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  1. Do the potential winners get fitted prior to receiving their jacket at the ceremony or do they just have certain sizes on standby each year?
  2. Thanks. My sliding makes it feel like I am turning through more, but I could be wrong. Unsure what is causing it as I have never done this before. Def prob an issue of transferring weight to the front. When I have seen my swing, it doesn't look like I lean back or leave alot of my weight on my back foot, but it prob is the case to a certain extent.
  3. Does anyone see an issue w my lead foot sliding out to the left after contact (right handed)? This seems to be caused by my follow through and opening up my hips during/after contact? Does anyone see anything wrong with this? I'm hitting the ball well however one symptom of this seems to be that I'm hitting the ball higher. I know alot of folks will say that I must be putting more of my weight on the back foot but if that's the case, I'm not chunking the ball and hitting it well, again, with the exception of the ball flight being a little higher. Unsure how this started as I have always hit t
  4. Wow, That is shitty if so. That means their app is useless and we have dead equipment. Any way to confirm?
  5. Does anyone know if Swingbyte site and/or customer service is working? I'm having issues w a device and have emailed several times w no response. They don't seem to have a number. Thanks!
  6. I guess I keep going back to how one leverages strength to increase speed. By what has been mentioned shouldn't baseball pitchers be lifting (gaining more muscle) to increase strength? I always thought if you were longer, lankier, and more flexible then you were able to have a wider swing arc allowing for the opportunity for increased speed.
  7. So if Cameron bulked up, he could get the ball to 350 average? I'm no intellect but how exactly does bulk (mass) translate to speed? I'm learning here lol.
  8. Excuse my ignorance but why are folks putting alot of stock in the added bulk of Bryson? How does that size translate to ball speed? I know the height and length of a player matters but confused on why size matters. I take a Cameron Champ for example. He is long and lanky but still pounds the ball. I'm a fairly muscular guy by golf standards and find that being this muscular can sometimes take away from my flexibility. Thanks for educating a poor sap like me.
  9. With golf essentially being one, if not the only, sport you can still play during this time frame, do you think this is bringing or has brought new golfers to the game? I personally have been asked by several friends who have never golfed to take them out.
  10. Thanks all. I've been to several instructors and they all give me the generic flaws instead of trying to work around my swing. I learned nothing new. Being a 12hcp, I was never that bad that we couldn't just alter a thing or two instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. I live 5 miles from where Dan teaches but I can't afford paying the rate even though I know he could cure me. LOL.
  11. Has anyone taken lessons at golf tec? I'm thinking about going there as I take instruction best when I have visual feedback. I used to be a 12 hcp but have not played as much over the winter and my game has gone back to when I first started playing. I have changed my swing so much trying to fix it myself w the youtube videos and have no clue anymore what I am doing wrong. I would guess than I'm probably playing a hcp that is about at 20 right now. I have no idea what has happened other than me tweaking it so much it is unrecognizable anymore. It seems I change it up every time I go to the rang
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