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  1. I recently bought an SC200+. When I go to swing speed mode, it gives me proper speed but when I go to the other modes, it gives me false readings. For example, when I go to practice mode, my driver swing speed reading is 55 mph and distance is in the 100s. Anyone know what could be wrong? I have the clubs selected correctly. I have it 4 feet from the ball. I used it at the range. Thanks.
  2. I'm trying to add more speed. I know I am not standing up right enough/too far from ball. Anything else? I know I don't have a big backswing but I have started that to keep myself on plane. I also probably don't have the best of lag. I'm trying to get a little more speed. Some info: 6'3 no injuries. Swing speed average is 109 and ball speed about 158 and averaging about 288 total distance. I can get it past 300 about 1 every couple of holes. Thanks! 20210523_120154.mp4
  3. My 2ball lasted at least 6 years for me and I got it used. Good to know this would last longer.
  4. I asked around and the insert couldn't be replaced, sadly. But I can find an exact replacement fairly cheap.
  5. I've used an odyssey 2ball putter for the last 6 years and love it but the insert is starting to tatter. My buddy recently gave me a ping heppler fetch putter. Thinking about putting it in the bag. What are some differences in your milled putter vs an insert?
  6. https://golf.com/news/this-massive-miscue-pro-hits-eagle-putt-water-masters/ How did he get to reputt and not have to take a drop out of the water hazard? Thanks for clearing this up.
  7. Do the potential winners get fitted prior to receiving their jacket at the ceremony or do they just have certain sizes on standby each year?
  8. Thanks. My sliding makes it feel like I am turning through more, but I could be wrong. Unsure what is causing it as I have never done this before. Def prob an issue of transferring weight to the front. When I have seen my swing, it doesn't look like I lean back or leave alot of my weight on my back foot, but it prob is the case to a certain extent.
  9. Does anyone see an issue w my lead foot sliding out to the left after contact (right handed)? This seems to be caused by my follow through and opening up my hips during/after contact? Does anyone see anything wrong with this? I'm hitting the ball well however one symptom of this seems to be that I'm hitting the ball higher. I know alot of folks will say that I must be putting more of my weight on the back foot but if that's the case, I'm not chunking the ball and hitting it well, again, with the exception of the ball flight being a little higher. Unsure how this started as I have always hit the ball "normal" and am healthy. I have been trying to create a draw when my swing has always hit a fade, which seems to be working. Thanks.
  10. Wow, That is shitty if so. That means their app is useless and we have dead equipment. Any way to confirm?
  11. Does anyone know if Swingbyte site and/or customer service is working? I'm having issues w a device and have emailed several times w no response. They don't seem to have a number. Thanks!
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