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  1. Yah, like cardia said, sadly, the real weight of what it's marked as will tell you nothing about authenticity and sadly, he's also right that the knock offs actually often are more accurate than the real thing
  2. Couple things up for sale. Chasing another putter and want to make some room for it. First to pay gets the goods as always 1) CC Newport BB. Just out of the bag as pix show. Do have the original bag as shown if you want that too. Plays to 35. I'll let the pix speak for themselves. $875 shipped CONUS. Can do $800 if you want just the putter without the headcover. 2) Tour Epic Flash SZ 8.5* head. TC serial number pictured. Limited use as you can see. Pix show condition, but some may call this mint lol. Decide for yourself. $210 shipped CONUS, which seems like a pretty darn good deal for a tour head in this kind of condition. Give me a sec for pics, they always seem to upload slowly for me.
  3. awesome putter with the LA shaft good feedback from you on how it's working out for you lol i do hate seeing pictures of putters laying on concrete though
  4. Lol too good to be true They ended up sending me just a standard sim2 8* and not a max 8*, which isn't what it was listed as, so I sent it back Probably better that way anyways, my m6 is pretty solid. Really would have liked to have tried it out though dangit.
  5. Yah MSRP dictates the lowest price they can charge whatever they want over that seems to be happening more and more look at second swing
  6. I wouldn’t waste my time messing with that. Must have been a hell of a deal to want to keep those
  7. I'll use whatever works of course I have preferences, but if something else is better, I have no problems using it
  8. Yup got it Can you remind me why it's so good? I remember lots of people really liking them
  9. LOL, I can't help you there either Used to have a hybrid, which I did really like, but currently no PXG in the bag.
  10. I've heard so many great things about the Norse but haven't tried it yet Doesn't it come in other colors? i know the stuff I love, rather than trying to find something else, I just get multiple colors of it
  11. And to be fair, my everyday is a SM 2.5+ I carry a mac on Sundays, and hell that might weigh more than my 2.5+ lol
  12. lol see above It is a nice looking bag
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