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  1. Hey !! What are you talkin aboot!? ( I kid I kid ) heck. I’ll be the enabler !! I can spend someone else’s money like nobodies business. I’d go with the TM irons. Especially if you can get the modus 130. Which happens to be my favorite shaft ! I agree Jeff that they are smooth looking irons. Although I haven’t had a chance to hit them. I do however know that their resale is still strong , so you don’t stand to lose too much if they don’t work out. So that’s where my vote goes. 770s with modus 130.
  2. It’s like this - Doc Holiday explaining Johnny Ringo. But more accurately explaining himself. This is exactly every conquering standout from the beginning of time. Right up through Tiger and MJ. Just now it’s sport instead of war. You have to love the chase. The kill is just the tail end of the payoff. But then the craving starts right back up again. Being satisfied is an unattainable thing.
  3. Well we can surely keep doing the same thing and keep losing while expecting to win. I think they reference that somewhere in a cliche statement? ?
  4. Yep. My point is that college age kids seem to get team , and once they are out they lose the concept. But on the euro tour they don’t seem to drop it.
  5. Well sure. But on my hypothetical “ college allstar “ team he’s fair game. Lol
  6. Sorry boss. But you clearly haven’t ever ran an actual small business. And it’s ok. I find that most corporate employees do not get it. I’m 20 years open this year at the same location , and I have no business debt. Own the building and I took no PPP money from the government for Covid. Etc. so i think I can handle it. And I’ve had many , many a week where mondays receipts payed Friday’s payroll. Now I can borrow as a fall back , or sell assets. But I always manage to hustle my way clear of that. at any rate. If anything I’ve said offends. Discard it. I simply was offerin
  7. Right. Nobody is saying to get out of the refund. I was assuming they are cutting PayPal out of the loop and are depositing directly to you , thus pulling a refund directly from you. so for instance. Wife writes the mortgage , plus 4-5 other bills .... you sell a $2000 iron set on eBay. She sees the deposit and pays a couple more bills before payday. Then poof. A week later eBay yanks the $2k back. You might have instant issues. Or you might be good. But I’d prefer it was linked to an account with no other liability. Seems easy to understand to me. But hey. Maybe its
  8. I have no such contract. I stopped using eBay around 2005 because of their lop sided practices. Well before they required you to allow returns. returns are responsible for more retail markup than any single one thing. People who aren’t smart enough to buy are a mystery to me. I’ve returned exactly 0 things in the last 10 or more years. Because I know what I’m doing before I buy. Returns should be the exception. Not the rule. But I digress. there is no rule that states that you need to keep your working capitol in a checking account that can be accessed. Th
  9. Lol. Apparently you didn’t wantch Wolfe hovland and Colin play college golf. Add in 4-5 more of those guys and id wager they give the euros a better run than Bruce , DJ and Tiger have recently.
  10. I see that in a way. But. The issue isnt captains. It’s the players. American players are just too single minded. There’s no team there. The euro tour is a team in itself. Not really that individual. It’s just different culture. You could probably compete better with an american college allstar team vs our pros.
  11. Shipnukc is clueless. It’s the perfect pick. Quail probably asked that it be him. Fans etc around here deserve to have it be a local guy. Phil can have the next NYC or Cali one. And so on.
  12. I agree. But I think it’s a very slippery slope. it’s a case of technology/ internet showing us man made flaws we used to not know or care about. Man rarely will live up to the microscope. Ive said this about the game of golf and It’s rules. Zoom in cameras show the grey spots of the rules. And people don’t like it. I think I’ll buy some callaway balls to cut open ..... doubt very seriously if they have a better core .... and I also doubt very much that it matters. There are so many variables in a strike , that it’s a pull of the slot machine arm anyway.
  13. The fact that the picture shows what has to be only 3 balls cut open Hasn’t crossed anyone’s mind ? The outside diameter of each ball half is grossly non uniform. Pointing to a non center cut. How about we get a guy who can cut in the middle , and then show us one half of each ball cut. Not 3 and claim 12.
  14. Wow. He is searching ...... what’s next ? Stand alone putter and a vixa fairway metal. ?
  15. Sorry. I don’t. That’s a good question. I don’t think I tippped my replacement at all , but you’re correct. A .370 tip could be tipped several inches or nothing from TM. I’m not sure. Probably can measure off the first step if someone has a spider to measure .
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