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  1. Honestly not a huge fan! I think the irons will be changing at some point in the next year, but I want to get the rest of the bag settled in first.
  2. Yeah, they’re absolutely in the running. My heart wants to go back to Mizuno, but I need to test out a few different head/shaft combos before pulling the trigger.
  3. Totally expect this to change through the year (especially the irons and the bag) but.... Here we go! Driver: PING G425 LST w/ Aldila Rogue White 70g (8°) 5 Wood: Taylormade Sim TI w/ Diamana Limited 75g (17.25°) Driving Iron: Titleist U500 w/ Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 90g (20°) 4-PW: Titleist 716 AP2 w/ KBS C-Taper 120 (24/27/30/34/38/42/46°) Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM7 w/ Vokey Wedge Shafts (50/54/58°) Grips: Lamkin uTx Putter: Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 (34 in) w/ SuperStroke Flats
  4. Looks like Kevin Kisner was doing some eyeballing back in the day! Nice find.
  5. G425 LST w/ Aldila Rogue White 70. Passed the simulator test with FLYING colors. Out performed the TSi3, Rad Speed, and Sim2
  6. Six year bump! What does an intimidating golf bag look like in 2021? How old do the blades have to be? How many dents does the putter need to have? Wedges newer than the driver but older than the grips?
  7. Recently switched from a 6.0 Hzrdus Black to the Evenflow Black, wish I would have done it sooner. Way less stout but still feels stable. I have a pretty similar SS as you and am a relatively smooth transition swinger.
  8. Got my first Scotty yesterday for my birthday! One round in, absolutely in love.
  9. Bumping this old thread with the Bryson mentality.... anyone thinking about building a 48" low lofted driver for scrambles? Generally I'm the guy hitting last in our group trying to pound one if we have one in the fairway, thinking this could be a cheap but fun option. What would you guys build in 2020 for this kind of experiment?
  10. How long do y'all think it'll be until we'll be able to get heads only on the bay or BST? Wanting to throw an Evenflow T1100 into the TSi3. Hit it the other day at PGATSS against my '16 M2, ball speed was consistently up for me. Look at address is as good as everyone says it is.
  11. Ive been getting some blistering in the heel through my first round, is this something that you guys think will wear in over time? Or should I size up? 11.5 in the Roshe but 10.5 or 11 in all my other Nike shoes, went with an 11 in these. Really hard to tell if they’re a size small or if they just need the traditional flyknit break in.
  12. They also break in a lot and start looking pretty loose/rogey after a bunch of wears. If you've ever owned regular Roshes you know how this works. They're great for occasional shoes, but I wouldn't buy them for my workhorse shoes. Yeah that was essentially my biggest worry with the Roshes. I think I’m going to go with the Direct in white and then the Roshe in black.
  13. Yeah traction was my big concern. Usually not a huge problem out here in AZ but slippage happens every once and awhile even on these dry courses! So what’s everyone’s thoughts on the most comfortable option this year? I’m so far removed from working at Nike and knowing everything about every shoe haha
  14. I’m due for two new pairs of golf shoes (usually a black pair and a white/light gray) and thinking about going Roshe. Read a ton of reviews but I trust you guys the most. How do they hold up after a few rounds? Felt awesome in the store, but obviously on course is a totally different animal. I’ve used the LC/LCV lines and want something a little more comfortable and casual.
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