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  1. Must play at least 42" in glued hosel
  2. In my collection Tour issue x2 hot pro 2 deep Ping g stretch Ping g400 stretch Tour issue xr steelhead 3+ All just absolute monsters off the tee
  3. Never swung PX LZ 6.5 pulls Mizuno Std length. 4-p have std z cord G ungripped SOLD Mint TS3 8.5 head only. Includes cover (has a stain) and any extra weights i have. $205
  4. Raw Apex Pro HEADS SOLD 4-7 cup face 8-pw std Willing to do heads only as well. Can bend loft and lie Nippon Modus 125X Std length Mcc plus 4 Mids logo down. Piretti Tour Only Blue oil can $OLD 34" Has sole wear towards toe Piretti Tour Only oil can weld neck $1000obo Hand stamped 36" Kbs CT tour gloss black Ss tour grip
  5. 35 putts today with my $1k piretti.... time to try something new
  6. Trade interests Raw SM8 52/58 917 f2 5 wood head Tx flex stuff 40.25" Tour 85s shaft Grip at flat setting $155 Also have some temsei TX shafts for more $$$
  7. Looking for sm8 raw 52 58 prefer heads only and higher bounce
  8. 620 cb P7mc Z745 Forged cb or cb mb combo 3-p or 9 4-p or 9 5-p or9
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