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  1. Looking to customize my driver. Are there any negative effects of using a shaft skin? Excuse my ignorance if this is a stupid question. Thx.
  2. Is there an expectation for the g425 to drop in price w last year's drivers? Was going wait until February when the price drops take effect.
  3. Just went to Edwin Watts and tried all the drivers. They said they still don't have the Cobra and even though they expect the demos in a week or so, they don't expect club orders to come in until around late april due to all the demand. Side note. Tried the stealth, new rogue st, and the G425 and the 425 was by far the best for me.
  4. What big box stores have the new cobra driver for demo? Looking at edwin watts, dicks, and PGA Superstore down in Jax but nothing in yet.
  5. Golf galaxy? Didn't see anything on their website.
  6. Looking to stay in Miami Beach or Las Olas (Lauderdale) while playing courses down there. Heading with spouses; the fellas golfing while trying to keep the girls entertained while we are out. They're looking to beach, day drink, and shop. Which area do you recommend? Also where do you recommend to golf in those areas? Thx.
  7. If you've demoed the stealth driver and have the SIM2, what do you think? Thinking about buying a new SIM2 once price goes down when the stealth comes out. But am open to the stealth if there is an advantage. Thx.
  8. Has anyone that has a sim2 and hit the stealth seen a difference or advantage?
  9. Hello. Looking to play 3 courses under 100 within 30 mins from Miami Beach. I'm not opposed to play one course under 125ish. If you have any recommendations can you please number them from easiest to hardest. Thank you in advance. This is for end of February.
  10. I recently bought an SC200+. When I go to swing speed mode, it gives me proper speed but when I go to the other modes, it gives me false readings. For example, when I go to practice mode, my driver swing speed reading is 55 mph and distance is in the 100s. Anyone know what could be wrong? I have the clubs selected correctly. I have it 4 feet from the ball. I used it at the range. Thanks.
  11. I'm trying to add more speed. I know I am not standing up right enough/too far from ball. Anything else? I know I don't have a big backswing but I have started that to keep myself on plane. I also probably don't have the best of lag. I'm trying to get a little more speed. Some info: 6'3 no injuries. Swing speed average is 109 and ball speed about 158 and averaging about 288 total distance. I can get it past 300 about 1 every couple of holes. Thanks! 20210523_120154.mp4
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