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  1. I switched to the Cobra AMP Forged (King Tour MiM predecessor) around the time I was shooting around 90. I was playing Callaway RAZR X irons before that. My iron play increased by me going to the Cobras because my issue with misses is that I hook things or overdraw them. Having an iron with offset to help fight a slice only made my issues worse.
  2. Nothing will ever beat a SeeMore for me. Cheated on my FGP a couple times but always came back to it. Tried a Metal X Milled #7 for a while but couldn't lag putt with it. Head was too heavy for my liking and I just always felt like I was going to kill the ball and left stuff 8 feet short. Put the FGP back in the bag and immediately drained 3 straight 15-20 footers to start the day. Hasn't left the bag since. That's a gorgeous MFGP you got there SD. Once you get dialed in on releasing the head you'll never feel so confident in putting. Knowing you've lined up on your line and you're going to start it there is a huge confidence boost and your stroke will be so much smoother. Less things to second guess in your head and then you can dial in reads and speed knowing your alignment is better.
  3. Question for the two of you guys, how well does that roll up and roll back out from storage? We have 3 cats and I wouldn't want to leave it out all the time so it would need to lay flat quickly after being rolled up.
  4. I didn't take a brillo pad to it. Decided to just let it roll. I wanted to make sure that if it was something that was going to damage my trusty FGP that I got ahead of it and took care of it. I don't mind the look of the patina and if it's something that's reversible if I don't like it down the line, I'm just gonna let it ride! Gives it some nice character!
  5. I had gone through a Cobra AMP Cell, Cobra Bio Cell, Callaway Diablo and Callaway Optiforce drivers. Always struggled with my driver and thought I needed a really forgiving driver. The problem was that the forgiving drivers usually were trying to fight a slice. Went and got a fitting and the fitter changed my Bio Cell to a lower loft (I had it set higher as my misses were low hooks). The lower loft ended up in me hitting it higher and eliminating my hooks because it didn't close down the face angle. Got a 915d2 that I can change the loft/lie separately so I can loft up while not ending up with a closed face angle and haven't looked back.
  6. Looking to snag a putting mat especially as we go into the fall/winter season to scratch that itch of golf when I'm snowed in and just to practice putting as I haven't been able to play as much. Trying to keep the price reasonable. What I'm looking at currently are a few options: * Puttout Pro Mat (Medium) * Birdieball 2'x10' Mat * Wellputt First 10' Mat
  7. A buddy of mine has one of those square Nike drivers. It sounds like a baseball fungo being hit. It was funny. Sound doens't matter too much for me but a lot of the "feel" of clubs is actually the sound as the vibration goes up the club into your hands.
  8. As someone that is pretty similar that plays Cobra AMP Forged, I would say yes. I hate game improvement irons that have a bunch of offset to fight slices because my miss is like yours, too much of a hook or overdraw. The AMP Forged were just a predecessor to the MIM Tour. I've learned that anything that sits closed or have a bunch of offset will only exacerbate my issues of hooks.
  9. Ping's Anser T would be a good look. I tried one for a while but eventually just went back to my SeeMore. Nothing has been able to ever compete with it.
  10. Is this bad or something I should be worried about? I've had it for about 8.5+ years. Noticed this happening this year.
  11. I just made my changes this month for my birthday. Hated my Adams Pro 4h and my Taylormade TP ATV 54 degree. Changed the wedge setup from 50-54-58 to just 52-58 since I hated the 54 so much I never used it. Made an extra spot in the bag and got a Utility iron and then a 915h for the Adams Pro
  12. Just slapped a Rosemark 1.25 Lite onto my old SeeMore FGP (been my gamer for about 8 years) and now it feels like the perfect putter. My only gripe before was swingweight on the 335g head but now it feels great. Though I think the face is developing a patina right now and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
  13. I ended up with a club I never would've assumed I could've hit and would've never tried if my fitter didn't suggest it. I could never hit a 3 wood or 5 wood well, never would've picked up a pro model of a fairway but the fitter had me hit a Callaway X2Hot Pro and I immediately loved it. My issue is my miss is usually a hook. The normal GI clubs end up sitting more closed at address and just make the issue worse.
  14. Whoops. Forgot about the title of the post. Saw they were looking for something that doesn't look like jeans and to me 5 pocket says jeans.
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