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  1. While there are some pretty egregious 'soft spikes' out there (Adidas Tour 360 I'm looking at you), I would argue that the shift to 'spikeless' has been greater than the shift from 'spiked' to 'spikier'. There are plenty of spiked shoes out there with the basic soft spikes with no other traction being offered by way of parts of the bottom of the shoe itself.
  2. Is anyone able to post the new catalog for Fall/Holiday 2021?
  3. Nike is getting roasted online for their looks this week. Would love to see them switch it up a little with some more retro inspired looks. I think their solid colour shirts with the high contrasting swoosh are some of the best looks in the game, but some of these designs are awful. Brooks looks like a 15 year old out there with the tacky stuff they have him in.
  4. TW13's are the GOAT golf shoe for sure. Found a brand new pair on the local classifieds site to replace my original pair last year.
  5. What's the deal with that bulldog logo on Bryson's cap?
  6. The most likely explanation seems to be that he was running late, drove too fast, and ultimately wrecked. I'm glad to hear the police thought he was coherent and speaking with them while he was in the car. The two things that don't add up though i) Why were there no signs of the brakes being applied at the scene? It's like 200 feet from where he hit the sign to where the car wound up. ii) Why would he feel the need to rush? He's worth a billion dollars, one of the most famous people on the planet - the show starts when you get there.
  7. He actually didn't. The screen capture going around isn't representative of the rest of the interview. He wasn't slurring his words or anything like he was a few years ago either
  8. It's much more see-through than I was expecting for sure
  9. I'm kinda confused why they've moved on from making the TW shoe their marquee. The TW 'fast-fit' seemed to be a lower quality shoe that they slapped the TW logo on after the Masters win in 2019. The TW20 doesn't appear to have much in the way of innovation either.
  10. I'm oddly drawn towards that TW shirt with the lines all over. At first I thought it was god awful...
  11. 2021 Catalog is here! https://www.proamgolfctr.com/v/vspfiles/photos/SPSU21 NIKE GOLF CATALOG.pdf
  12. There's got to be a 2021 catalogue dropping soon I would think
  13. He's looking skinny again, almost like he did in 2015. I'm sure it's by design to help the back, but I do wonder how healthy he is these days. I know Jack alluded to him 'hurting' at his Payne's valley event a few weeks ago.
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