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  1. I’m not arguing with the theory. I’m just saying it’s not always black and white in practice. I have a 73 scoring average for this past year. 2.83 birdies a round and 3.17 bogey a round Tracked Per decade . Which all matches the scoring average. So you can absolutely try to say that more drivers would get the birdie tally up ….. but. The truth is that eliminating 1 bogey a round would get you there faster. And The kicker. I’m -3.07 strokes gained putting and 3.33 scoring average for par 3s. There’s the two areas to improve on. Or at least find that 1 shot a round…. stat says I’m hitting driver 53.% of the time now. And that’s apparently not comparative to my skill level. So it says. Which leads me to believe it’s too low. Yet at one point I went full bore driver and saw my double bogey stat go to over 1 a round. Lol. Didn’t take a smart guy to figure out that doesn’t work at present. so I guess my point is this. In theory. Sure. In practice ? No. Or not until it’s serviceable. Meaning , as I have been doing. Driver has to become as comfortable as a lob wedge , and that’s done in practice with proper swing sequencing. Not blowing balls OB on the course. But even then. I do not believe that it’s a doable thing on all courses. i wonder. How far are these Friends you play with carrying it ? And are you talking 20-30 yard wide fairways with old growth trees another 10 yards off. This makes for a forest excursion 25-30 yards off the center or the fairway a lot of times. That’s a tough sell if you’re flying it 275 plus. Portably takes a 1-3 degree open or closed face to hit the trees. ( wild arse guess ).
  2. Sure. I realize that broadie does not say hit driver all the time. I’m just saying that some of his short knocker followers do say it. And I’m not calling them all short. Just The ones that hit driver 14 times a round and don’t take the time to consider the perspective of a guy who flies it pretty far ( relatively ) and how big a small miss is for him. yes I caught the part about getting out of trouble that post said. But the part that’s missing there is that trouble usually can’t be “ got out of “ at that distance. It’s usually re-tee. I’m not sure I’m following you exactly. . Are you saying that to answer his question of scoring , that hitting driver is the only answer ? Or in a best case scenario? Or ? i get that the best case is to be more efficient at driver. But that’s often not reality. Especially on a right course. Reality of todays player who isn’t retired is that we get very few actual rounds a week. But that we do get range practice blocks an hour or so at a time . So practice rounds don’t really exist like they used to. Most course time is spent trying to score for that day. i guess I felt the need to defend that since I’ve seen it myself so many times even if the person saying it doesn’t mean it literally , or always , it is very hard to know that , and if you question it you just start round the bush of being accused of disbelief in stats or whatever the catch phrase turns out to be. I don’t mean it as a personal attack. At all. I invite the discussion as I literally pay money to subscribe to the concept via fawcetts app. But after a year of that still find it less than clear on a real level , what the best way to play each hole is. I still find more info from trail and error Than the analytics. If that makes sense ?
  3. Interested to see the opinions here myself. ^ also question for anyone willing to share or help. In decade. Driver selection % stat. What does your stat say ? I’m at 53.56% and it shows “ not comparative “ over in the column for comparing to different skill levels. Any insight as to what a good stat there will be ? Obviously that’s too low ( I’m guessing ).
  4. Not true. Here’s one example in this thread alone. Sometimes it’s said in a veiled manner. Sometimes point blank “ hit driver “ is said very bluntly. I’ve read it 100 times if once.
  5. Lol. Hey I get it. It’s personal preference. I can play alone just fine. I’m still having the conversation…… But if you’re standing close to me you’re going to hear me talking to myself. So you may as well reply. .
  6. Agree there won’t be any certificate required for Masters entry other than those who carry dead presidents. The best thing to do is buy before you fly. I’m inside of 2 hours drive if you do below the speed limit and I would never try to buy from the scalpers. Too much grey area for me. My luck is too bad to risk it.
  7. I hear ya. The ones who tell you that are not looking through the lense of having any speed. Their bad drive is 12 yards right and in the rough. Their terrible drive is where you’re standard miss is. In the edge of the trees or behind a tree etc. and them laying back to 140 is a 7 iron. Or more. For you it’s likely a soft 9 , or a hard pw. Enormous difference.
  8. As a guy who sees a fade but will hit draws when it calls for it , I’ve always went to the right side of the box. Which is counter intuitive for a draw. Most hookers will go to the left side. Because when they miss it goes left. When I miss with a draw swing it goes right. Or straight. So the play is on the right side of the box. That’s what they were doing. Leaving room to miss. Which Henley did each time.
  9. He’s truly a top 5 player in the world right now. And I think he has the highest ceiling overall , he wins often if his putter is working. That’s it. His only hole.
  10. I have a pal that I play a lot with. He and I club together similar distances etc. and he’s a very good player. We walk and play together and I’ve caught us both at different times caddying for the other guy. Usually on days when one of us is struggling. We just have an uncanny knack for motivating the other. We both analyze and vocalize the decision making progress the same. Very much like watching Jordan and Mikey , or web and Paul … we both talk a lot in the process. Also why were a great pairing for any partners matches. We haven’t spoke to this. But it opened my eyes to what kind of a caddy would work for me. It’s truly unfair to pair us together in any team setting. For me a caddy discussion for a successful relationship on course would go like this. Always discuss it. High success rate of agreement. But if I want to do something different, shut up and get behind It and confirm it for the moment….Then. If I screw it up. Don’t be afraid to let me hear it. I do not mind negative feedback as long as it’s warranted. Just be ready to stand by it. Lol. But I’d do so with the stated understanding that Im Loyal to a fault and expect the same. A relationship like that won’t work if constantly under the threat of firing. That’s just a weak persons way to control. Make good hires. Then ride them until there’s no choice. Or to success.
  11. Yep. It seems like common sense to me , hideki is standing there with 3 wood in hand. Chomping at the bit for his turn. He’s showing you what he will do …. You have to play a shot to combat his best result.
  12. For sure. Up to 7 iron any person can do. Anyone. No issues at all.
  13. Your course sounds like mine. I can hit driver safely 4/5 times. Two other holes I sometimes pull driver depending on soft fairways and wind. If it’s hard and fast in the summer. I may only hit it 3 times. There’s no room to miss. don’t let anyone tell you to hit driver where you don’t think it fits. There are no extra points for hitting driver. Or 3 wood for that matter.
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