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  1. With a driver. It’s pretty instant. If I have to work to make it do what I want to see ...., it’s crap . A good driver feels like it hits itself. A bad one is opposite. It’s hard work and you never know where it’s going. 10 balls or so will tell.
  2. You’d think Canadian golf stores would stock lefty clubs , being as it’s the lefty capital of the golfing world. That’s just odd that they don’t.
  3. Yep. We’ve got sun and heat through next Monday it seems. I think maybe possibly 90 for the first time this year on Saturday . I’m 4 hours north in the upstate. Usually temps are 4/5 degrees hotter down there. But you get the breeze so feels better. So far ( fingers crossed ) it’s not humid. But you have to watch. Weather forecast if it says “ relatively low humidity “ here. That means it’s 95 /% humidity instead of 110%. .
  4. The other side of the coin is feel. And dispersion. Yes trackman will tell dispersion. But. 99% of the conversation on trackman revolves around distance . You have to search out dispersion results on any video on YouTube. And with any fitter ive ever seen. It’s spin , launch window , smash and total distance. I just quit a bag full of trackman champs. As my scores have went up but more important, consistency is gone. the real tech advantage of today is in the “ woods “. Most of the irons are a step backwards.
  5. 100 %. It’s never been a sound thing. Some folks feel things in their hands. Some apparently are “hand deaf “. If it were a sound thing completely we’d all be talking about what ball plus what iron “ sounded “ the best. Nobody does that. I similar to you have tested putters with ear plugs in. I’ve yet to find one that “ feels “ like the one I have. I did so to prove to myself that it was it’s construction ( thin face and “sound” slot ) and not the metal material or so much the ball that made the biggest difference. same way a shaft changes the feel. A gr
  6. hey. I just like to match nonsense with nonsense. I find it makes for an interesting back and forth. Can’t really match it with reason.
  7. Good info. I wasn’t aware there was an incorrect way to punch the spacebar. and what does my native heritage have to do with Teen slang ? . Ima forget you said that. ( a joke in case you’re feeling fragile ) I just found it funny that a guy felt the need to tell the world that he traversed the creek banks searching for prov1s to throw into the ponds , presumably to save the world from the inferiority of that ball. It’s a very comical scene if you think about it. And I don’t even play a titleist ball. I’m B stone all the way.
  8. Yep. I agree. In fact I refuse to even hit in an indoor simulator , I can never get the feel of an actual shot without seeing the flight. It’s just feels like walking down a dark hallway . Blind as can be. I fit for this one outside on trackman , so I could versify with my eyes what the monitor said. But still. my honest opinion is that this is great for someone who’s late miss will not go far enough to go out of play . Over a certain speed ( not sure what that is ) that miss is gone on most holes , and the risk becomes not worth the gains. The speed gain is real.
  9. My advice. - As a person who’s been down every rabbit hole on earth. - Try it and see for yourself. hybrids aren’t left biased. I’ve played down to a 4 before ( g410). Snd dodnt spin them too much. You’re going to fit into a stout s or an x shaft with that speed. Depending on your transition. And preference of flight. Checkout the g410 for a great flat lie angle hybrid. Deep face and pleasing sound.
  10. Yep. I did. They are similar. But I wasn’t in the raw. It was the pro ( 3rd version ) as I understand it the raw is a bit smoother snd higher spin than the pro.
  11. Id at least try it. If you have access to demo. Honestly I saw same spin numbers with red and blue. Jjst more launch with red. You can tip it as said above and bring flight down a hair. If needed. To me the orange was lower launching when I had one in the 410 LST. The red isn’t a ballooning shaft by any means. And not a noodle. It’s just not a board . And from what I see if the red didn’t work. They sell within minutes of being listed. Or I’d bet money you could swap it for a blue. At the end of the day it depends on what you’re after. I wanted launch without adding s
  12. For ME ( my opinion ) feel and flight. I’m not a moon ball hitter with driver naturally. The black is low. The blue is ok as a mid flight. But the red gives me 13-14 degrees launch and Keeps the revs down ( im high spin ) so overall it beats the pants off the blue for ME. The blue is ok on firm fast turf. It will roll out for days. But if it’s wet. The red is much longer. Carry. Plus to me the red just feels great. Loads and unloads like a KK xts . Edit - if you’re a moon ball hitter - black or blue.
  13. Listen to this ^. Red is not a slouch. Better than blue by a mile and smoother than black in my eyes.
  14. I’m weird about them too. But here’s the kicker. I go back and forth. After I play midsize for a few months a standard with extra bottom hand wraps feels like perfection. But after a few months I’ll pickup a club with a midsize and it feels better. Only constant is that I can’t stand midsize on my driver. I don’t know why. But I just hit block after block with it. Change grips back down and it’s ok again.
  15. Well. Thought about not posting this. But. Felt dishonest not to since I posted to start with. that was a short lived honeymoon. Took the 505XX combo to the course yesterday and proceeded to incur the most penalty shots in a round ive had in 4 years. And my handicap is currently 0.6. With a ridiculously good fairways hit percentage . I keep all my stats and according to the app I had -4.78 strokes gained off the tee yesterday. I’m usual + numbers. I simply could not keep the clubhead in front of me. It was behind behind behind .... strike it on the middle. But alwa
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