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  1. Looks good so far, but need more pix to tell for sure
  2. Yah, I had it after hearing all the hype (speedzone) got lucky with the cobra deal and got one. Not sure I've ever given up on a driver faster. didn't like the feel, sound or results lol other than that it was great.
  3. Yah, I saw the same thing Ol reliable. Stepped steel shaft The graphite shaft market isn't happy about that
  4. Back to my 14s. Just didn't perform as well for me
  5. Yup. Think he has just a little bit left in the tank He can't/won't ever be able to string a bunch of wins together, but he's still got the ability to win on the big stage
  6. Nah, the Tuesday release was the re-release of the PGA cover peace and pars. It was a re do after the failed initial release due to IT issues. This would have normally been the US Open release day. Then to "catch" back up, there was another release today for the US Open. It was a pretty great release with lots of USA themed stuff, ie bag, covers, club covers, headcover leash, hat, etc. Tuesday I'm sure will continue to be the normal release days
  7. Huge release today some really great stuff as well good to see
  8. Easy peasy .355 hosel. I've done a bunch of reshafts on mine, and I do no club work at all.
  9. looks like they're starting to show up in pictures appears to be red cover with red white and blue mini crowns
  10. Ya, that's original finish and I'd just extend if I were you
  11. Ya, always keep us guessing. Seems like we had a heads up about what the select line, and no one believed it. We'll find out soon enough.
  12. yup SM 2.5+ surprising how light it all is I don't carry much other than my clubs though.
  13. I guess I'm not so sure about that I agree with you that it would seem unlikely, but I'm not ruling it out the Global limited comes to mind as shape that made it to OTR, ie the fastback special select 1.5 that you mention above I think the only differentiation might be the welded neck, which is still a pretty cool feature that'll never come to OTR (LOL i think)
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