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  1. 31 minutes ago, raggal62 said:

    I have repaired partially broken inserts like the one pictured without total replacement. I won't go into detail but it's just a matter of cutting out the damaged section with a dremel and casting in a 2 part epoxy. File and sand, then cut new scoring lines.


    You know. I thought similar.  Wondered if it would be considered a “ proper repair”.  The pins in this face seem to be really really solid.  You don’t think you’re hitting a cracked  face when you do hit it. So I’d bet that it would hold up.  

  2. 8 hours ago, Swingingk said:

    Hey Blade, I think the reason the word "expensive" came up is mostly because so few clubmakers do persimmon wood work anymore so it can get a bit pricey what with shipping and all.  Expensive is a relative term though and when a person lays down a whole $5 for an old wood it seems nasty to have to put another $150 into it to make it nice.  We classic club nuts tend to somewhat miserly as well.  Ha!

    In regards to this particular insert it is more difficult to repair than the kind with screws holding it in.  The pins would need to be pulled and remade from scratch so it's more hassle.  Being used to working with clubs already and obviously not afraid of tools you probably wouldn't have much trouble with it.


    On a side note, what kind of fabrication are you involved in?  Fitting?  Welding?  Sheet metal?  Just a curious machinist asking... 😆

    i build cars.   Street rods to correct restorations.  And not just paint jobs and wheels like on TV. I’m talking cars that look like they’ve been in the ocean for 10 years built back to award winners.  All in house.  Long story how it got to be all in house. But short version is , I farmed out stuff until I couldn’t stand the poor quality anymore then gradually learned the rest myself.  Which is why I said my mind immediately goes to “ can I just do that myself “?   Lol.    

    so yes. I have many hours stitching sheet metal together , getting a subframe or body shell to fit a factory spec jig again , making new parts on the brake of the part isn’t reproduced etc. 6-8 months of fab work just to get a car to the point of being able to start body prep for paint isn’t rare.  In fact it’s been normal for me for the last 21 years. 

    this is something that interests me as a hobby.  I recently fell in love with wood itself through natural disaster.  Last October we had a tropical storm come through and down 8-9 huge oak trees on our farm.  Luckily none hit the house. But one did take out a 100 plus year old barn completely.     So we decided to have the logs milled  into lumber to rebuild the barn.  Well. 16ft 2x10 white oak planks are gorgeous I’ll just say.  

    In that time I was also finishing a sunroom addition to our house.  A contractor framed it and finished the outside.  But I was to do the drywall and interior trim.  I got into cedar trim , and went nuts.  Did a cedar bead board ceiling , window framing , and built a 29 foot window bench down the long wall under the windows.  Topped it with a butcher block cedar top i made by pressing scraps from the windows into a 21 inch wide slab.   …. I’m still working on finishing the stain and clear coat. But the actual fitting is done. Even held it all together with oak pegs sanded smooth.  

    So yea. To call me OCD would be an understatement.  lol.  I simply can’t help myself. I love to know how everything works. And if I watch it done once I can probably replicate it.  Or at least learn as I screw up.  😂



    what you say about the insert totally makes sense.  I hadn’t considered the pins vs screws.  

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  3. This is just him setting the bar low.  I don’t see a limited schedule as any different than the last 3-4 years.  He will play as often as he feels like.  Same same. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, bscinstnct said:

    🤣🤣 behind the fast food joint!


    You lucky they didn’t have like 


    Scalper Pimps!


    Like these guys 🤣








    See. This is why I’ve never been inside the gates , and I live an hour away.    I’d get stabbed behind the “ fast food joint “ by the girls ticket pimp .   Or else have to run them over to get away or something.  No thanks.  My luck is too bad to try it.  

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  5. Hate to hear this.  But.  I choose to think that maybe this very night Mr Elder is on the other side with an able body , giving him the ability  to play  the game again as a young man.  If that is so , then it’s not a sad time.   But a happy one.  Play well Sir.  I have no doubt you’ve earned it.  

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  6. On 11/27/2021 at 8:52 AM, raggal62 said:

    Those 70's H&B horseshoe persimmon were great but your particular club would be relatively expensive to repair if you sent it off, especially the insert. Looks like the shaft can be an issue also with the rust near the hosel. Not trying to talk you out of it, but if it were me I would look for a better candidate.

    Thanks guys !  Sorry I didn’t make it back till now.  I gave  the club to my buddy.  

    if I can ask , how or why is the insert  restoration expensive ?  Or maybe better question. How expensive ( ballpark)?    I agree on the shaft , and I think if he sends it off , an s400U will go in its place to match his 4 wood and driver.  

    this isn’t me arguing , I’m ignorant to it and curious.  I am very reliable with modern club work. I have  always done my own.    Have all the tools etc  including a Mitchell loft lie machine etc. and am a fabricator ( metal ) by trade.  Said that just to say my brain immediately went to “ can I make an insert  myself”. Lol. As it always does.  

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  7. 52 minutes ago, mikpga said:


    I agree with this.  I think my disconnect comes from lack of playing time.  If I got to play 3/4 times a week , it would be easy to say “ there’s tomorow. “ or “ next time “.  But when it’s once a week on course.  It really sucks to have a bad day and think “ well I have to wait 7 days to erase this taste form my mouth “.  

    golf is like driving a car that’s held together by tape.   Once you get one part secured , something else is falling off.    They say youth is wasted on the young.  To a degree I get that.   But I firmly believe that daily golf is wasted on the old.  The young guy would get much more out of staying sharp playing most days. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, aenemated said:


    I'm JUST old enough to have started playing with persimmons. For fun recently, I tracked down a similar set to the garage-sale ones my dad picked up for me when I was a kid - MacGregor Muirfields - on eBay for just a couple hundred bucks. The irons are pretty beat up but the woods (fun to refer to them as such and it be true!) are in stellar condition. Like, look barely hit over the years.


    It's fun to take 'em to the range ... and appreciate how much easier clubs are to hit nowadays. 


    Also had forgotten how freakin heavy they were! 

    I agree. It is fun.  Something satisfying about it.  I’m fighting the urge hard.   Because I know  if I Jump in that pool I’ll go in neck deep. 😂.  

  9. On 11/17/2021 at 5:27 PM, TurnDog69 said:

    Sounds like you don’t enjoy golf. You really only enjoy doing something well.


    this is totally understandable and the cause of so much anguish (at least it was for me). It’s an easy trap to fall into.


    Here are your choices 

    1. keep going down the same road and try to dig out a game. this might work 

    2. See a highly regarded instructor and hope you have some fatal flaw preventing you from good golf that can be corrected. This also might work


    3. Give up golf short term or long term. Your results may vary here. It works for some people and others can’t fathom it


    4. Change how you talk to yourself and accept that your game is wherever it is. Doesn’t mean it’s there forever. Forgive yourself for torturing yourself over a game. Decide what you really want out of this long term.


    my goal in golf is to score well and become a single digit handicap. My purpose is to experience incredible places and strengthen relationships with my friends and dad as I continually learn to make golf my lifelong friend

    Achieving or missing my goal doesn’t get to dictate how I feel.

    Interesting.  I’m Not completely on board. But not completely off either. 


    im a highly competitive person , and I happen to love hitting golf balls.  Sometimes I think I love wedge practice more than playing a round.  I don’t generally care to be around people.  Although if I like you , I can be a chatter box and have no issue sharing the day.  But that’s a selected few. I’ll fake it with the best manners on earth during a round. Casual or tournament.  But what I’m there for is controlling a golf ball.  Even though I know that control is an illusion to some degree. I chase those days where it’s mostly reality.  

    why do I play ?  Escape of work I guess. Life is 99.9% hardship and work.  Somehow golf is a break.  Until it’s not.  Sometimes it’s a second  or third job.  

    i think this is also why I loathe modern equipment.  Even though I currently use it. It’s like a anesthetic  to the senses . Dull , drab and lacking in feel.  But.  To compete we are condition to think it’s compulsory to join the arms race.  

    do I have a point ? I don’t know.  Just that it’s an interesting topic.  

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  10. 19 minutes ago, PEI_Golfer said:


    No different than what Titleist is doing for JT and old man Adam.  We all know what they have in their hands is built to them, with tweaks.  But having complete CNC irons built to you is a bit more than just grinding some soles. 

    The difference is larger though really. They took the i210 and made it playable for a guy who obviously doesn’t like a round leading edge and max bounce.  Many of us would play that iron if we could buy that.  See my bag. I played ping before this. Until I wore that set out.   And would go back to blueprint if I could get a new set. . My set had Wrx Leading  edge grind . But in the interim t100 satisfied the turf interaction wants and was available.   

    im not disputing tour guys getting custom stuff. What I’m saying is claiming that hovland  loves  the i210 is like saying that Cummins dodge truck buyers love dodge trucks.  Take the Cummins engine away and see how many still buy dodge.  Leas than half I’d guess. 

    if hovland has to play it like we would , I doubt he stays with i210.  Those soles are so different the numbers are gone and restamped. .  



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  11. 11 hours ago, csh19792001 said:

    In 1980, 40 players finished within 2 strokes or more of the leader in scoring average.


    In 2021, 130 players finished within 2 strokes or more the leader in scoring average.


    In 2000, it was 103.








    Tiger Woods>>>Jack Nicklaus.

    You’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger tiger fan than I.  But.  This isn’t a decided thing. Jack’s longevity has to be considered.  He won majors with his peers into his late 50s or early 60s.  


  12. On 3/31/2014 at 2:11 AM, Soloman1 said:

    The top guys in the world have always teed of on the first day of most tournaments.

    Scoring records still stand from decades ago, when the quality of golf balls was far less consistent. The fairways of today are better than the fringes of greens were. Tee areas today are better than greens used to be. Bunkers today on tour are all built to identical specs with identical sand-like material in them, so players use the exact same fell under the exact same conditions week after week. The final rounds used to 36 holes for many tournaments.

    Persimmon woods were finicky and not manufactured with computer controlled precision. When your driver cracked, you had a hard time finding something that played similar to it.

    My memory is rosy. I remember 40 years ago better than I remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

    Come play me using persimmon, old muscle back irons and a blade putter. And bring some cash. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/%3C#EMO_DIR%23%3E/smile.png

    Saying the fields are better now is like saying rap music is better than classic rock. You gotta be kidding me... http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/%3C#EMO_DIR%23%3E/smile.png

    yep.  10000 % yes.    Been watching a guy learn to play persimmon recently. Plus handicap.  It’s pretty eye opening how much easier todays equipment is.  Talent isn’t better today.  We just have more folks in a financial position to be coached and play as full time pro-ams as kids .  Yesteryear required most of those talented guys to go to work at age 13 or so. 


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  13. On 11/8/2021 at 1:45 AM, pt73 said:

    Viktor Hovland sure likes them, maybe he'll ask Ping to put some heads aside for him.

    He does.  After they reworked the soles to unrecognizable state to suit him.  I’m sure they’ve built him some backups.   And or will grind some i59 to suit him in the future.  He already  tried them and went back to his one off set of i210. 

  14. Part 2 … parallax 



    I’ve always known that I was extremely left eye dominant As a righty.  This causes me to be blind standing over a putt. As in I can’t see down the line properly like I can if I stand to putt lefty.  The aim is distorted. What I see isn’t reality.    

    The example I’ll give is shooting a rifle.  You get behind  the sight  and you close your left eye ( as a righty ) normally to sight with the right eye.  Well I can’t do that. I have to cheat over and close my right to sight down the line with my left. I learned that as a kid and am a good shot.  Same idea on a putt.  Except you’re standing sideways.  It’s a weird situation.  

    so anyway.  First we went through the putt with a line on the ball test , I failed. I can roll it true no problem. I knew I would. I just hate that line.  It never looks right and it distracts me. Hurt speed and concentration.  I want to see nothing but clean ball on top.

     So then he suggests me to close my weak eye ( right ). Holy crow.  I can see !  For a month I’ve lined up putts and putted with my right eye closed.  I can’t tell you how much difference this made. two things it has done. My head no longer tries to follow the putter head back as my right eye would catch it moving and fixate.  And I’m no longer so fidgety placing the putter behind the ball.  I used to have issues touching the ball the distortion was so bad . As in I’d set the putter down and bump the ball ever so slightly.  Not causing it to move. Just wobble. This is gone. What I’m seeing with left eye is reality.  

    i post that for no other reason than maybe someone who suffers from the same will get use of it.  


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  15. I’m going to share this because I truly believe In sharing info that may help others.  Even if it’s simplistic and seems obvious to some.  It won’t be to all. 

    i recently ( this late summer ) backslid quite a bit. And finished the season with a tournament round where my strokes gained putting stat for the day was -9.47  ( not a typo ).   Complete headcase.  -3.11 for the season.  After spending the first 3 months + 1 ish.  My issue is always mostly speed.  But there was more.   


    fast forward a few weeks and I was fortunate enough to be able to be examined by and work with a great teacher . I’ll try to spare you the novella.  And  just give the fix.  


    5 foot clock drill.  Or it at home. 5 foot straight putt drill.  The goal.  Make 21 in a row.  Average time for first timer to complete this 1 hour 45 min.  He wanted 10 hours a week on this.  Regardless of completion.  Even if it was 15 min at a time.  This is hard.  Much harder than it sounds.  It took me 2 days to complete it the first time.  Or around 4 hours.  I’d get around 14 or so and then loose concentration.   That’s the hidden point.  Concentration.  This is the reason for speed issues.  And it’s proven to be correct.   4 weeks or so in I’m up to 32 in a row as a high.  But it’s still hard to get over 20 often.  I’m doing it on the clock 3 putts at each station at a time.  try it. I’m promise you it’s not half as easy as you think it is.  But it translates to the course like a magic pill.  On that note.  I just digested my last 3 rounds.  I’m +2.42 overall for the 3 and was + 3.09 yesterday.  I’m one putting more than I ever have.  But.  There’s a part 2 to this fix.  I’ll post a separate post for it so it’s not hidden at the end of this one……..



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  16. 3 hours ago, Mudguard said:

    Because for 999 out of 1000 rounds are handicap golf?

    Every round I play is competition, me against the course. And the other hundred or so in the stableford. I want to improve my handicap. I play once a week, I'm not going to waste it trying to practice shots.

    Sure if I played on my own or had mid week nine hole rounds I'd try stuff. But for a weekend warrior it's all about the lowest score I can manage. 

    And that’s a fair point. For you. I’m the opposite. 99.99999 % of my rounds are not handicapped. 

    Im not  trying to “throw Shade “ or whatever the kids say now.  And I by no  means mean any disrespect.  But both of our points can be true.  It’s always perspective based.  I think the OP offered a perspective that a lot of us have quietly known.  No reason why he should get flamed for it.  It’s almost one of those things that if it has to be explained , then it’s being explained to the wrong audience.  

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  17. On 11/25/2021 at 5:55 PM, Haroputt said:

    I never really understood why the arc path should relate to choice of how much toe hang putter you should use 

    Seem more common sense that the weight on the toe contributes to face rotation 

    Shouldn’t someone that has too much /too little face rotation relative to their path look into changing the amount of toe hang. Rather than looking at how much arc you have? 

    i agree in a way head arc doesn’t need to be huge.  Especially on short putts. 

    What I think you need to do is match the two up.  


    A proper stroke has the face opening and closing while the head itself takes a slight arc. Moderate to a lot of Toe hang matches this. Face balanced causes more problems than it helps.  


    I didn’t learn to putt until I understood that head path/arc and face rotation weren’t the same thing. They are related really , if you open the face going back. It’s hard not to also have some arc in the path.  But it’s not a complete cause and effect. Turn at the waist/hips  is part of it too. Shoulder rocking is another big mistake in my opinion.  Teaches the outside the line move once again. 

     I guess what I’m saying is that a putt should mirror a full swing. Nobody teaches to swing with a backswing 6 inches across the line at the top and a shut face. So why would you putt with a shut face and a path across the line at the backswings peak ? 

  18. 1 hour ago, NRJyzr said:


    It would be interesting, but we'll never see it.  They have too much invested to let real information like that out.  😉


    Yes, I'm a bit of a cynic




    I have a theory about the modern high vertical CG, based on something @bladehunter mentioned, when the hot spot topic has come up.


    His thinking such as I remember is that the hot spot is due to folks hitting above the CG, and vertical gear effect producing higher launch and lower spin than normal (mostly the lower spin), such that they're experiencing a flier without the normal conditions required to get that flier.  Essentially the high launch, low spin shot most of us seek with driver.


    In order to see it, that golfer's spin production has to be moderate, in a zone where the reduction creates the distance bump.  Those with higher spin may not see that increase, nor will those with lower spin, where any spin reduction kills distance.


    My theory is that by moving the CG higher, it's a lot harder to hit above the CG for that vertical gear effect to kick in and create that shot.  <shrug>


    That was a bit long winded.  Sorry about that 


    100 %. If you have some speed , this is a real thing.  I played i500 for 8/9 months exclusively, built for me with identical shaft I had been using.  Every once in a while I’d hit some god awfully long short iron.  Something like a 170 yard 9 iron.  Or a 200 yard 7 iron.  Just boom.  Touch them all. Gone.  

    i assure you these weren’t just flush shots.  I played them to a +.05 or so handicap then and had worn the middle of the faces off the short irons.  This was a shot that you caught a groove higher , and would just rocket up and out.  It was so predictable that I’d do it on purpose on some par 3s. To get it to go sky high and land soft.  Hit way  less club , tee it up a slight hair and watch it launch. Hit a normal iron up there on the face and it comes out dead.  

    In the end just too unpredictable to keep using.  That and I hated the long irons off the deck.  

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