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  1. Yeah I've got a Switch and use it a ton for couch multiplayer games with the family. Mario Party, Mario Kart, even Drawful is fun (though not a Switch exclusive but it and the Wii U are all we have in the living room). We've got a Wii U still hooked up just for Wii Sports Bowling and Wii Sports Golf. Would love to be able to find a suitable replacement of motion controls for some golfing. My nephew is all about golf too so that could be fun to play with him.
  2. Has anyone gotten a chance to play this yet? Looking to see what the opinions are on it from other golfers before I purchase. Looking to have something finally replace Wii Sports Club golf when I gotta scratch that itch to golf (and hopefully have something to do with my brother and nephew) for games too if they're over. Any reviews I see seem to just be gamers using controllers and not any feedback on the motion controls. Would love to see if anyone here has it and how it feels.
  3. riehlg

    Ol' Faithful

    SeeMore FGP I got off eBay for $35. I've tried Scotty Camerons, Ping Scottsdale TR, Odyssey Metal X Milled, among multiple others. I always come back to the FGP. Nothing beats how the face feels to me. My only gripe is swing weighting it since it's 330g head feels light in the swing. Working on finding a lighter grip to increase the swingweight.
  4. I tried going with a 2 hybrid a long time ago but just couldn't get along with it at all. I used to hate fairway woods until I got my Callaway X2Hot Pro 4 wood. 3 woods just didn't have enough loft for me. I rarely hit my hybrid these days as I oddly enough have more confidence in my 4 iron than my 3H. I think it's just the shaft in my hybrid. Feels too whippy but I would never go back to a low lofted hybrid because it didn't give me any confidence. Harder to launch for me.
  5. This is it right here. My brother putts the best I've ever seen when he's got a new putter that's coming in the mail. Never fails. The putter will get it's act together when it feels the fear of being replaced in the bag.
  6. I looked at the classic series and none of them look like the face of my putter. They all look like milled stainless steel. Mine looks almost like a copper/bronze face and it has no clear milling marks. Like it's completely flat. I snagged it off eBay about 10+ years ago (would've been in my first job out of college when I graduated in 2010) for $39. I even bought a new SeeMore Original FGP with a milled face to treat myself but that just didn't feel the same as mine at all and I ended up selling it.
  7. I don't even know what to say the face of my putter is. I don't think it's milled. I don't even know the material of it. I just can't find anything that even compares to it.
  8. Had this bad boy for the better part of 15 years. Snagged it off eBay for $39 when I was first getting into golf. Flirted with other putters numerous times but they never felt right. Just can't kick this out of the bag. I even went and bought a brand new SeeMore FGP with a milled face to treat myself to the new version....still not as good. This is in the bag for life.
  9. Bridgestone's have long been my favorite. Oddly enough, I have a fresh box of the TP5x pix (the ones with the alignment aid triangles) to try out. Dude on eBay took 2 weeks to ship my shoes and threw in a free dozen balls to make up for the delay. Expected to get like Q Star or Top Flight Gamers haha.
  10. The ones with the S are the ones that spin more in my experience. If you want firmer, the Tour B XS would be the way to go. If you don't mind going softer, the Tour B RXS.
  11. I never could get along well with insert putters. It always feels like the ball just jumps off the face and I can never get a feel for the speed. A friend of mine loves his insert putter but hates milled ones. Totally just a preference thing. I just never felt like I was ever going to get the speed right.
  12. So I'm on the hunt to find a lightweight putter grip. I play a SeeMore FGP which has a 330g head. Trying to find a lightweight putter grip to increase the swingweight and feel the putter head more. I don't play as much as I used to so I feel like my feel of the putter head just isn't there. I currently use a SuperStroke 2.0 (which is 50g) but I've been doing some research but can't really find too much that's lighter. * Salty Grips -- Would love to order but they're out of stock on their website. Can't get a response from customer service either to get an ETA. * Cork Tree Grip
  13. 7 Brands of Clubs -- See Signature.
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