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  1. KBS C Taper 120 shafts New JumboMax Ultralight XS grips Only Selling as a Pair -- $85 to your door
  2. Worked just fine. I was more worried about the torque clicking and if that would put too much force but it was just fine. Thanks everyone.
  3. Got a Cobra King Utility off the classifieds here but don't have a Cobra wrench anymore. Is it safe to use the Titleist wrench from my 915d2 to adjust the King Utility? Don't want to damage it at all.
  4. I agree with this. See if you can find somewhere to test out some clubs and see how they feel. I hated fairway woods for a while and went with a 2H and 3H. My 2H went the same distance as the 3H since I just couldn't elevate it enough. I've switched to a 4W + 3H and love it. The 4W is just better off the deck for me than a 2H ever was. The 2H for me was only ever a decent tee club but I didn't hit it as well as the 3H or even my 4 iron. I just ordered a Utility Iron to replace the spot left open for a tee club and hope that works better than the 3H off the tee and can be more accurate.
  5. I have a 4 wood that I carry as my only fairway wood. It's 17.5°. Currently carrying just a 20° hybrid along with it before my irons but I'm going to be dropping a wedge and putting in a 19° driving iron and a 21° hybrid. I hate my 54° wedge which I've carried for about 2 years and never play it so I'm replacing my 50° with a 52° to bridge the gap between my 45° PW and then either a 58°/60° LW (have a 60° along with the 52° and will see which I like best between the two LWs).
  6. Yeah I think I'm fine with the tight gapping at the top of the bag since they'd serve different purposes. I have hated my 54 degree wedge for the longest time so I never use it and I've basically been playing 45/50/58 for the last two years. So I'm going to switch to either 45/52/58 or 45/52/60 depending on which LW I like better. That opens a spot for a DI or another hybrid. I feel like the DI would get more use off the tee. My biggest weakness is getting out of the tee box so having an easier club like a DI to knock it out there 215-230 or so could go a long way for my scoring.
  7. Yeah my main goal is to go from Adams 20* hybrid to 21* 816H2 + 19* Cobra King Utility.
  8. Okay this is exactly what I was thinking of doing. I'm less worried about hitting a green with the DI so having something to just knock out into the fairway and roll out is fine. I think if I'm on a 210 par 3 I'd be more comfortable hitting a 21 degree hybrid than a 21 degree DI or a 19 degree hybrid. My biggest issue is I hate my 20 degree hybrid now and theres no way I'm hitting that green with a 4W.
  9. So I'm reworking my bag I'm going from a 4 wedge setup (PW, 50, 54, 58) to a 3 wedge setup (PW, 52, 60). I want to get an extra club in the top end of my bag just for shorter 4 tee shots and having a hybrid that I like to cover longer 3s. What's the best way to arrange the lofts of a hybrid and a DI/Utility? I'm looking at buying a 3 iron utility that has lofts between 18 an 21 degrees and getting a 21 degree hybrid. I'm thinking the utility off the tee on short 4s won't need the loft but having the extra loft and launch on a hybrid will help on 3s. Should I have a higher launching hybrid in a lower loft or a lower launching hybrid in that higher loft?
  10. Yeah something like this was what I was thinking. Like I might carry a hybrid that's the same loft as my 4 iron (or within 1 degree) but they would perform differently and then having a hybrid between my 4w and that hybrid. Something like 20/23 to go between the 17.5 4 wood and 24 4 iron.
  11. So I had another thread a couple days back about a new sand wedge recommendation. I've been thinking about my bag and how I'd like it to be set up. Currently I have my AMP Forged PW (45 degrees) and then my wedges are 50/54/58. I have hated my 54 degree for about 2 years and just never use it. I was thinking of replacing it but after some though, I was thinking maybe I take out the 50/54 and just replace it with a 52. I've basically been doing a 2 wedge setup for 2 years so it wouldn't be drastically different. It would help close the gap that I'm facing at the bottom end right now as I've basically been 45/50/58. My thought is that I can make a change at the top end of my bag where I feel like I'm lacking some clubs. I have a Titleist 915d2 driver set at 10.5 and then a 17 degree 4W. I've honestly not liked my hybrid (Adams Pro) as the shaft feels like a noodle in it (Aldila Tour Red). I'm thinking of maybe adding a different 20 or 21 degree hybrid along with a 23 degree. I'm thinking that should help cover some gaps on the top end as we play some courses with longer par 3s that are 190-210. My 4W is too much and I'm not confident in holding a green with it, my Adams hybrid I'm not a fan of and my 4 iron can't get there. So what do your bags look like at the top end? Wondering if I'm crazy for this though as it might get bunched tight at the top but I'd have more tools at my disposal (especially even off the tee on shorter par 4s).
  12. I think this is key, if you're using a GW like an extension of the iron set like a PW where you're hitting the PW like a 10 iron and GW like an 11 iron, then go with set GW. If you want to do more manipulation of opening/closing the face, etc MAYBE (not definitely) but maybe a separate GW is your friend. You can do both with the set one but I feel more comfortable doing it with an actual wedge than a set wedge.
  13. I guess that's part of my question though. I was told the ATV grind was similar to the U-Grind that I love but I just HATE it with a passion. Should I be looking for a similar grind to the LW on my SW or should I be looking for something else? I would use the 54 on longer bunker shots and mid-range pitch shots so I don't know if I should have a different grind than the LW at this point. I've gotten confident with the 58 out of green-side bunkers. The 50 I try to use between 80-100 yards but I've had to bring that down in the 60-100 because I hate the 54. The 58 I use greenside-50 yards or so. The 54 would be a great addition on those midrange pitch shots into greens and it's a yardage I find myself at a lot on the courses I play (and also partially because my tee game is my weak spot where I punch out into those yardages).
  14. I started with a GW from my iron set. Switch to a Mizuno MP-T5 because the feel around the green is just a lot better for me. I didn't hit my GW on full shots too frequently so having some extra workability is better for me.
  15. I am looking for a new SW because I have hated my current one for the last couple years but never really had any disposable funds to get a new one. My birthday is next month and I'm looking to snag a new (or good condition used) SW. My current wedge setup: PW - Cobra AMP Forged set wedge (45 degrees) GW - Mizuno MP-T5 (50 degrees) SW - Taylormade Tour Preferred ATV (54 degrees) LW - Callaway MD2 U-Grind (58 degrees) I hate the Taylormade TP ATV. It feels like I'm hitting rocks with it every time and the grind just doesn't work for me. I hate hitting it off of grass, I hate using it out of the sand, it just doesn't work for me at all. It's to the point that I don't even take it out of the bag when a 54 would be the best club and I try to either muscle the 58 or finesse a 50. Those two have mixed results but its better than the standard terrible results with the 54. I love the U-Grind on the MD2. I can open it up, I can close it down and it just works. The T5 is nice as it works well for full shots and pitch shots. I just need something in between that I can trust. I also wouldn't be opposed to replacing the MD2 as well and going for a consistent 5 degree difference between the wedges with a 45/50/55/60 but I'm fine with the 45/50/54/58 setup too. Haven't really been on top of the equipment market these days so not sure where to even start. Grinds are very different than what I remember too.
  16. Yeah I've got a Switch and use it a ton for couch multiplayer games with the family. Mario Party, Mario Kart, even Drawful is fun (though not a Switch exclusive but it and the Wii U are all we have in the living room). We've got a Wii U still hooked up just for Wii Sports Bowling and Wii Sports Golf. Would love to be able to find a suitable replacement of motion controls for some golfing. My nephew is all about golf too so that could be fun to play with him.
  17. Has anyone gotten a chance to play this yet? Looking to see what the opinions are on it from other golfers before I purchase. Looking to have something finally replace Wii Sports Club golf when I gotta scratch that itch to golf (and hopefully have something to do with my brother and nephew) for games too if they're over. Any reviews I see seem to just be gamers using controllers and not any feedback on the motion controls. Would love to see if anyone here has it and how it feels.
  18. riehlg

    Ol' Faithful

    SeeMore FGP I got off eBay for $35. I've tried Scotty Camerons, Ping Scottsdale TR, Odyssey Metal X Milled, among multiple others. I always come back to the FGP. Nothing beats how the face feels to me. My only gripe is swing weighting it since it's 330g head feels light in the swing. Working on finding a lighter grip to increase the swingweight.
  19. I tried going with a 2 hybrid a long time ago but just couldn't get along with it at all. I used to hate fairway woods until I got my Callaway X2Hot Pro 4 wood. 3 woods just didn't have enough loft for me. I rarely hit my hybrid these days as I oddly enough have more confidence in my 4 iron than my 3H. I think it's just the shaft in my hybrid. Feels too whippy but I would never go back to a low lofted hybrid because it didn't give me any confidence. Harder to launch for me.
  20. This is it right here. My brother putts the best I've ever seen when he's got a new putter that's coming in the mail. Never fails. The putter will get it's act together when it feels the fear of being replaced in the bag.
  21. I looked at the classic series and none of them look like the face of my putter. They all look like milled stainless steel. Mine looks almost like a copper/bronze face and it has no clear milling marks. Like it's completely flat. I snagged it off eBay about 10+ years ago (would've been in my first job out of college when I graduated in 2010) for $39. I even bought a new SeeMore Original FGP with a milled face to treat myself but that just didn't feel the same as mine at all and I ended up selling it.
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