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  1. Last fall we had a few unseasonably warm days in early November so I made a last-minute weekday tee time at Deere Run. Leaves had begun to fall at that point but the maintenance crew cleared all boxes, fairways & greens so they weren't a factor if you can keep the ball in play
  2. Most don't know or care who Lee Westwood is? I think we've found one of the nincompoops yelling Brooksie.
  3. All of this after back when Bryson actually held court for the media said that "they weren't taunts at all, they were flattering" and that "There's going to be Team Bryson, Team Brooks out there, and hey, keep it up, I'm happy with it".
  4. My group went to Lawsonia last summer and paid for all day golf....hit our tee shots on the 1st hole and were called back to the club house while standing in the fairway to hit our 2nd shots of the day. We received prorated rainchecks.
  5. "It's become ultimate political theater with the elitists of the gathered to congratulate themselves"......."I haven't watched a single second of the Olympics" It sure was difficult navigating through all the political statements being made during the Olympics golf coverage
  6. The global marketability impact on a Tony Finau-type player winning the gold medal at an Olympics in the social media age IMO would be significant in the short term (vs a Players win), leading to a great chance at a large PIP score. Beyond that, this could potentially spring board into a jump to one of the new leagues offering crazy $ to join. I won't venture to guess what event the bronze-winner you know personally competed in or when the medal was won, but I'd imagine based on the information you provided that their circumstances were quite different than that of an already famous professional athlete winning Olympic gold medal in hugely-popular sport.
  7. This is as close to a no-brainer as it gets. Its the Olympic gold medal. Yes, you can be short-sighted and lean on the status that a Players earns you on tour, but an Olympic gold medal opens doors outside of golf that a players simply cannot do.
  8. I played poorly during my single visit to Tobacco Road and to this day it is one of my least-enjoyable golf experiences. The build up was so huge and the entire group I played with viewed it as clown golf. Walking off we agreed that it was one of the most visually stunning courses we've been on, but probably would've had a better time just riding around the course, rather than have good shots get rejected all day. I much preferred Tot Hill Farm. The most fun course that I've ever played is Greywalls in Michigan. The remoteness/routing/visuals made it an experience that I'm still searching to replicate.
  9. I'll leave the golf to locals, as I've only played the Bear at Grand Traverse Resort and Forest Dunes in Roscommon. However, I came back from my second Traverse City trip earlier this week and two must-stop breweries for me are Hop Lot and the Filling Station. Both have great selection of beers and some of the better brewery food I've had. Hop Lot is also right by Bahle Farms, which I haven't played but drove into last week to check out and the few holes I could see from the clubhouse looked solid. The Jolly Pumpkin is another popular brewery up there if you and your group are into sours.
  10. The last year has made it abundantly clear that my fellow Americans in general hold a very narrow world view. As a result, the hammering of Rory Mcllroy for not being patriotic, while not having any idea what it means to be from where he is from, is not at all surprising.
  11. I’m not going to join the pile-on, but I’d day say your best bet is trying to book the first round of the day if you want to avoid getting paired up. I booked the first time and played a top 20 public this morning, got there way before my tee-time, and small talked the starter for about 10 mins, then he let me go solo before the couple I was supposed to join made it to the tee.
  12. Gdane

    Smylie Kaufman

    Its crazy to think that Kaufman was in the final pairing on Sunday, and 1 back to start the day, with Jordan Spieth back in 2016 when Spieth rinsed it twice on 12 and gifted the Green Jacket to Danny Willett. Kaufman fired an 81 that day.
  13. Who’s to say Phil wanted to diffuse this? In this new PIP world, the Phil story has dominated the golf news cycle for days, and has even been front page news on sports websites. Engagement = $$$
  14. The Phil hate in this thread is a great reminder that the golf world is still stock full of people that would fit in better as members at Bushwood, rather than the caddies at Bushwood.
  15. Hi All, taking the family up to Traverse City next month, and have an early morning round booked at Forest Dunes. For those that have played, how is the walkability? I've never been to the resort, and I'm sure people have their preferences for the original Dunes course vs. the Loop. I'd guess just based on the design that the Loop is a much easier walk than Forest Dunes. I still have time to switch to the Loop, so curious to see what kind of feedback I get here. Thanks!
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