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  1. The OnOff head you got was well under market value. Probably the Mizuno MS7's 2-P with a Precision Rifle staff bag. Kinda feel like my wife stole those.
  2. Even flow riptide 70 6.5X. It doesn't play like an X.
  3. Really? Nobody? 1 iron. Obviously.
  4. Recently came into a couple of sets of blades. Big thanks to NCN, Nard, and CTS for the wealth of information they have provided. My wife bought me a 2-SW set of Mizuno MS7's here locally from a pro (still looking for the 1 iron). I had never seen them before, but a quick message to NCN yielded more than enough information that I could otherwise not be exposed to. One of the more beautiful sets I've had my hands on. As my wife was buying those, I was already in search of some older Marumans (thanks to CTS) and got my hands on a 3-SW set of 304E's. Which again, a quick message to Nard yielded more information than I could find. The cambered soles is what sold me. I ended up grabbing a few 6 irons from a few sets (raw Tourneys, Masdas, Jbeams, MS7's and 304E's) and noticed some resemblance in the faces of the Mizunos, Marumans, and Tourneys. I was timid with the Marumans considering their history of offset, but found this set to have a very standard and marginal amount. They appear to be unhit and have sat in their box since product inception. The Jbeams have a reverse offset that descends through the set which is really not easy to get used to but has been a funky set to play the last few months.
  5. Mitsubishi shafts just feel soft. Their profiles are all pretty similar from series to series, but mostly what you're describing is the torque in Mitsubishi shafts. Which is generous, and probably why I enjoy them so much in comparison to competitors offerings. OP, you can get an S shaft thats lightweight/middleweight that has a generous amount of torque and its simply going to feel like a noodle.
  6. Who here has played Golfcraft Continental/Coronado irons? I know you guys won't disappoint. That's the epitome of iron shape IMO. Read that Titleist bought them in the 70's
  7. Consider Arias if you don't mind no offset. I'm patiently waiting for the CR16 release. They're a bargain.
  8. It's feast or famine. I hit my 56 full pretty often. I always find myself where that's the appropriate club for my distance. Once in awhile, I will skull it. Boy. Makes me want to walk off the course and into traffic after that.
  9. I don't. I was hoping you'd take the $300 dive and report . I currently have an equivalent in a TEE CBX 119 16° that's been lethal and keeps the flight way down. I just can't stand to look down at it. Hideous little head.
  10. Glad you got what you needed that was beneficial. What are you doing with the $ tapers though
  11. The new PXG seems like a no brainer IMO. I'm kicking tires on it. They got it right.
  12. PRGR. It has gotten to the point now, I don't even consider another fairway wood brand
  13. I'm not a Miura connoisseur, or a Titleist one, but have always wondered if a Miura veteran had ever tried the Titleist that were made by Miura and if they were held to the same standards
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