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  1. Who here has/had a set of MT colokroms? Original and remake. I'm looking for a set to meddle around with. Looking for some feedback
  2. I've had a wedge, an iron set, and 3 of the best woods I've had to date (driver/3w/5w). They make awesome stuff. I'd caution golfers who creep into their woods line that the Mitsubishi shafts they use are on the higher torque side, and play with a higher kick point. I'd go up 1 full flex, and consider tipping + extension for the faster swingers. Wish I could go visit a shop that carried the line. I have to get PRGR through trial and error, and have had very very little error with their products. They are superb.
  3. Pretty cool. I don't believe the hype of 304/316. I use it a lot at work. If they were really boutique, they'd do a duplex or hastelloy-C
  4. Hey, at least they admit their screws are full of s°°°.
  5. Ah, the same can be said for us idiots who purchase and play boutique Japanese equipment. Not many have heard of them, and the resale is just as poor. It's as they say; it's a stick with s°°° on both ends.
  6. Let's not crack the door and allow ZX7 users to think they're using blades. That's just silly.
  7. Your shaft choice makes no sense to me. From one spectrum to the next. Red flag was going from 90 to 70 and seeing "positive" results after you had no previous issues with the last set of irons.
  8. Nice score. Imagine that were just boxes of ammo. They'd probably have a satellite parked over your house in orbit. Thankfully its just golf balls
  9. Ah, you're not missing out. The blades you have coming will be otherworldly in comparison. To be honest OP, I don't see many irons casted in 304. I use a lot of it at my place of work in an industrial setting. 417 stainless (carpenter) stuff has always seem to be the choice of alloy used for golf clubs, more so the faces on 2 piece models. Interesting thought process on the grain structure and casted voids leading to less vibration transmitted. I don't agree with it personally, I don't think the golf ball is hard enough to test that theory. I knew I had seen a set not long ago. SVG tour blades; they're 304. MDC also makes a blade, but they're a 417. I built a set for fun, very very clicky.
  10. https://www.monarkgolf.com/golf-components/clubheads/golf-iron-heads/bang-golf-classic-iii-tourtools-iron-heads.html https://www.monarkgolf.com/golf-components/clubheads/golf-iron-heads/bang-golf-classic-i-tourtools-iron-heads.html
  11. The issue was stated above. You won't have success approaching a hybrid like you would with a fairway. You need to have to exactly same swing with a hybrid as you would with its equivalent iron. People who say they hook a hybrid into no man's land, are sweeping it like a fairway. Regarding the iron replacement, do you visually get along with a GAPR, or more of a TW-X style long iron?
  12. The new tour edge irons have some offset. Slight.
  13. Phew. I always take these lists with a grain of salt. I appreciate the category breakdown though, that was nice.
  14. Have owned a lot of golf bags, of all types and builds over the years. I'm done after buying a Bennington QO14 3 years ago. Can't even tell it's 3 years old. Has been a phenomenal bag, and I'll probably ever own a Bennington from here on out.
  15. Yeah. I have a cheapy stainless professional open 68° 0 bounce wedge that's a lot of fun to hit. I have only had it on the course once so far this year as it's the newest addition to the growing fleet of clubs. Have only used it twice while scoring and had success both times in regards to desired outcomes and intended target. Practicing with it at the house has taught me the risk of this club is about 40% trying to flop to 3-5 feet. Personal swing issues. Like a hair trigger, it can be easily chunked or bladed. I'll keep it in the bag a little longer to play with it.
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