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  1. Hard to find in this great of shape. All milling between grooves still visible. Light loft and lie marks. Can bend to spec. 3-p Super stroke S tech with 3 wraps on 4-p Kbs tour FLT 120S 3 rds on shafts and grips 1 tiny ding on 8 iron sole/heel Open to trades as well. If shafted must be x or tx, heads, putters.... but cash is king. $750 shipped
  2. Anyone play just 1 specialty wedge after set gap wedge? Will be building some 921 tour and bending pw to 46 and set gap wedge to 52 then thinking of going to a versatile 58. Normally play 46 52 58 so no big change besides keeping the 921 tour gap wedge
  3. Driver is a no go but fwys still there
  4. Looking for mint yellow head and adapter
  5. Near new. Plays 44.25 Includes new cover. Can grip for $5 Logo down at 9.75 $525 Will split if i have buyer for both. Head $395 Shaft $140 (would be great in a fwy as well) Trade interests: Slant neck mallet/mid mallet Newer 3 woods High end Stiff flex shafts for entire bag.
  6. Going under the knife in 14 days for a tumor removal in neck. Super limited TBC 2021 Masters Vessel bag. Carried 4 holes after work before it was too dark. $525 plus half of shipping 2021 TBC caddie Bib cover used 1 rd $125 Bundle both for $625 plus half shipping and i will include TBC masters bag tag. May be slightly tempted by high end Stiff flex shafts, clubs or putters as partial but cash is king. Will always be a club ho
  7. 2 rds of use, and loft and lie marks. Can bend before pulling. $500 obo Only trade would be: 90+ X or TX fwy shaft New TM #7 shape putter P730 heads
  8. Mint Goat Choice of cover Will build to length with some grip choics. ($950 retail) $725 OBO shipped
  9. Used 2rds then soaked in vinegar for 24 hrs. Turned out pretty cool. Will rust. Heads only. $200 will listen to trades.
  10. Long but not as forgiving as others in that profile i have used. Like callaway apex 19'. I have a ventus black 10tx at std 2 iton length. 39.5" Had to add about 2 feet of lead tape to get to d4 with a mcc plus 4 mid.
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