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  1. All prices are shipped within the US. Feel free to pass along offers and thank you for looking. 1) Ping Blueprint/i210 combo used 2 rounds. 4 and 5 Iron are i210 and 6-9 iron are Blueprint. Dynamic Gold 120 X100 with Standard GP Align Grips. +1 inch. They are Green dot but have been bent from 2 degrees up to 1 degree up. $850 $750 2) G/Fore Men's Belgian Loafer size 12.5. Brand New. $175 $140 3) Aldila Rogue 70x with Ping G410/425 tip. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip. Plays 45 inches. $175 $140 4) Rare Aldila Tour Proto Concept A1.0 70TX with Ping G410/425 tip. Golf Pride Align grip with slight tear at the bottom. Plays 45.5 inches. $225 $175
  2. Tim Tucker has quit caddying for Bryson. Didn't see that one coming to be honest
  3. I have a couple pairs and absolutely love them. That being said, they are tennis shoes and not golf shoes
  4. - 9 degree Sim with ADTP-6x. Used two rounds, in great shape 9.5 out of 10. Don't have the original headcover but can add one I have laying around. sold - 33 inch Evnroll ER8. Been used quite a bit but still has plenty of life left. 7/10. Headcover included $200 - 34 inch Seemore SB20. Used probably 3 rounds. 9.5 out of 10. $225 Headcover include d
  5. One item today but pretty rare. Brand new, grip still in plastic, Studio Stainless Laguna 2.5. It comes with a slightly used Boys and Girls Club of San Dieguito Cameron Headcover. I have no idea what to price this at as I can't find a comparable model/condition but I'll say $500 but willing to listen to offers. Only trade interest would be a Justin Thomas model that I would add cash to. Thanks for looking
  6. Thanks for taking a look. All prices are shipped. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. 1) Cameron & Crown Futura 5MB. 33 inches. In great shape with a couple tiny dings, none of which are visible at address. 9/10. Asking $220 $185 2) PXG 0811X 9 degree with Oban Kiyoshi 05- 65 grams. In great shape, hit maybe 20 times. 9.5/10 Just a heads up this combo doesn't spin much at all. Headcover not included Asking sold 3) Cobra King SZ limited edition stars and stripes. 9 degree w/ Ventus 6x. Hit probably 40 times. In really good shape, small scratch on the face but nothing that would effect playability. 9/10. Headcover included. sold 4) Taylor Made P790 2 iron and 3 iron with Mitsubishi Chemical Type 304SS. 125x. Standard lie and length. Basically brand new. Looking for $210 $175 each or $400 $300sold together.
  7. All prices shipped. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions. PXG 0311X 2 Iron (Black) with Steelfiber 110 X Flex. +3/4 inch and 2 up. Club is in great shape, 8.5/10. $230 SeeMore mFGPss deep flange putter in good shape. 34 inches with a Rosemark grip. $150Graphite Design Tour AD TP-6 X with Taylor Made M3 Tip. V55 cored grip. Plays 45.5 inches. SoldGraphite DesignAD IZ6 X shaft with a Cobra tip. Plays 45.25 inches and Tipped 1". Tour Velvet Grip. sold Tensei CK70 Series Blue boron tip.Tour X Flex. Full disclosure the the tip appears to be bent. My suggestion would be to remove for any future use. $125
  8. I’ve spoken with a couple people both around the Tour and Augusta and the event would most likely be held the last week of October or first week of November. May-August isn’t going to happen but they seemed to be optimistic that it will happen in the fall. We all know from a ratings standpoint it won’t match up to the NFL/SEC but surely there is an intriguing option for CBS around this timeframe whether that be an event that ends before Sat/Sun or early starts on the weekend. I don’t have any details on what the weekly schedule would look like but I am confident the 2020 Masters will happen.
  9. Strong agree here. A lot of nice clubs in the area but factoring everything in from a really good course, to membership, to family friendly I don't think you can find a better option in South KC.
  10. $3200 OBO. Scotty Timeless 2.5 with a welded flow neck and circle sight dot. Putter measures at 34 inches and I am including a slightly used Custom Shop headcover. Red circle T grip Putter is in great shape. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions!
  11. I saw him at the Craps table at the Bellagio in February. Certainly doesn't look like a PGA Tour Player anymore but seemed to be enjoying himself
  12. > @Bluefan75 said: > Does anyone have the count of reinstated pros? Is the Scott Fawcett that won his quali by 5 the same one as the decade Scott Fawcett? I know Jason Schultz is a former PGA Tour Player currently 2up in the quarters. Wish we could watch this thing on TV!
  13. > @"Ashley Schaeffer" said: > > @sportingpc said: > > > @rule_6 said: > > > > > Also, who is the **** that keeps trying to out him as racists and sexist on Twitter? > > **An actual former club pro who is convinced CPG ruined his career** somehow because of a couple jokes when the account first opened. This latest video may be CPG's very best > > Wait, what? I haven't seen anything like that. What's the @ ? > > The guy keeps making fake accounts to bash CPG. I'd rather not send his real @ as the guy is battling some demons and I'd rather not pile on, hoping he can get his stuff figured out. That being said, CPG is one of the best guys around glad to see the account having so much success. Comedic genius!
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