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  1. 1 rd old. Includes cover wrench and 2 shafts and extra adapter. 9* head. Px smoke yellow 6.0 60g Winn Dri Tac Lt midsize Fuji Motore F1 6s mcc +4 NO TRADES
  2. Modus 120 Kbs $taper Steelfiber Dg 120 Etc.... send what you have
  3. Will listen to stiff flex trade offers for driver through iron shafts. Prefer at least 1/2" over length iron pulls. Can send trade ideas of other clubs, but.... CASH IS KING!! Can Remove or include adapters and grips for a fee. XC-7TX 43.75" end of shaft to end of shaft in adapter Callaway Driver adapter. Tipped 1" $275 HD- 7TX 42.5" TM adapter tipped 1.5" $225 HD-8X plays 42.5 in Titleist fwy tipped 1" $OLD HD-8X plays 42 in Titleist fwy tipped 1.5" $185 BB-8X bought new only a few swings on it. 42" tip to tip. Tipped 1" $170 VR-8TX 41.25" Tipped 1" $170 VR-8TX 41" Tipped .25" $170 RARE AD-DI 9X 40.3" Tipped 2" has some paint chips (cosmetic) under grip and 1 small visible one. $170 AD-DI 105X Hybrid --- FULL DISCLAIMER-- Shaft snapped in play. Has 1/2" left of paralell tip. Could try to taper it into a 4 iron or up to you. IF IT BREAKS, IT BREAKS! 37" $37
  4. Will entertain any and all trade offers, that i feel i am breaking even or ahead on. If shafted need stiff flex. Turning in my man card at 40 Body is shot from work commercial tire life and no golf for the next 5 months. So unloading all my x and tx stuff over the winter. Onto the shovels..... 620 mb 3-p heads approx 5 rds. New PX LS 7.0 soft stepped 1x New GP MCC +4 mids End of grip measurement on 5 iron is 38.5 Can bend loft and lie. Will split heads and shafts.... maybe $1225 obo
  5. Open to hear all trade offers; Heads, Stiff flex shafts for driver thru irons, clubs, putters... 2 small marks near hosel otherwise in above average condition. 36 " Kbs ct putter shaft (new) Golf pride pro cord grip (new) 20g weights Can also install stock shaft with grip options for same price. Price drop to 315
  6. Have over 2k into this set. 3 rds on mizzy heads, approx 5 on wedge heads. Small marks from loft and lie. Will be bent to your desired specs. Length is based off 38" butt cut 5 iron. Gap sand and lob are a hair overlength. Prefer to move as a total 10 club set. Will also add 2 new Bestgrips leather grips. No expense was spared here -921 tour heads 4-g -True Temper monaco prototype 137TX soft stepped 1x play like flighted x7 to me -Vokey sm8 56d and 60m black stripped raw and patina'd. Mill marks between grooves still visible. - Bestgrips leather grips plus 2 wraps, about halwfay between std and midsize or similar to a std mcc plus4. These are $20 each before shipping. Very tacky grips. -BB&F ferrules on 4-G - DG tour issue s400 in wedges.
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