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  1. BYK

    Scotty Cameron 2021?

    That's what I thought too, but plenty folks seem to have them already
  2. Yah, I'm one who feels like there is a difference Stepped to me feel just a touch more "lively" than stepless Probably the difference is just cosmetics, but it my head I can tell a slight difference in feel
  3. 1) I dunno why I keep trying to replace my 2014 Apex irons, but I keep failing at it. Up for sale is the latest victim. They been sitting to the side for a while now, and it's time to go. 2019 Apex irons 5-AW. Pics speak to the condition, but they approach * almost mint* condition . But again, let the pix speak for themselves. They have been used, just not that much as you can see. Bought directly from Callaway, they ran me north of 1500 I think. Upgraded Steelfiber i95 stiff shafts. Standard golf pride tour velvet 360 grips. 2 up from the factory, but I haven't actually che
  4. lemme know how that bad boy rolls curious how the feel will compare to the OG BB
  5. some insane number of LH evidently alloted to canada check up north
  6. What do you like so much about them?
  7. Looks good so far can you show the face?
  8. That's a fake man Not good definitely don't buy it
  9. Oh I agree, it just didn't perform as well as my gamer. Bought it, as it was a pretty good deal, and figured why not try it out as I also had heard great things about it.
  10. Beats me, I just know I do it when I feel like I have to Been known to have a quick hook lol
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