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  1. BYK

    Scotty Tip Size

    No prob man will look pretty sweet with that black shaft
  2. LOL truth lead times are getting even more nuts Wonder when it will start coming back around again?
  3. LOL, isn't that why we're all here? I have a very consistent head shape that works for me, I just have probably (Ok definitely) more than I need
  4. Man, sucks I agree the last part about being done and saying it would ship is likely the worst part of this sure I get that customs take a while, and a lot of these folks are limited by operational issues, but be upfront about it, and at a certain point cry uncle and stop taking orders until you can actually catch up. You may not be able to control all the demand that is coming in, but you can certainly address it by being straight up about lead time, and not taking more orders than you can handle
  5. Hard to tell for sure but looks like originally it was an oil can. Not particularly rare but a great classic nonetheless. I’d do some self work before getting it restored. I think you’ll be surprised with how well it’ll clean up.
  6. What did that band saw ever do to you?
  7. Randoms up for sale First to pay gets it 1) Bundle of putter grips. TM pistol grips. If ya know these grips, ya know how good they feel. I just don't have any TM putters lol. Bundle of three of these grips (brand new, non-pull) SOLD!!! 2) Nike Method Putter Grip. Don't think it's been used, but can't guarantee that? Pics show condition. Brand spankin new Lamkin Deep Edge Cord Grip. SOLD!!! 3) Harbor Town Club Glove Caddy Towel. $20 shipped CONUS. Last one standing. Anyone want it?
  8. Yup not a bad release. But still passed on everything.
  9. Rocket tour skinny sticks are pretty nice
  10. that's terrible hope you didn't buy it
  11. When it totally falls apart Otherwise, game it proudly
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