the point. But no mats , and no steel for me since December. I’ve played a full tournament schedule and have had no pain. I’m tempted to go back to steel. But am hesitant because of the pain I had. steel is still king on one category. Spin. I was a fairly high spin player. And it’s been hard to adjust to alot less spin. I can hold greens. But I mostly mean shortgame. I have had to figure out how to chip , pitch and play from sand again. Which I have mastered. But not having that pull back shot or the checker from a bunker hurts sometimes. To combat this I’ve adjusted to a great in between ball that adds some spin to irons and wedges and yet not to driver. Or not much. Tour B x fits that bill.
  9. 2 things I see. Practice and fear. You need more practice no matter your ability. From tv pros to 22 handicaps. More will not hurt. And fear. Do not ever try to hit a shot if you are the least bit afraid to hit it. You must let go of the fear well before the shot. Or bettter yet. Embrace the idea that you will try almost anything and do not give a crap. Meaning you enjoy the challenge and reaction after you pull it off. Think Phil. He loves the impossible. I’ve been asked this on the course. And I simply don’t care. If I can see the shot. I’ll try to hit it. Snd pull it off a huge percentage of the time. But I also spend eons Practicing out of terrible situations, on purpose. I think the last part will not work for the untalented. But the idea of not trying it if you fear it will. Find a shot or two you don’t fear. And always play that.
  10. 1. City state / campobello SC 2. handicap / +0.7 3. where do you practice/ at home on the farm. I have a wedge range 110-25 yards and room for driver down on another spot. So it would be with real balls full flight , off turf , no net ever. 4. Have you had a personal launch monitor before ?/ I have a Garmin g80. It’s ok for ballspeed and distance. No spin numbers though. 5. do you have a current iOS device / yes. Latest iPhone. 6. do you agree to take high quality photos , write a detailed review and participate in an on-going testing thread / yes. I can do all those things , no problem thanks for the opportunity! I look forward to trying it out !
  11. Second thought. I said I didn’t want to be in this discussion so I won’t be . We will see soon enough how these picks work out.
  12. I stand corrected. I’m sure they are mortal enemies.
  13. Sounds good. I’m kind of done hashing this out. Let’s just wait and watch and see how many points the rookies get. It’s close enough now that wait and see won’t be too painful.
  14. Scotty and Jordan were college teammates. Maybe even roommates. I just don’t take Steve stricker for the data type guy. I mean how many savages do you know who use analytics?. he’s more of the “ ok guys who do you want on the team “? type guy.
  15. Hate to see mcneely make the mistake on 17. Hed have won with that putt on 18. This game. One efing swing can make all the difference
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