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  1. Posted this in the other thread about this. Here’s a pic of the contact area of the edge of a dimple vs full square dimple. on the edge the ball will oscillate quite a bit either way like a ice skate . It could fall one way or the other if you stand it up and let it go. There’s some substance to the idea but I don’t have any real data. this shows the difference in contact points for a putt short enough to not compress the ball flat. Which is probably anything inside 10- 12 feet or so.
  2. Absolutely would love to see willie Mack get it.
  3. It’s a different one since he swapped shafts. He went back and forth a couple times during the swap to the graphite shaft. The other one has some wear on it.
  4. Thanks. The Instagram impaired among us appreciate it.
  5. I like to leave mine unturned. It tends to give me a shot or two in match play as my opponent assumes I’m a hack who does shoddy work. This leads to his mind wandering , and then boom. I’ve got him !
  6. Was Frank Thomas I believe who said that. Said it rather flippantly. That’s the moment that they lost control. It won’t be returned until the government shows us how to time travel. Then I’ll go back snd slap some sense into the guy. ill bring him a 907d2 and say “ this abomination must be stopped “! The sound of that thing will surely cause action !
  7. Pace doesn’t bother me much. I’m just responding to the supposed real problem in the game. I just don’t play on Sunday. I know every hack on earth is there. Most bigger tournament rounds move because they have officials roaming to move you. I just wished the usga would shat or get off the pot. Make up your minds what game were playing. Big ball or small ball so to speak. Bomb or tArget.
  8. See we agree more than you think. I’m just willing to look at the flip sides too. I also hate this new ruling. I’m not playing 48.but I’m in the line of 46. By mm. So close that I need to setup a fixture to get the 60 degree angle to measure off the sole to be sure. They’ll DQ you over one mm I’m sure. And it’s all for nothing. I’m tall and I’ve found a comfortable length. my entire point on the flip side is that of pace of play is the main gripe as Bob said. Then shorter courses and shorter ball and clubs is the answer. There’s no denying that shorter flight tightens dispersion. More spin tightens dispersion for better players. but the usga couldn’t close an umbrella. So it’s nonsense like this we get.
  9. So hitting 2 off every other tee and then a 3 minute search a couple times a round is quicker than fairways and greens ? Come on man. You know what I’m saying is true. You can think it’s an ok issue to put up with , but it’s impossible to argue that it’s not slowing the game down.
  10. In all seriousness, to agree with @bobfoster pace of play is why. I try ( and fail often ) to compete in state and usga level events. What I have seen over the last 4 years is this. There are tons of guys who can pound driver. You’ll see guys standing on par 4 tee boxes waiting for guys to get on a green because they’re going at a bunker or dogleg thats 320 out. You’d be surprised at how many can get there. So waiting is the play for safety. But of course a large percentage then hit a foul ball and then a search is needed etc. you’ll see it 2/3 times a round at least. Same for -any par 5. You’re not seeing any layups. I’m talking 7200 yard courses. It’s not always total pace of play times. The flow of a round matters a lot too. im just reporting what I see , today’s length doesn’t fit a lot of courses. Long guys do one of two things. 1. Dont hit many drivers 2. Wait for play to clear a lot so they can try to hit driver. And fail to hit it in play about 50 % of the time on a bad day. Out of play being in the woods , hazard or OB. Alll slowing the pace down. I firmly believe that in days gone by these better players hit more balls in play and played much faster . Today everyone goes for broke. You’re either shooting 3/5 under or 74-75. Even par is a guy who played too conservative. at any rate. They’re implementing changes that will make you vs pros a different set of rules. If you can play a 48 inch driver but Phil can’t. That’s not the same rules. Slowly but surely . The ball will be next.
  11. Mostly agree there. And yes. It is a buzzword. But it has some roots in reality. but I agree. I’m ready to play whatever. Shorter they make it. Then more it benefits me. lol.
  12. I don’t think Lanny Likes anyone besides himself , and billy Ray.
  13. I think the idea that if a pga of America event is held at say Kiawah , that a us open can’t be there. It’s pretty arrogant on the usgas part. id also add that I wish they’d drop the idea that a course had to be able to handle a huge gallery to be considered. Think of the courses we could see the open held at if they’d limit ticket sales.
  14. Teddy is that you ? I swear if I wasn’t so deep into 12 projects I’d have already paid for these. I mean compare them to say p7tw. You’re getting more for less here.
  15. I agree. This is clear bifurcation in my eyes. And for whatever reason the people who argued here against it seem to love this change. Well. It’s clearly heading to a split in rules.
  16. I’d like to disagree with the “ sports are entertainment “ idea. pro sports have become entertainment. But sports as a whole minus TV are not played by people for the amusement of the crowd. It’s a form of civilized war. Competition is the point. Be it against others or yourself. this bowing to the $ to skew it more toward entertainment is only good for the investors. We will eventually have something unwatchable like the NBA in its current form and MLB. They lost me whne they turned it into a home run derby. Around 94 after the lockout. Now it’s 14 pitchers a night . Neither of those are an organic way to play the game. I’d rather not see golf turn onto long drive ( too late ) nor do I want to see a shut out because the course is setup as a Mickey Mouse course to combat the bombers.
  17. If it doesn’t make any difference than rolling it back won’t hurt a thing, yes ?
  18. As you know. I’m all for it. Roll it back to small 43 inch drivers and then pull back the ball. And I’ll be on board. But these minute and symbolic changes just irritate. Like the groove rule they do nothing except annoy a couple of us.
  19. Absolutely. Match play is easy in my opinion. A much easier game. Make a mistake who cares. Worst result is loss of hole. It’s 18 matches in my opinion.
  20. Oh yea. I talk to myself the whole round. Low whisper. I’ll say the number , wind if it is there , and desired shape at least twice as I setup to the ball. It’s pretty hard to think of other things if you’re saying one thing to yourself while unconsciously going through the preshot snd setting up to the ball. There isn’t room for other brain functions.
  21. And that difficult. Once I figured out that it was that simple , it’s was easy. The only hiccup I see now is a really early screw up. Just have to put your head down and say “ Ef it “ and not think of score …. To me that’s when the game is hard. Having a good round going. That’s easy. Just keep your mind thinking about the shot in front of you. That’s it. come up for air when the last putt drops. I find walking helps this mindset. Less distractions with people in carts and carts themselves.
  22. Thank you. I’m same in most of that post. I’m going to have to measure mine in finite detail. I believe it’s 45.75 to 46.25 depending on how you measure. I do tend to slide down the grip a hair. But not much. And you may have guessed it. I’m hitting driver best of my life. I’m not going to change it unless forced. But the usga will absolutely put this in play. They love their own ideas.
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