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  1. Thanks boggy. I really wanted to get out and hit those this Sunday. Such is life. Looks like its going to be a great weekend for golf for most areas too.
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the well wishes and inquiries. The heads have sold. Thanks for the interest. Glad these are going to a good home. Have a great 4th fellow Americans and a great weekend for everyone else. Nate
  3. Hey folks, hope you all have been well. I finished these a bit ago and wanted to get them on here. Really excited to try this set as their shape is rather stunning. Big thanks to Kayyyelll for sending these my way to refinish them. Kept the precision 6.0 shafts and stuck some BBF ferrules on. These are raw finish with some good ole paint fill, MOI matched to 2700 with ⅜" lengths. Healing from an accident I was involved in earlier this week that will keep me out of golf for a bit, so maybe I will get some time to finish those Palmers.
  4. Hello all. Got hit by a car on my motorcycle and what would have been my summer project is now unlikely to happen as my dominant arm is messed up, so these are up for sale. Never hit, still in wrappers and original box are the Honma Rose Protos. Nippon Modus 120 X shafts. $600 shipped lower 48. If you're not crazy about the shafts, I can pull them and still maintain the wrappers. PM me if you would like to discuss. I'll also entertain international buyers across the pond in Europe. Thanks for looking and have a great day.
  5. I recently sold some irons I had no intentions of ever using again, no sooner than selling them, I found this 2-P set all wrapped up in their factory wrappers. Price was great, so I bought them. The polished chrome to me looks horrendous on golf clubs, so I took the set to work today to do a 40psi glass bead blast to dull that chrome a bit. Started with the 2i, really happy how it turned out. Fitting this set with Nippon Modus 120s at standard length, ½" increments and going to MOI match them later this week. Pretty good looking little blade. Placed next to the 3i.
  6. No sir, thems just sequential lofted wedges in those clubs. You get your anus back down to 4i like the rest of this thread!
  7. You can't go wrong with a set of blades from the last 10-15 years as they have not changed much. Rose Protos are decently priced and nice blades. Go crazy
  8. I briefly owned a set of RAZR X mb's. Those will always stick with me. An amazing set of blades I foolishly sold. So I agree with both of you. Great set from Callaway. Have not owned anything as recent that was USDM in regards to blades. After those, I went retro MB's and JDM modern MB's.
  9. I don't use jimmy's. Thems for hippies and sailors. Raw dog all the way. Feels better. Just like raw irons. Raw irons are easier to work on.
  10. It's an interesting head design. Like all retro clubs, it looks like it needs to be smacked on the heel side of the face. Little research has pointed that they're from 84-85 and designed by Dave Pelz with a SW of B8. So yeah, they're light lol.
  11. Welcome back Deninny. If you had not posted that Vector blade next to that Miura, I'd say that Vector were the longest blade I'd ever seen manufactured heel to toe. Why the hell does that blade look so long?!
  12. Have a set of Cleveland CBX 4-D heads for sale. These were backups, used 6 times, have no use for them any longer. Hosels are .355. $325 shipped lower 48. Open to trades. I like to refinish clubs so if you have some older heads, I'd be interested
  13. Exceptional work. That last set of photos really shows off the work. Nice job.
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