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  1. I could be wrong, but it looks like pic 3 of 4 on the SIM Max driver is actually a pic of the serial number from an M5 driver you may or may not have anymore.
  2. Sent you a PM. I would be interested in buying the SW & LW $-Taper shafts from you if you are willing to split them from the set. Or if you'd prefer to sell the GW, SW & LW so you can keep the set through PW that works as well. However, I also understand if you want to maintain and sell as a full set for now.
  3. Me three! I have two raw SM8’s that I ordered from wedgeworks about a year ago or so and they aren’t rusting up nicely like those. I know some people do stuff to make them rust more quickly.
  4. Hasn't he been wearing these every tournament in 2021? I think before they just had some volt color at the bottom. I could be wrong . . .
  5. Ditto! Thanks! I have the same shoes in Grey, but they have a slight squeak. I am going to try that this weekend!
  6. I need to eventually get on the train and try a Ventus Velocore shaft in my driver.
  7. Just a few items for sale today. All prices include shipping from Arizona. All shirts come from a smoke-free home and have just been sitting in my closet. Please DM me with any questions you may have. Hopefully I cover everything here though. Not sure why it's flipping the images, but it could be because I reduced the image size. Sorry for the inconvenience. 1.) Titleist TSi2 Driver. Used for one round and no range sessions, so it's practically brand new. So the first question you're thinking is why is he selling this? The answer is I ordered it directly from Titleist just after Th
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