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  1. Funny I feel like the white and black ones harden very quickly, but my black ones last forever
  2. Up for sale a handful of stuff. First to pay gets it as always 1) Cameron Den Caddy. Awesome piece. SOLD!!! 2) Cameron Pink Dogs Cover NIB. SOLD!!! 3) Bundle of Caddy towels. Both new. Club Gear Harbor Town and Iliac White Caddy towel. Iliac SOLD!!! Harbor Town brand new $25 shipped CONUS 4) SS grip package. Ultra slim 1.0 and Pistol 1.0 GTR countercore. SOLD!!! 5) Double dozen original 4 piece K sigs. SOLD!!! 6) Cool Clubs Putter covers. Brand new. $30 each. White with flags has velcro closure, the other two have magnetic closure.
  3. True, but you can't fake an activated COA on the Scotty website.
  4. Yup I'm in I got no problem wearing pink on (and off) the course
  5. Whoa I'm not sure which part surprises me more. Flow neck JT or lefty version. That would check off a ton of boxes for a lot of folks.
  6. I got that spam email a couple weeks ago telling me to re up (even though I had only been a member for only a couple months) Only thing I remember from the 2021 was a putter cover. can't remember what else was in it, but I do remember thinking the 2020 kit was better.
  7. If it were me, I'd get a COA just so you can show all work is legit, etc etc. Awesome putter, but the initials I think take away as it is a caddy and not a player regardless, very cool putter with the beach slot
  8. Damn so sad I missed out on that was sad on release day, this is worse lol Awesome bag
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