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  1. do the 360 3.0 run small? I wear 10 in Nike and puma usually so wondering if these will work.
  2. Well gents, I hate to do this, but I've decided that 2016 will be a year of tighter control on the bag(s) and my impulsive ho'ing tendencies! Consequently, I'm going to start moving things that have been sitting idle, so here we go... 1. 4-10 Honma 727 combo set in Sakata Black Nickel finish (9+/10 condition) with Vizard IB105 S shafts - #4 = 727P - #5-7 = 727Vn - #8-10 = 727M + Honma black/white pinstripe stand bag (like new!!) + Honma 727TW-U 18* driving iron with Vizard UT850 S shaft = Asking: $1500 $1300 shipped Domestically (Int'l, Hawaii and Alaska additional - PM me for q
  3. I can vouch for this exact setup (except I have Masda slick grips in mine), and these are ridiculously good. stays tight on a line when hit straight but very workable, very smooth shafts and perhaps the best feeling heads ever...classics all around, GLWS!
  4. the matrix shaft is very nice, and I would say it feels slightly more alive than steel but not loose either, just feels like it's not so deadened at impact, rolls a very true putt
  5. I've opened up the possibility for a 009 trade for the Super Rat, so send me your offers if you're so inclined (looking for some cool ones w/ rare stamps, sweet finishes or unique hand stamping)
  6. Hey folks, got a few sweet flagsticks here I'd like to find new homes! Price includes shipping in ConUS, Intl'l buyers please contact me for a shipping quote. Here's the goods: 1. Scotty Cameron Circle T Super Rat Concept 1 w/ GSS Insert - TRADED - includes Circle T Super Rat head cover - 9+/10 like-new condition (1 round, practice green once - very very faint brush marks on sole) - plays 34" - stainless steel shaft band AND Circle T shaft band - Circle T Pistolero - COA included 2. Piretti GSS Proto - TRADED - includes limited red patent leather GSS Tour head cover - 8
  7. [quote name='needmoregolf' timestamp='1447717356' post='12607494'] How do you check your attachment space and what you have left? Also, how do you get rid of old stuff? [/quote] NM, figured it out, sorry for the dumb question!
  8. How do you check your attachment space and what you have left? Also, how do you get rid of old stuff?
  9. golds is amazing, so is yamada...send in your yamada to golds and get something that feels ridiculously good. my wide blade goose has the most amazing buttery soft feel but not mushy, and a sweet refined soft click on impact, after sending it in for the golds treatment: copper under-layer, golds horizontal pz milling and smoked copper finish
  10. I have the yururi flatbacks which had the same raw finish that looks great with some rust/patina settled in, gives it great character and after you let go of the "it's not perfect" look, you will appreciate how durable the finish and material actually is. scratches and scrapes aren't as apparent as satin or anything shinier, so I actually think these would be perfect for Hawaii weather...plus the weathering gives it some more traction on the ball too! BUT, if you really love the original finish, it's relatively easy to restore with some bar keepers friend to clean the rust/patina off and som
  11. this shouldn't last long...if only I didn't have a puller already!
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