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  1. Lol that poor sucker in the group ahead of you
  2. Lol yup guilty as well
  3. NDMC blackout Is it me, or do they seem to last much longer than any of the other color combos?
  4. For sale a couple items First to pay as always gets the goods 1) TC serial number Epic Flash SZ Single Diamond. Head only sale. Not too common to see a 8.5* head. This head looks way better to me than the stock OTR version, especially the cleaner top. Condition is great, as pix show. I used to have spec sticker, but don't anymore. Asking $235 shipped CONUS. 2) Cameron Gallery Only Jack the Donkey Headcover Leash. Not much to say, brand new. $50 shipped CONUS 3) Callaway Pro Staff Fairway Headcover. No idea where I picked this one up. Appears new, or pretty close to it. I've never used it. SOLD!!!
  5. LOL, guess I'm the opposite Fair amount of callaway in the bag Play callaway apex irons, SZ 3 wood, Superhybrid for some courses not a stitch of Callaway clothing apparel etc
  6. LOL, I've never wanted to be wrong more than now No way that ever happens
  7. Cameron speed shop covers are way better than Johnny racer covers but they’re Cameron obviously so probably not what you’re looking for. And long sold out as well.
  8. Nah passed what is this one made of? looks like leather? Or is the pleather just creased a little? looks like a very nice cover in hand
  9. Yup oof is that a bad one Yikes
  10. Hey folks Few up for grabs today. First to pay gets it as always 1) First up, a pretty epic cover. Buck Club Chunky Dunk Putter Headcover. Haven't seen many of these come up for sale, and will base price on last one that came up here. Never used obviously. Rainbow Tye Dye lining is awesome in addition to rest of cover. Never even taken out of the bag it came in. $250 shipped CONUS 2) Seamus Nylon Goats Putter Cover. Brand new. Magnetic closure. Would cost ya $85 before shipping and taxes on the Seamus site. I'm asking $75 shipped CONUS 3) Vineyard Vines Putter Cover. Also brand new. Not sure when they sold these, but haven't seen many come from them. Sweet cover, magnetic closure. $75 shipped CONUS 4) Nerds Putter Cover. Another brand new cover. This one has velcro closure. $50 shipped CONUS
  11. doesn't get any more real that than nice putter
  12. what do the new larger headcovers fit?
  13. Huh, i guess I also agree that the problem is with the shipping company and not WM I do get that it's frustrating to have to wait for the shipment, but man it's a mess out there with all carriers it seems I had something stuck in limbo for weeks, and it finally magically showed up
  14. Was hoping for a little something more from this release Passed on it all
  15. I’d look for a studio style in good shape before restoring yours cost of resto is pretty pricey right now. Betcha find one cheaper than a resto would cost.
  16. I've got the original Apex have tried every Apex line since then, and nothing has beat out the originals I even picked up a new set of the original set that popped up on CPO with just shop wear to replace my set when they go
  17. Wow, that sucks Just started to mess around with this ball and was actually liking it
  18. Curious if you actually buy anything from GG, or just use their sims to try things out to buy elsewhere?
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