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  1. Barb's gotta ice them knees after the short walks to the dining room thrice daily.
  2. Good Write-Up AltSean. I like the idea of that place. Checked out their website, and under "Activities" after a brief description of fishing and hiking with an accompanying picture, they list this: Now I want to go and do nothing SO HARD that they have to take my picture for the website as an example.
  3. There's definitely some overlap between "Playing that course" and "Playing Golf", but I agree with you and everyone else that familiarity with one course will lead to better scores/differentials. Knowing where to miss still takes the ability to hit the ball at that target to be worth anything.
  4. xhoop, ceejay, and I saw (more accurately "heard") a guy hit his approach off the 150 yard stake at EPP last sunday. He never found it.
  5. Walking in the city, and specifically down or up metro escalators, is where this also applies.
  6. I can't remember actually. I think I may have tried to file online and then needed to call chase to finalize the claim. Totally forgot about this. Seems like 10 years ago. Haven't been keeping up with the current situation, but one key thing to note for my example is that carnoustie was closed on the day of my tee time. That may have played a role in getting a full refund.
  7. I am 95% certain that a year or two ago, someone newer (at the time) to this group called it the Sully Spider without ever having met Sull. I was there. I can't remember who it was. HBD maybe?
  8. To be fair, those bunkers hadn't been touched in weeks. I'm all for funky bunkers, but when your ball is sitting in what looks like a model of the Mississippi River Delta, in January, it's tough to get too angry at your bunker play when you can't get out. save for the bunkers, UMD is in great shape for January. Greens were rolling nicely.
  9. Food on the resort is fine. It's not worth leaving to eat. We had dinner in town the night before our first rounds (we were staying off resort for a night) but I don't remember it being anything special.
  10. Going to bandon to take a lesson is worse than going to bandon to have dinner.
  11. You eating burgers and ribeyes at your desk the other three days?
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